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It’s just a way to prevent like the the first small guy from buying into crypto and making money on crypto and you’re like what the heck so everybody’s a slave to banker and i’m and i it was quite shocking revelation so i often speak natively about crypto regulations because crypto regulations are just regulations so that the the elite will be able to buy crypto

And not the average person it’s just a way to prevent like the the first the small guy from buying into crypto and making money on crypto they want to close it off right and slow down bitcoin and cryptocurrencies but they can’t stop it they can only slow it down and that’s what regulation is all about just slowing things down well there’s always uh depending

On you know what you want and when it comes to tax structure of course um here would be the best because you get zero taxes right and that’s the easiest way to uh deal with crypto with zero taxes however it’s difficult to uh do any kind of business or write any kind of business out of dubai that is involved with the cryptocurrencies so if you’re talking about if

Running a particular business of course there’d be different countries for that um i use i personally use uh belize right as my country to to run my business one of my businesses off of right for crypto and uh also in in uh in chile i also have a business there now i don’t know where exactly would be the best place for you to to run a crypto business right um that

Would all depend on what kind of business you’re actually wanting run the main rule that traders need to learn to so not to lose everything is not to bet everything on one big bet that’s the key thing that people tend to do right when we provide a trading signal they go okay i’m gonna go 100x uh and everything i’ve got on this one trade up and you’re like what

The heck if it comes back down one percent they’d lose everything and so don’t do that that’s right what you’re supposed to do is only maximum five percent of your total portfolio inside the exchange whatever you deposited in exchanges what you five percent of that is what you should bet at any one time that’s the maximum so that you don’t get wrecked because

That’s number one way that people get wrecked is that they feel invincible they think that every trade is going to work so i’m going to bet it all right with high leverage and then that wrecks people the most the future for stable coins is bright looking bright now because uh the federal reserve uh has realized that hey you know what we tried to build a cbdc

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Too many people want their their fingers in the in the pie and they won’t be able to make it something that they want right now the usdt is exactly what they want they can expand the supply the usdt they can freeze people’s accounts they could tell you where to buy where not to buy so and then when if you lose your dsdt they can give it back to you um it’s perfect

For them so they don’t see i don’t see the central bank of at least the central bank of the united states uh trying to build a cdb dc it doesn’t make any sense since they have so many out there in the market however what they also want them to do is start buying the debt i don’t think that i don’t think they’ve agreed to that and that’s the problem probably why

The central banks us are now saying oh you’re not agreeing to that okay watch what happens now we’re going to regulate you guys and we’re going to change the laws and make it impossible for you to run you don’t want to listen to us you’re going to listen to us now so that’s what they’re trying to do they’re probably trying to squeeze them a little bit before

Bitcoin i was a software developer um i worked at a company called lawrence technologies i wrote their software i was the only the developer for quite some time there and i helped build that company to what it is today um i left that company around 2013 but before i did i started uh learning about our financial system back in 2008 after a republican said his

Name was ron paul he said that our tran our well our monetary system is unfair it transfers wealth from the poor and the middle class to the rich and when i saw that i thought okay he’s obviously lying that’s why would the government do that why would they have a monetary system that would take money from everybody and they said yes and moved on and i realized what

This is true i better find out how money works so once i saw that i had to learn what my money works and i was quite surprised i was like falling through the rabbit hole to learn the truth that we are all slaves to a bank no matter what if you go to if you go to a bank and borrow money you become a slave because they just printed it and gave it to you they got a

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Free slave and if you don’t want to be a slave that’s okay your government will borrow from me and they from the bank and then today will charge you taxes to pay the interest on the debt and that’s our system so everybody’s a slave to banker and um and i it was quite shocking revelation and how our money monetary system is geared to eventually collapse because

There’s always more debt than there is money so eventually there’s only two end results for our monetary system complete implosion where all the money disappears or explosion we’re all there’s too much money into the system there’s only two ends for this financial system and um they get to choose of course and they’re always going to choose the monetary explosion

By expanding the money’s monetary supply to cover all the debts so the safest way to so to just to to avoid all that what i what i learned was through gold and silver and that’s what i started doing youtube videos about that and that’s how i got into bitcoin because somebody else mentioned bitcoin on on my youtube channel i know i don’t have a favorite nft just

As yet because i’m not really heavily into the nfct space but i am getting into it i am building my own nft line and um also i’ve recently recently did an nft i signed an nft and i’ve published it it’s an nft can where you know all the money that we raise from the the auction goes to charity my next goal right is to my ambitious goal is to really uh prevent

What has happened to humanity to this point uh ever ever happening happening again um because we are at before bitcoin i saw that humanity was going to go into serious despotism um only the the super rich would survive would be would survive everybody would be completely poor wouldn’t own anything um and everybody would be slaves to the top 10 percent is what

I saw coming through before bitcoin came to life and now that bitcoin’s here it’s complete opposite now the world is going to go through a renaissance and i’m looking forward to that and in this renaissance i want to make sure that this never comes back this monetary system from hell never ever comes back because it destroys wealth it destroys the society

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Right as a whole every single time throughout history and it must never ever come back the most undervalued asset from 2021 is believe it or no i i know i’m gonna get a lot of flack for that but it’s not going anywhere so you could hate it all you want it’s gonna go up and it’s gonna do well another one is obviously uh dogecoin i know i know it doesn’t make

Any sense but trust me the kids are good supporting this they there there was there was uh what’s it called parades uh for dogecoin back when it was like under a penny their point they’re so this is when it had no sort of developer support nothing and yet today look at it it’s now at 25 cents and and that’s still undervalued for dogecoin expect it to do very

Well and in the in the coming months um the the because it’s so cheap uh if people could buy a lot of it for so cheap they will be uh buying it up even though it has no fundamental value it’s just a meme coin these meme coins will do extremely well in the next run-up with bitcoin so do not underestimate them the projects that will become a trend is the the nft

Gaming industry that will be the biggest trend we’ll ever see we’ll ever see the next biggest trend that we’ll ever see because it’s it’s so huge because now people can play video games and earn money it’s it’s just at the beginning and that is where you know um the greatest hockey player because i’m canadian uh is uh wayne gretzky and he always said the reason

Why i was the best hockey player is because i don’t skate to where the puck is right now i skate to where the puck is going to be and that’s how i manage my business i know where where the trend is going to be and i jump on that this is this is where you have to jump on if you want to get ahead of the curve is that jump into the gaming industry um and that’s where

There’s going to be tons of money to be earned right there is that play to earn right there and owning nft um artifacts in that game is going to be incredible

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