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Botona is full of amazing business opportunities from a relatively underexplored and under invested sector a mere decade ago botswana’s financial and business sector is considered to be one of the continent’s brightest prospects this is due to the fact that the financial sector development has been on the agenda of botswana’s policy makers for some time as the

Continued development of this sector has the potential to transform the lives of thousands of botswana across the country for instance access to credit by the sme sector has the ability to provide jobs create safety networks and ultimately play a role in reducing poverty for us to grow the market we need to have more partnerships we can actually invite investors

To come and strengthen our competitiveness by putting more money in the businesses that are local so what we are looking for now is investors to come and partner with us to grow so that we can be strengthened and be commercially competitive once we have investors that have put more capital into the company strengthen us we find that we’ll be able to lower the

Cost to the client our client and make sure that we are fully efficient and we can do more business with this in mind various policy reforms over the past decade have contributed to an environment more conducive to financial sector development and where the government has made progress in introducing much needed regulatory frameworks information systems and

Regulatory institutions all aimed at enabling and facilitating further development in this sector botswana is quite an interesting country from a from a simple point of view it’s very straightforward there’s no complex structures it’s very it’s i think is our banking was supposed to be or used to be in the olden days it’s very simple it’s very uncomplicated so

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As a result the banking industry is quite healthy you know i think a lot of people’s money is a safer year than in many many other countries for example banks are well regulated so you know it’s very nice in this environment so your regulator is good your macroeconomics looks good the the banking is actually doing quite well so investors have been getting fairly

Good returns on their money over the over the years in banking in botswana specifically certified international financial service companies in botswana enjoy competitive incentives such as a competitive corporate tax and center framework exemptions from capital gains tax and withholding tax no foreign exchange control there’s no exchange control makes it so so

Much easier as i said i think people’s money is is quite safe in botswana and people don’t have the freedom as well to move money in terms of vicinity it’s close by to to joanna’s work for example and it’s easy reachable or accessible so from that point of view there’s a lot of positives about botswana and especially for the financial sectors industry and if you

Actually look at it there’s if you just look at the financial industry most of the big south african banks are here we even have one or two of the big british international banks here there’s actually three of the indian government owned banks in botswana so that in itself should give people a lot of comfort and and confidence that the market is well regulated

People’s money is safe for the banks and even as i said over and above the fact that people’s money is safe i just think the environment is conducive for financial services to prosper the country is targeting willing investors in international insurance international business companies banks investment funds and business process outsourcing and call centers

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Botswana’s international financial services center supporting regulatory framework provides regional and international banks international business firms insurance companies and investment funds an advantageous platform to penetrate new markets or consolidate their position in sub-saharan africa’s fast-growing markets be part of our phenomenal growth story invest in botswana

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