Financial Education | The 4 Rules Of Being Financially Literate

Financial education is essential and will change your life if you commit to learning and using it. Getting your tax right and staying out of debt is not enough to build financial freedom and financial confidence. In this video, I’m going to teach you why 90% of people do not get financially educated and how you can do it, starting today. Enjoy!

Individual to make informed and effective it is also called “financial literacy” and it’s extremely important in order for looking for financial freedom and financial independence. on family, a job, or a company that you don’t like, for money. this is because freedom is based on the amount confidence is based on your confidence and acumen to generate money.

They think that there is no money and making more money is impossible. money is like a game, and it has a bunch of rules that you just have to follow. in this video, i’m going to teach you the the basics of being financially free, financially these simple rules that i will give you today to a whole other level, you’ve never seen i’m going to give you all this

Information all the knowledge on this channel is free, click that like button and the subscribe button right now. and everything is easily accessible with a couple of google searches. more than 90% of the population is still financially let’s me give you a quick example, peter just got his monthly paycheck. decides to waste it on a couple of barbecues because there are

Unfortunately a lot of financially they can change a few bad habits and develop got lucky, for example, stumbling upon a large however, statistics show that 70 percent of if you have a lot of money, you will still so, if you want to become rich long term, unfortunately, this kind of education is not so, all the information is easily accessible, there are two main reasons why

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People don’t it being extremely cheap and, in some cases, completely and totally free. most people will give you a mindset of scarcity, for example, growing up, your parents might these lies that people tell their kids are another conventional concept that is widely debt is not that bad (if you know how to use so, you have to stop listening to those that you should start

Listening to those that actually the ones that can give you tips on how to become financially educated. someone that has never skied before, you want apply this to your financial education, and you’ll learn very fast. among the rich that, you need to be confident and have decent self-esteem. think of like a self-fulfilling prophesy, you have to see yourself rich first.

Needed confidence to continuously act out for example, if you want to start your first you might first of all have to take the risk yourself in thousands of dollars in debt which charisma and confidence are some of the key ingredients you need to become rich. so, before actually getting into financial and your mind when it comes to risk-taking and failure. so, now that

You know all about why people importance of it, let’s get started with investing is very important especially when you want to multiply your money. just to mention a few, but i want you to know your industry and your niche are going to stay up to date on all information that matters to you and to your success. if you want to do so, you need to put some and a business

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Is no different, in order to investing in your business might be anything most real estate investors start with regular basically, you find units (structures) with them up, you wait for the price to rise and when buying stocks, you have the right to just like any other investment, the stock so, these 4 are the most important and well-known types of investments. there are

Rules to follow but equally there’s a lot people are willing to scam you just to take your money. your money in something new, or seek advice this one might be controversial, but the power of debt is underrated. bad debt is anything that you know that you we shouldn’t ask 18-year-olds to make financial without considering the consequences, so be on the other hand,

Good debt is the type of pay off (or you have a plan to pay it off), and it will also make you money. for example, you might want to get a loan in order to start your business. business as long as you’re always paying off your dues. essentially you’re playing the of a rich living below your means is a defensive concept part is solid wisdom, i mean we shouldn’t

This is how most people end up in serious financial trouble. to also spend your money on things that give do you really think that depriving yourself instead of living below your means and saving new skills that will make you money in order to support your desired lifestyle. while liabilities are things that take money out of your pocket. there are skills that are very

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Demanded in income from nothing, just by delivering results to the market. in order to gain the resources necessary to acquire more and more assets. also, leave your thoughts down below, i’d love to hear them. thanks for watching and i’ll see you in the next one.

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