Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Begins Speech On Financial Package

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Begins Speech On Rs 20 Lakh Crore Economic Package..,

Nothing chandra sudha gog eat even encourage sanal gates of spare body well i cannot think i’m sure all oliver heard the honorable prime minister speak last night to the nation he laid out a vision of comprehensive vision and that vision was laid out after wide and deep consultation with several sections of our society and these discussions were held at various

Levels sat with various ministries and also gradually taken up to the level of the prime minister’s office and the prime minister himself has been spending considerable time to make sure that the inputs obtained are given due consideration and they form a part of the package that’s been given to the country essentially this is to spur growth and to build a very

Self-reliant india and that’s where this whole initiative is called as atman or bharat abhiyan and the word art minerva india is the one which you’ll be hearing me say quite often i know coming from south india a lot of people wondered what it actually meant so for their benefit i just say what it means in the four languages subject of course to perfectionist

Corrections shri asaram in tamil tsuya adhirata in telugu soo-young asked a written in malayalam and swayam alum gambit in kannada so the two correction it may not be the perfect translation but something to take it closer to what it means so art manoeuvre bharath is what we are talking about and you heard the prime minister clearly say that this is going to be

Resting on five important pillars tribe important pillars the economy infrastructure technology driven systems demography and demand so if these are the five pillars on which we are trying to build art manuever bartman river barrett the focus obviously will be what can be defined as the factors of production of in today’s language factors of production all of us

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Know that we’ll be in hearing it land labor capital and enterprise today we recast it faith the same way but then essentially referring to the very same factors of production but in this earth minerva baraka focus therefore would be on those factors of production which are land labor liquidity and law so essentially it addresses issues of ease of doing businesses

Ease of doing law you know compliance and regulations being due diligence observed and so on and in this the intention is to build brands intention is also to take local branch local branch and build them to a global level so there is been a global value chain integration also as a part of this mission which the prime minister has put before us certainly when he

Serves as mahabharat it is not to look inwards and cut in there to an isolationist country it certainly talks about a confident india which can rest on its strengths and also be able to contribute to the globe the way in which the prime minister rightly pointed out the production of ppe and masks and also ventilators to an extent has rapidly grown within these 40

Days we had to keep the capability we have the enterprise to build such capabilities and helps the world with it and therefore india shall continue contributing to the globe you’ve also been saying i’m moving away from prime minister’s last night’s speech you been seeing that the garment being led by prime minister moody even in 2014 19 regime wasn’t listening

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Was a sensitive and also was a responding government and that is why i list before you the various respond driven steps which have been successfully taken it’s important for us to recall that not even as we talk about building a new india building in india which is going to be awesome on the earth if i bet put them into different categories and list out what has

Been done by this comment even in between 2014 and 19 if you were to talk about the poor we have the dbt based reforms based on which today as we look at the migrant look at the poor look at the lockdown in their lives and the impact it has made in their lives the dbt enabled us to directly put money into their accounts and they didn’t even have to go to the bank to

Collect it’s the bank’s mistress were able to come and deliver the money and therefore that reform based on jungin account based on other and based on mobile technology has brought a revolution in this country which many countries do recall now and many of them are not able to do it although india’s able to do it so for the poor the dbt the micro insurance schemes

P.m. evolve eugenia woodville arjuna again something which has made it possible for people to have three cooking gas in the last three months it wouldn’t have been possible to reach out the four to have the cooking gas given unless the which velocity was so successfully implemented swachh bharat abhiyan and irishman north and therefore for the poor during the

Last ten yuans the several schemes which benefitted were all reformed rivers if i were to talk about agriculture in the same spirit p.m. fossil bhima eugenia p.m. kishan eugenia which again has come off handy that we were able to front-load the money to the kiss on during this lockdown otherwise it would have been possible creating new fisheries department krissi’s

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Intra yo jinnah we’re all in that bringing reform in agriculture similarly talking of business and also trying to bring in better business environment psb cleanup happened public sector banks cleaner after heavy load of phone banking resulting in nps public sector banks recapitalisation liberalisation these are doing this business reforms which were taken down at

The third level of administration governance ibc reforms gst response and today because of the gst response you are able to see what impact lockdown is having on small and medium businesses and finally reforms in other areas very quickly to recall national highway authority the t ot plans the airport privatizations power sector reforms which resulted in india

Becoming a father sloppiest country from shortages always 175 gigawatts of solar targets out of 86 gigawatt has already been achieved out of that number and cleaning up of the coal mines sector these are all things which i would want to recall here before we talk about what we are offering in the earthmen is barbaric this is the foundation this is the credential

With which the prime minister has always been on the side of reform reform for better living in this countries of living in this country namu proceeded on or three into connecticut even 9le mantra

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