ECLEVA Customer Testimonials: Asset-finance company 3E Advantage (Full Video)

ECLEVA has been working with asset-finance company 3E Advantage for 5 years now on their overall Business Systems strategy. We started the journey implementing the Office 365 suite and then Dynamics 365 which we used as a Power Platform to deliver their asset lease management system.

Three advantage was set up in 2015 and it was designed to take on areas of financing that the banks preferred to stay away from our clients are typically vendors partners who sell equipment to the end users so b2b sales and our goal is to help them with payment solutions that delivers them great value over an extended period of time we’ve only been operating for the

Last five years we’ve grown substantially during that time but all share the same values deliver a high client experience and it’s a really energetic fun team to work with technology for 3e is a very important component of the all-round success of the business high tech enables our team to build deeper and more valuable relationships with our partners by taking

The mundane and routine work of them and allowing them to do the high value work with our partners and their clients as a vendor finance specialist it’s crucially important that you partner with the right people we’re delivering on the promises of other brands when starting 3e i wanted a partner that could develop systems tailored to our point of differentiation

And focus on our partners and clients we did look at various parties and invited ekkova to effectively tender for the business along with some other parties what set ekliver apart was effectively their willingness to come into the business and not assume anything a number of other parties came in claiming to be experts in our space whereas ekliver took the time

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To really understand our goals and objectives and then showed me how they could help us achieve those goals we’ve got one of the most unique cost per copy type products in the world and their ability to grasp that when they don’t work in this industry was quite surprising and to get down to the nuts and bolts of what was required to deliver an outstanding product

Blew us away patrick and the team were able to get their head around it and deliver it on time on budget and beyond expectations the relationship has evolved to their now our full managed service provider through their help over the last five years we’ve not only enhanced the crm system to provide a lot of automation and efficiency within the business but we’ve

Also built the full-blown lease management tool within crm so we’re only working on the one platform keeping our clients and partners is the centre of attention one of the key benefits of working with ecliver is the agile methodology they deploy in all the development work with ecliver we’re effectively delivering developments and efficiencies to our system

Within a two to three week window that means we’re realising quick ones and the staff are getting immediate benefit of the investment having software that can develop with your business is worth its weight and goal the software that we’ve developed with ecliver has no doubt put our business years ahead of where we would have been otherwise if we’d invested in

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One of the standard lease management systems we would have spent considerably more and been nowhere near the level of flexibility and agility that we currently have the value we get from it is without doubt worth every cent we spend three advantage without a doubt would not be where it is today without ecliver we may have been in business but i don’t think we

Would have the same point of differentiation that we have in the market and i don’t think we’d be delivering the services we do in such an efficient manner i would recommend ecliver to other parties because their focus is clearly on helping us achieve our goals without doubt one of the highest value outcomes you can get is having patrick come into your business

With this team actually just explain and share your problems and the challenges that you’re having openly and honestly and the way that he can whiteboard and come up with a simple solution and then go and deliver that through technology simply i’ve never seen anything like it before and it’s something i would recommend you do get them in it costs you nothing to

Get them to come and talk to you about your business challenges and you’ll be blown away by the outcomes for more information visit our website

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ECLEVA Customer Testimonials: Asset-finance company 3E Advantage (Full Video) By ECLEVA