Dont Be A Financial Advisor Or Financial Consultant If You Have These …

My believe is that the financial advisor industry needs new blood that is befitting for the industry. Hence, these are four points to note first before coming in.

Foreign this stems for my belief and it’s probably how i would suggest the financial advisory industry brings in new blood new talent many times we see and hear stories of agencies bringing in new candidates and asking them to cold call and asking them to meet friends and family members who they haven’t seen for years just in hopes of selling a product i hope

In this whole channel we can advocate change away from that and really filter in the right people for the right industry maybe this whole discussion is going to spur some thoughts in you to decide whether this industry fits you or if you pass these criteria i think the chances of you succeeding is pretty high but let’s go direct because as always i want to put it

Plainly to you to really show you what is important to succeed who shouldn’t be joining industry are the first someone who is not saving up well why because that shows fundamental problems mindset problems and if someone can’t get their own books correct how are they ever qualified to advise a customer to do so the second is for someone shouldn’t join the financial

Advisory landscape it’s someone with the gambler’s approach to building up wealth that person is always thinking about the high risk high return perspective that person is gravitating towards lottery ideas or new money making techniques to bring in quick income that person is not ready to see and improve on processors and take hard knocks the odds of success for

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That person is pretty low and even if the person succeeds in my opinion i worry about the customers who have invested with him or her the third is someone who wants to make money quickly it is true that in a sales role you need to be sufficiently motivated by income and money why so because in sales you are the rainmaker in sales everything depends on you you cannot

Be laid back you need to have certain competitive spirit that’s why when i look around it is quite obvious that those with sufficient competitiveness beat against marketplace forces or against themselves they typically do better that’s why a lot of sports people do well in sales but having said that the biggest problem is with this term of making money quickly

Have you seen junior doctors making way more income than those who are experienced or have you seen junior lawyers making way more income than senior partners it isn’t the case correct for someone who’s looking to make income quickly there is a tendency to take shortcuts there is a tendency to do the wrong practice and as always you need time to build up your

Proficiency so while i advocate is for someone to be ambitious long term but in the short term have sufficient patients to build up income because this code applies how you make your money is more important than how much you make number four you have not put time to understanding and learning investment principles the whole game of well building is a slow and

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Steady one that is in essence compounding if you haven’t put time to learning investment principles customers can feel it it is not too different from someone in their office that is giving them hot tips on how to build up their own wealth in that case if you are able to prove that you have studied and are able to follow long-term investment principles naturally

The customers that you can attract are also those that are going slow and steady and there for the long haul let me know in the comment sections whether you agree with these four points again and as always if you have benefited smash a like smash or subscribe because in the next episode i’ll be sharing with you why you should become a financial advisor there will

Definitely be new pointers that you can discover from there and i hope to see you there when it’s released meanwhile check out this previous tutorial which i mentioned about what’s wrong with income protection level in that tutorial i mentioned that it’s important for an advisor to know about investment and this topic links to that also with that i’ll see you there take care and goodbye

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