Financial Independence is Your Birthright!

Financial Independence is Your Birthright!

Foreign i look at this as a responsibility i get a chance to go out there and serve and help people figure out what it’s going to take for them to find financial peace of mind so they can be independent so they can be liberated so they get a chance to live the life that they were actually put here to live so let’s go do it mel is a highly sought after financial

Expert who currently works with many of the top fought leaders in the world helping them turn their advice and wisdom into products and businesses he helps entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the world and live the lives out that they want he’s worked with and shared stages with a long list of fortune 500 companies as well as beacons in the personal development

Industry number one best selling author in this house the founder of business breakthrough academy given experts academy welcome to mr mel abraham money is really a difficult topic because it’s emotional it’s personal you’ll watch people that will forsake their health their relationships for money they’ll forsake their ethics for money the fact is that we demonize

The money in the process and we don’t want to talk about it but it’s not the money that’s the issue money’s at the agnostic it’s it’s a tool and just like any tool that hammer can build or i can tear it down really helped me to not only understand how i can make my money work for me but he helped me understand that it can be oddly fulfilling to do that and to set

Your finances up in a way that not only works for you now but works for you all the time and works for you in the future hey there i’m james wedmore i’m a business coach and i run events to help teach my clients about business and um before the pandemic i was actually doing 20 events a year and one of the speakers that i always bring onto my events is the one and

Only mel abraham and it’s for two main reasons first of all he’s an unbelievable speaker and storyteller he knows how to bring out the emotion of the audience and even when i’ve heard his stories several times he makes me cry every single time but there’s a lot of speakers out there that know how to do that but can’t really bring the meat they got the sizzle but

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They don’t have the steak they don’t bring the substance or the content and mel knows how to bring both every time he speaks he shares tactical actionable items that i can apply whether it’s in my business in my life or even in my finances and it’s for that reason that i always have mel at one of my events when mel presents it’s not just the keynote it’s not just a

Presentation it’s literally as hard on stage while he teaches a lot about money he also teaches a lot about purpose and meaning and joy and how they’re actually integrated intertwined together which is one of the reasons i had to bring mel on my stage to make sure that at transmute live well we did exactly what we set out to do was just transform lives when we give

People the path to financial peace of mind they’re going to find that they’re more productive they’re they’re happier and they’re more generous and when we have people that are more generous and happier life is better happier employees are less likely to leave they’re going to be more into their work they’re going to be more dedicated to the mission of the company

And they’re going to be more productive all this translates to a bigger bottom line what i’ve found is that most entrepreneurs they’re building a house of cards and they don’t even realize it see they come to their business with the expectation that their business is going to give them freedom to see the business really wasn’t meant to give you freedom the business

Was truly meant to have an impact to create a solution for a problem out in the world and to create cash flow i was a single full-time dad since my son was six years old and all i could think about is did i do the right thing for jeremy did i do the right thing to take care of him and i knew that because of my business background i structured it right we’ll talk

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About that later structure right that financially he’d be taken care of but did i give him the tools did i give him the skills did i give him what he needed to live a life that was fulfilling he was he was an entrepreneur already he started his business at 16 years old but did i give him the tools to say how do i create a business that doesn’t suck the life out

Of me that gives me life that is purposeful and profitable at the same time and i didn’t like the answer jeremy comes running in he’s six years old at this time he goes running he goes daddy daddy daddy i drew a picture of you at school today and a knelt down and i grabbed this picture in blue felted pen and there i was standing in front of two computer screens

With a phone on each ear and another one ring and i realized that i’d been screwing it up i realized that the challenges that i could have used it as an excuse i could have looked at it and said but kid this is for us this is how we’re going to be able to pay the bills this is how you get a chance to go to these schools and do these trips i could have talked about

The prophets i didn’t need the prophets he needed the presence you know i realized really quickly is that this whole thing that we’ve been sold about work-life balance is a myth to everything we do it’s about life it’s not about balance it’s about harmony balance insinuates that what you’re going to do is you’re going to have one weight over here you’re gonna

Have a counterweight over here and there are forces that are working against each other you can’t live in a work bucket for eight or ten hours and then go home and expect to live in a different personality it’s not about work-life balance it’s about work life harmon everything’s got to work together because every choice you make money business personal they’re

All life choices they affect lives see often i talk about affluence some people confuse affluence with opulence that’s not really what we’re talking about affluence has got four things to it an affluent life at first is a meaningful life that means the individual has the joy the internal joy the excitement the ability to live their life and they feel like they’re

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Doing what they were meant to do and the second part of that is that it’s an impactful life that they’re making a difference that what they do matters that that the way they’re living a life leaves the world a better place and then it’s a fruitful life that they’re actually bringing money in that they get a chance to live the life that they want because they have

The financial peace of mind to make it happen and the fourth part of being affluent is that it’s a peaceful life that they’ve lived in alignment with their values with their calling with what they believed they were here to do and that they’re peaceful knowing that the people that they care about the causes that they care about the missions that they’re on are

Taken care of that to me is an absolute life and this season of my life is really focused on whether their employees or entrepreneurs how do we show them the pathway to affluence and financial independence see it’s not the money that matters it’s the moments that matter and i would throw this question to you i would ask this question to you do you control the

Moments in your life see because wealth shouldn’t be measured in money it should be measured in time how much of your time do you own the reason we want the money is so i can buy back the time the reason we want the money is so i can shut things down for two years and heal i want you to realize the way you buy back the moments the way you get the moments back

Into your life is this is that you build a money machine because it’s the only way to have a richer lifestyle a deeper impact and complete freedom let’s have a conversation around living an affluent and financially independent life so you can live the life that you’re meant to live be more generous be more productive and have the impact you deserve to have

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