Finance Calculator Frozen Panes

For some of our finance integrations we do have the option to freeze panes so we’ve got a customer in here just going to inquiry okay so we’re into a twitter try to finance calculator so we’ve got tied to financial services integration here obviously you can choose generic as well but we’re going to choose the financial services integration so we can show you how

This works so let’s say the customers got so we’re in hire purchase at moment 5,000 pound deposit and we’re going to quote him over two years and then hit calculate so give us a monthly payment there now you go out to the customer you sit with a customer and they say well yeah i’ve got i don’t really want to go over a thousand pounds a month okay fair enough so

What we’ll do is we can go in here change that ask him if he’d be willing to either change his term or his deposit so if he says all right well i’m happy to go change the deposit i’d like to keep to two years then when we calculate there you can see that the term stays the monthly payments days but this flexes because that’s the one that we’re changing so or on

The other hand let’s say it’s the it’s the term that he’s happy to change so he says well now i want to keep two five thousand pounds i’ve only got a thousand pounds a month to spend and i but i’m happy to go a little bit more on the term so if we calculate that now and that stays that gets rounded to the nearest thousand and then that changes the term changes


To 27 months so you can see how the frozen pains makes it easier to not use any of the discount available in the car or use that any of the finance commission that you’ve got but we’re just changing the the customer metrics to allow for what the customer wants to see so that’s the higher purchase with the pcp does exactly the same thing but obviously we gmf fee

As well in this soap cash deposit of five thousand pounds i’ll say the dealer fda and the cashback willy was zero and we’re gonna go with a 36 month term annual mileage of 12,000 miles a year so if we calculate that that will give us a monthly payment of 473 pounds and sixty-six p so let’s now say that the customer says he’s happy for his deposit to change if we

Can get that to 450 pounds a month okay so when we click calculate deposits got up to five thousand seven hundred and 277 the term hasn’t changed and the payments haven’t changed we’ve frozen them payments at that or other hand let’s say the customer says well no i want to keep to five thousand pounds a month and i’ve got four hundred and fifty pounds a month to

Spend how many more months do we need to add on to the term to get me to that payment so again when we click calculate the monthly payments is rounded to the nearest 450 the cash deposit has stayed the term has gone from 36 to 43 so you can see how quite how easy is this is to actually change this around so let’s say all right how about i’ve got 400 pounds a month

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To spend i don’t want to go over 42 months so three and a half years what would my deposit need to be he’d oppose it would need to be 6,800 33-14 so again a really really easy way of keeping the value in the car and just using the the the flexible terms and the deposits to try and get the customer to what he wants to spend without eating into that that discount margin on the vehicle

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