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Looking for life insurance? Are you an agent looking to take you business to the next level? Leads, state of the art autimated tools at your finger tips…it’s all a part of what makes E financial the life insurance leader.

Hi i’m chris cashman for e financial and i’m here to tell you how we’re helping financial institutions offer their customers a simple insurance solution and at a significant revenue stream bank insurance services estenio this unique program is called the e financial insurance framework the framework enables a bank or financial institution to offer a complete life

Insurance program to their customers or enhance their existing program with the most advanced tools and technology by combining the top insurance carriers the most sophisticated technology platform and one of the most successful insurance call centers d financial has created a solution that is superior in every way that games room service is joe economic first

Key financial concern sweb site where a consumer can learn about life insurance receive online quotes and request information a financial statement insert campaigns which can be incorporated into current customer correspondence a male card can be returned in tracked so e financial can follow up as soon as it’s received hi this is lena with big insurance services

And basically i was just giving you a phone call wanting to follow up and let you know if your approval that we have for you today lastly financial can give the ability for a bank employee to input customer information into a computer and show up customer quotes for life insurance and explain the process it looks like potential is our best option at about forty

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Three dollars a month key financial handles all the follow-up via the phone as the life insurance agency for the bank or financial institution when we like to do the examine the agent assigned to the account will walk the customer through their insurance options well we currently work with several different carriers including aig genworth prudential liberty life

Transamerica and after completing the application online all the customer has to do is sign in return you have your physical setup key financial schedules the medical exam and stays in contact with a customer throughout the process encourage you can wait are they usually take your blood pressure answering all questions with the financial institutions customer

Service standards thapa mine make a great day keep in mind this is a turnkey private label program it’s very easy to get started and that’s why e financial is already partnered with several major banks customer experience is hugely important and that’s why a financial provides a bank or a financial institution with a branded website whether someone is on our site

Or on the phone with one of our agents we will act as an agency for the bank thank insurance services this is trinh agents will answer calls as your financial institution key financial products elf an excellent customer service and will provide that level of service for all of our partners customers and you have any more questions before i get off the phone here

With you man he financial is just a phone call or email away at all times we financed assembly and you can count on our reporting each customer who visits our life insurance site fills out a lead form or calls in will be appropriately tracked into a master agency account for the bank these leads are called on by designated account managers who will follow up on the


Bank’s behalf throughout the sales process these customers are bucketed and can be monitored as they fall out of the process or become clients so you’re looking for a 15 year 150,000 d financials proprietary technology is an open window into your new insurance agency and we can create any report that will help your business the insurance framework creates the ideal

Way for your customers to purchase life insurance and now we financial is ready to show you how easily we can oversee and manage this program we can help you maximize revenue drive profits or just add value for your customers to find out more contact an e financial wholesale agent today

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