European Grand Tour 1884 Ralph Emerson scrapbook financial banking city plans

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We are looking at a 19th century scrapbook it’s actually produced around 1881 there’s a march of 81 design in the center of the board here is embossed and here we have it in blind so to speak nice decorative victorian ornaments and what’s interesting is that this is what’s known as the mark twain scrapbook these were widely sold in the united states he licensed

His name for them he was involved in publishing ventures of various types etc it’s a travel log of sort of financial documents and mementos of this ralph emerson it starts with a letter of credit from the first national bank of chicago in 1883 five hundred pounds which is quite a bit of money at that time and so here are places where it’s all drawn on and here the

Towns where you can draw upon it looks like someone has repurposed this album or perhaps maybe you remove things at some point i’m not sure but this is how we acquired it they sailed over on the ship of the galea in 1884 here and this is a handbill from that ship and here is the journal 1884 so then we see this little dog hand bill which is actually a list of

The passengers and in fact mr. mrs. ralph emerson are listed right here they have a cabin so they’re not in steerage they have a cabin here is another one of the little daily sort of journal papers from the ship and here is a menu here is the plan says our room was number 130 so they were right here on the main deck which is kind of probably nice here’s another

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Menu right here that was for breakfast january 12 track of a storm hit january might look like they were involved in some kind of a storm and here is this interesting railway brochure or handbills so to speak mr. ralph emerson the steamer adriatic and this is a telegram envelope and here is a printed card here’s a printed card trunks bags and here they went to the

Theatre right here and over the theater here is from a hotel in paris actual telegram look at that pasted right on there here is a little food probably very rare city plan pocket-sized put on cardstock of strasbourg france and they checked off even some of the places they visited and here is a nice beautifully printed card for strasbourg merchants and here we have

Look at that that’s a scarce little city planner right there of a ha myeong france and here’s a hotel little hand bill like so see we get here this is obviously st. mark’s square and venice wow yeah just aleni venice plus or st. mark’s square right look at that and here look at this this is very interesting – very nice this little huh city plan here and okay here’s

Another one innsbruck and boom kaboom and the environs look at this here’s one of turin italy very interesting yes here’s a menu and here’s a beautifully printed business card for a hotel in florence and here’s another one in naples what do you see mount vesuvius right there oh look drawn sketches of appears to be mount vesuvius haha straight and here is a hotel

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That are recommended on the grand canal in venice look at this and here is a grand hotel milan 1884 well they weren’t skimping they went in style and here’s another deck plans cross-section so to speak of steamships here’s a rome program piazza navona that’s great look at that english american bookseller 10,000 volumes you can borrow circulating library look at

This nice little card stock this appears to be just like switzerland it’s and here look at that this is this is look at this here’s here is the adriatic the royal mail steamship look at this beautifully printed you know and there’s there we are there’s the passengers mr. ralph emerson and mrs. ralph emerson right there they obviously met some people breakfast bill

Noticed a cabin passengers look at this vesuvius restaurant a station at the train station six pounds huh yes what’s left of some kind of a that i would say this milan that’s the cathedral now this gets very interesting what we have here these are very interesting these are like financial documents checks money orders so to speak and they’re beautifully printed

And here’s his signature ralph emerson the first national bank of chicago and it’s got this little stamp on it this one has an embossed little seal and these are held in here by pins and this is another sort of check here we are and oh look ralph emerson rockford illinois here’s the city bank of london and this is interesting here because on the back this is when

We see these two french like revenue stamps another one and another one on the financial dock this is how money would have been 30 pounds dispersed on the trip as you as he moved around each place he’s drawing on it’s a letter of credit and here is in turin with a little stamp here’s another one for venice here’s one credit lien ace and it’s emerson and this one

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Yeah florence florence italy and march he was in europe for quite some time a couple months it looks like here’s one for may and here’s a little stamp on it hold it like so hold it like so here we have another florence look at this telegraph improving burlesque afloat anagram we are all well these are the code words because you paid by the word so each word you

Agree with somebody meant something so you could just send them forwards and say a lot more than half is remarkable to think that communication at this time was based upon how many words you were sending to someone and here’s another cable this is interesting via direct cable i think this is maybe even aboard a ship then we have this white star line track chart

Of the steamship adriatic we saw a picture of it earlier is mayim rank up they were chart publishers actually this was printed in liverpool and that is the end of the contents of this album there’s just a few pages that are still stuck together but blank and this is how it survives this is how it’s offered and it is available now online from me brian to mambro

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