Financial Awareness: A must for women | Anandmurti Gurumaa (With English subtitles)

Women have been denied financial independence due to the stereotypes prevalent in society since time immemorial. Even today, remnants of this discrimination are visible in some form or another. Women are usually not a part of decision making when it comes to financial matters, and usually, she is kept uninformed about financial matters. In the featured talk the revered master addresses the same issue and emphasises the need of staying informed about finances.

Especially, if a woman becomes a widow then everyone says- ‘she’s so unfortunate’ when a woman dies, then nobody tells her husband that he’s really unfortunate widow’s life becomes even more troublesome, because women here in matters related to wealth, banking, financial investment husbands have not shared it with their wives; the wife does not know from where the bank loan

Has been taken, what is the emi what the insurance policy is all about, or what it isn’t about, or whether some mutual fund is there or not, or how does one invest in it; i say this everytime from knowing about the share market, mutual funds, emi, to where property has been bought and from where loan has been taken, and to whom money has been lent all this should be known

To every wife, every mother male-dominated society, males think- knowing about all these things is not a woman’s job, for a woman isn’t wise they don’t even share all this information with her, don’t even tell her so, in such a situation if the husband dies, then it becomes really difficult for the wife for everything, she has been dependent on her husband she doesn’t even

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Know how the electricity bill has to be paid how the mobile phone’s bill has to be paid, she doesn’t know it since he couldn’t walk and used to take support of crutches to walk and i don’t want to go inside, as it takes a lot of time so, whatever i’ll explain to you, you do accordingly; these vouchers have to be deposited inside and this is the money” so, he charted out a

Complete map of the bank in front of my eyes; if you’ll enter from here then on your left that person must be seated, just opposite to it there will be vouchers attached to the wall you’ll find a pen there itself, you have to fill that voucher and this is the account number and afterwards, this money has to be deposited there; this has to go in the current account and that

In the savings account a token used to be provided, and by the time i filled the voucher and did everything else when i returned after completing everything, then after getting the pass book entry done it used to be all manual work, so after getting the entry done, i showed it to him and said- it’s here so, he asked me to describe everything that was done verbally i said-

“I don’t do anything for free, treat me to an ice-cream now as i correctly completed your work”; and that was my first banking experience this thing, somehow was present in all the elders who were around me money should be saved, it shouldn’t be spent extravagantly he used to say that one should also know how to stitch clothes if some carpentry work has to be done, then

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Don’t run that some electrician will come and do it for you, do it yourself; so, learnt that also i feel very happy to say this, that i had such a father who did all this himself and taught, and then gave the freedom as well- that do what you want to do

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Financial Awareness: A must for women | Anandmurti Gurumaa (With English subtitles) By Gurumaa Ashram