It aint easy being married to an Entrepreneur! But I want to be around my wife and kids as much as possible and its the path God wants me to be on.

Look at the camera please listen they need you to subscribe and thumbs up this video right now if you don’t they could die hey youtube family josh dykes here one of the things i haven’t really shared with you guys um regarding my family my trials and challenges that we’re having while we’re trying to do this youtube thing and be self-employed is is how hard it

Freaking is and the risks and challenges that i’m taking right now trying to do this i don’t know where to start it’s kind of embarrassing but i know that it’s kind of necessary as well i feel like i feel like if you if you’re going to be successful in life you’ve literally got to try so hard and take risks that other people won’t take because it’s not because

It’s scary i’ve decided i’ve committed myself to be self-employed an entrepreneur it’s in my blood guys and you know i i’ve had a job a stable job and we were still broke like we literally were living paycheck to paycheck i had health insurance that i couldn’t even afford and i mean we couldn’t even afford to use it we couldn’t even go to the doctor and as

Embarrassing as this is for me to share this with you guys the reason why i’m doing it is because i know we’re gonna overcome this and we are going to be able to succeed we will be successful because i am determined to make that happen i have some other work that i do some business consulting some social media consulting work that pays our bills and we make a

Little bit from youtube right now but it might pay one of our smaller bills each month that’s about it right now but we’re getting to the point where um we’re our channel is growing and and we’re not trying just to grow our channel to become rich and famous i mean that’s not why we’re doing this i’m doing this because in 2007 i decided to start recording videos

Of my family and i loved doing it i loved capturing those precious moments that we were having on a daily basis of my family and my kids and after i’ve collected all of this footage like it’s a waste like we can’t go back and watch all that footage that i’ve taken until i discovered vlogging on youtube and i saw these vloggers who were you know shay shea carl

Specifically who were making daily videos and they were condensing it into a format that’s user friendly it’s viewable like people like to watch it it’s it’s fun and i was like dude that’s what i want to do with my videos and then you know doing the work it takes a lot of work to do that and so when i realized i could share kind of you know a peak of my daily

Life with you guys um that was kind of exciting too like i thought well maybe some people will enjoy this you know because there’s a lot of people out there’s a lot of you guys out there that have connected with us and for some reason we just we’re on the same level we we connect somewhere along the lines you connect with me or my wife or my kids and um and

It’s it’s awesome it’s cool and we love it and our family’s growing whenever you become self-employed you are taking a huge risk and a lot of the times it’s feast or famine and right now we are in a famine we’ve been through a couple over the last several years and it has been very difficult but me and my wife for some reason have been blessed with an optimistic

Attitude a positive outlook on life knowing that hey if we work hard and we try our best and we stay close to the lord we pay our tithing we go to church we try to help other people we raise our kids the best that we can and we just we just do our best that that god will take care of us and we’ve gone down to the very bottom where sometimes i feel like i can’t

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Breathe because this you know you have to have money to live we’ve come down to where our bank account right now is negative 58 and we have zero dollars to our name and then when i’m giving up hope and i’m like holy crap dude like why am i doing this why don’t i go get a job i get this feeling in my heart that oh that’s not what you’re supposed to do and you

Don’t love that and you don’t want to do that i’m supposed to be doing what i’m doing right now and sometimes it doesn’t feel that way because you know because of the money situation and today like i have i have quite a few jobs that i’m working on that are supposed they’ve supposed to have been paid out by now and i just got paid today not the big chunk that

I’ve been hoping for but i got paid some money today it’s gonna pay some of our bills and it’s gonna put gas in the tank food on the table right now our fridge is bare like seriously we have hardly any food in our fridge our pantry thank goodness my wife and i have food storage that we’ve been saving up and we’ve been living a little bit off of our food storage

But the thing is is that i’ve learned like i’m always blessed when i pay my tithing to the lord 10 is what i pay that’s what the lord has asked and that’s what i pay and i’m not even kidding you like he has blessed us so much like like a lot of the problems that we have are first world problems anyways you know but they still suck and they still put a lot of

Stress and pressure on me on my wife on our marriage on our family and it’s tough like for us and so i’m not going to discredit what we go through because the challenges that we have are challenges for us and they’re hard but we’ve been blessed in so many other ways that like it’s hard not to uh to be thankful um that you know we don’t have worse situation i

Really truly appreciate your guys’s love and support that you give us for sticking around because like it means a lot to us you guys are helping us achieve our dreams my kids love it my wife loves it and we this is what we want to do and so we appreciate your love and support so i just wanted to be real with you for a moment like to show you kind of behind the

Curtain behind the scenes of how life really is at the dykes home i’ve been blessed like number one by god obviously but my wife dude she man she’s she seriously has put up with a lot from me and you know with all these different endeavor endeavors that i that i go on and these different businesses that i try to do do my wife is stuck by my side that’s that’s

Like one of the biggest reasons why people get divorced is because of financial hardships and the wedges that it drives between a husband and wife and i’ll tell you what my wife is a rock dude she man she keeps me accountable but she believes in me and she knows that we’re gonna be successful so anyways um i appreciate all of your love and support i love you

Christina i love you tayden the coin william and uh i promise i’m gonna do my best to make sure that we succeed so i come home to this they spilled you’re such a nerd eating nurse you’re a nerd nobody but they’re called oh you’re eating nerds so i just got home now my wife’s got to go run errands and she’s got a cute hairdo thanks to hey kaley whoa but i don’t

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Have cute long hair like her anymore so it’s a little bit harder so i’m missing my long hair when i watch her cute videos but i did my best it looks good josh has worked really hard and it’s finally our payday chi-ching so i am going to go buy some food today yay we’re so excited you know even though probably starving a couple more days would have done us good

But not our kids so i’m gonna go get them some delicious healthy food i want you to tell our youtube family kind of what your experience has been with throughout this because a lot of wives would give up on their husbands when they’re chasing their dreams like i do josh is a dreamer his head’s in the clouds most of the time um most of our marriage which we’re

Almost to nine years now he has been self-employed which is a blessing and a curse at the same time he works all the time for not very much money and we’ve been doing it for a long time and sometimes there’s money yes there’s being self-employed means there’s ups and downs what matters is that money doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter there’s so many more things

That are more important in our lives like my love for my husband and my love for my children and it means so much more that the money doesn’t matter there’s times that we starve but we still love each other and god blesses us no matter what we do as long as we have faith and we keep moving forward guys go out and get you a real woman one that will stick with you

Through thick and thin because marriage is not easy and especially when you have other obstacles or challenges in your life like i am seriously blessed with my sweetheart i know i already told you guys that but she seriously is my rock and i wouldn’t be able to chase my dreams without her support or i’d just be a lonely man so i’m grateful to have my wife i

Love her very much and we just we we’re grateful that you guys can be a part of this because we’re gonna try our best to succeed and we’re going to do whatever it takes and we appreciate your love and support so yeah thanks for being with us but i did tell josh like if we’re not rich by the time he’s 40 i’m going to go back to school to be a doctor so you only

Have a couple years well we might need you to do that anyways whatever there’s nothing wrong with having a doctor in the house you know we never have to go to the hospital ever again okay guys thanks for uh thanks for hanging out with us and letting us just kind of vent and share that experience with you oh it’s axe head hide william hide hide williams get him

Oh he’s gonna love you to death okay guys so i’ve been watching the kids while mommy’s been running errands yeah look at the house if you were if you were a real babysitter i would never call you again i’m not very good at this um yeah hi hi hi youtube friends i love you let me show you guys our fridge well our fridge is still kind of bare but look there’s eggs

Gallons of milk two gallons of almond milk orange juice why do we have almond milk because tina has a lactose problem i just i didn’t know if you guys some of you are a lot of you are new so um tayden like she says has a lactose problem and so we don’t just like drinking almond milk in lots of milk even though we should it’s good for you but anyways we got

Some of the essentials there we’ve got a chicken there some tortilla shells we’ve got more fruit and vegetables like there’s more veggies in there our freezer is a little bit fuller too seven pounds of chicken we have our favorite blueberry bagels and we got bread over there and we got tons of cereal did you buy anything else is that it cake yes we need cake

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I’m making pumpkin cookies oh she bought these guys wait for my pumpkin cookie recipe these are the best chocolate chips in the world and yes we eat chocolate chips a lot we usually eat them in our muffins and sometimes in our pancakes yeah you gotta show them the delicious costco rotisserie chickens those are the best oh yeah and she bought this chicken is

It bad yep hey so let’s get past this mess at least it was an educational mess the kids made they were doing numbers and words yeah that’s that’s what i do for work now i put numbers together in words that was what it does oh okay mom um how much did you spend at the grocery store um i went to costco and macy’s and i spent 118. mommy oh yeah sorry we didn’t go

Nikoi it’s okay this is the secret well i told her not to because tayden would be upset that we didn’t get him a smoothie because he loves costco smoothies and i’m mad you didn’t get me a pizza melted before we got home because we had to go to macy’s too you’re so good anyways guys we’re doing good now we got a little bit of breathing room i got another i got a

Couple more checks coming in over the next two weeks so we’re gonna survive thankfully our landlord because we just rant here our landlord is awesome too he’s helped us out is this the third time yes in two years in two years two and a half years there’s been three months where i’m late we’ve been late so i called him up and he’s like oh don’t even worry about

It he’s like i like you guys i know you’ll pay me you know when you get the money and uh and he’s been really good to work with us so and we’ve never missed a payment so and we haven’t been more than a month late i think the latest we’ve been was like three and a half weeks three weeks three weeks yeah we were three weeks late so but we got caught up and we’re

Gonna get caught up now and we just we’re just blessed so if uh if we come off sounding like we’re complaining today i’m sorry because that’s not i’m not trying to complain we are very blessed most of these problems are first world problems um we they could be a lot worse and so anyways blah blah blah here we are guys happy healthy and safe we have a home we have

Heat we have food we have gas in the belly let’s get gas in the truck gas in the butt grows just kidding um i know and the kids are doing good except and the kids are doing good for the most part besides tayden he’s he’s getting over the sickness but we’re good guys so we love all of you thanks for supporting us thanks for the love thanks for hanging out with

Us we need to do a google hangout one of these times let us know if you’re gonna hang out with us and then we’ll do go hang out and we need to do a q a too thanks for subscribing to our channel do you love them you do can you blow me kiss only if you subscribe only if you subscribe there’s some strings attached to our love so you have to subscribe but anyways

Hey what blow him up blow him a kiss say love you guys william evil our youtube family he wants to give him a smooch nah no but we do love you guys thanks for hanging out with us and all your patience and love and uh that’s it for tonight yes see you tomorrow love you guys guys peace peace out please subscribe to our channel thank you

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