Financial Consultant, Helmi Hakim Needs Your Help…

What do you want to learn more about Islamic Finance in Singapore? 🙂

Salamo alaikum warahmatullahi ta’ala llevarla car to my name is help me hakim financial consultant from singapore as many of you might have known i am a financial consultant that specialized that help muslim families blend their finance in a shower complain we in singapore many of you has have identified with my blog i am also the author of a book

Where i share on cash flow management strategies on how you can have more money inside your pocket every single month at the same time quite a number of you have personally benefited from my signature program called the unlock your money session okay today basically i need your help i’ve been brainstorming for ideas i’ve been thinking contemplating of setting up

Another education platform where i will share with the public in video format or the islamic finance i realized that in singapore that there are many out there who do not know or the availability of sharia-compliant financial instruments in the market and i feel that the first step to to introducing all this shower complaint instrument is to educate the public on

Islamic finance by itself what is islamic finance yeah what is reba what is my z what is gaara how is islamic finance different and conventional finance islamic financial planning instruments or insulin make finance instruments like buddha haba raba ha vishakha is this not moonta here bent a bleak each are all these financial instruments right so what i’m thinking

All these are going to create a platform where i’ll share in video format in video format all these technical jargons terminologies islamic finance terminologies in a very simple manner and at the same time i’m also thinking of expanding it further right if you do a lot of reading or research on finance specifically financial crisis in the whole world perhaps like

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Subprime mortgage crisis usually to the global economic crisis that happened the year 2000 i the 99th is activity 75 asian financial crisis the you go back prices are you going to realize that all these crises happen because of what because of rebar mise en camera and my intention is to go in deep and to explain it further in detail in video from it right at the

Same time i need your help right i need your help if you might have realized that all the contents that i generated in weather weather in my blog or in my ebook or perhaps in the my in my signature probably unlocked your money session all the programs all the all the content i develop right i i seek consultation from all my clients i ask them what you want right

You tell you tell me what you want and i develop it for you so similarly moving forward for all these videos i do appreciate if you can just leave some comments on the blog posts are on disposed on what basically you would like to learn more on islamic finance right any genre i will inculcate all your queries all the things that you need to know therefore our

Video for my for the purpose of a mess in java salaam aleikum

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Financial Consultant, Helmi Hakim Needs Your Help… By Helmi Hakim