Feeling Clueless With A Finance Degree

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What’s up guys welcome back to another video my name is nash and in this video i’m gonna be talking about graduating with the finance degree and feeling clueless right this happens to everyone i’m pretty sure this translates to other majors as well but i’m just gonna be talking about finance because i was a finance major in college so i’ve had a lot of people

Reach out to me they’re like well i’m a senior i’m a junior and i have no clue what i learned over the past couple of years and i’m here to tell you that it’s normal it’s gonna happen to you it happens to everyone and one of the things that i had to learn or realize was that whenever you’re in school like if you go to a public university uh the first two years is

Essentially just taking these general classes or classes that are pointless that is not that have nothing to do with your degree so you take like writing classes math classes um english classes all these classes that you have to take that is have nothing to do with your degree but as you move on to being a junior and maybe senior as well or senior as well you

Start specializing in actual finance classes right you start taking money and banking you start taking accounting you start taking um you know corporate finance so now he’s trying to specialize but you only do this for the last two years of your college right uh and it’s not enough time to be an expert at one subject right so if you’re taking money and banking

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You’re going to be introduced to a bunch of topics that are within money and banking i have some written down here so you can talk about payment systems you can talk about uh foreign exchange you can talk about you know learning about central banks and interest rates these are topics that are within one class so you get introduced to a topic you learn the basics

Of the topic and you know you take an exam and you move on to the next class and it’s the same structure that you’re gonna learn so learning this way is not going to make you an expert at anything it’s it’s supposed to give you kind of like a basic understanding of you know how things work now if you want to be a financial and now if you want to be a financial

Analyst you’re not going to be able to learn everything that you are supposed to know while you’re in college most of the things that you need to know you’re going to learn on the job because every company is specific but it’s important for you to understand the basics let’s say you want to go work for is a financial analyst for a bank right it’s important to

Understand interest rates right and to understand just banking in general so college can introduce you to certain topics now a lot of people ask what can you do outside of college in order to kind of like supplement that lack of feeling like an expert feeling like you’re actually learning something one of the things i like doing was you know if i was taking you

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Know a course like money and banking let’s say i like uh learning about you know the central bank right i would just go ahead and take a course maybe on udemy or another platform uh that specializes in that right that’s a way to supplement for some of the things that you like and if you you know get a certification or something like that that might make you feel

Like you actually learned something but when it comes to just taking the college classes they’re just introducing you to a bunch of topics and that within those topics or classes you can pick something that you like and you go out into the world and you start learning from scratch so if you want to go into investment banking you’re not going to learn everything

There is to know about investment banking in college but you’re going to learn that on the job college is just supposed to present you with the topic right and give you a basic understanding of what it is and if it’s something that you actually want to do with something that you want to gain a lot of knowledge on i just recommend supplementing that with you know

Online courses youtube videos that cover that subject that is definitely going to help you so always remember that it’s normal to graduate with a finance degree and feel like you never learned anything because when you actually go out to work no one is going to expect you to be a genius right even if you graduated with a 4.0 gpa the people that you’re going to be

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Working with they don’t expect you to be a genius they’re going to treat you like you don’t know anything you’re going to have to go through the training that everyone goes through so no one is expecting you to be a genius so it’s normal to feel like you’ve not learned anything one of the things i’ve discovered is that as you work right and you get introduced to

Different things at work you might be like oh i remember this i think we learned about this in college but then that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to teach you you’re not going to get training on it you’re still going to get training but sometimes you might find yourself in those situations where you remember what you learned always remember that the point

Of college classes especially in finance is to introduce you to different areas in finance and you can pick what you want to specialize in and when actually and when you actually go into the world that’s when the learning actually starts but that is pretty much it for this video thank you so much for watching guys make sure you go and hit the subscribe button below

If you haven’t already and i’ll see you on the next one peace

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Feeling Clueless With A Finance Degree By Nash Theo