Financial Literacy | 0,000 PENFED Personal Loan in 48 Hrs! Bad Credit OK NO PROOF OF INCOME!

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Welcome back to the channel ladies and gentlemen so in this video we’re going to talk about how you can get a 50 000 personal loan and how you can get approved without having to show any proof of income we’re also going to talk about the requirements in what credit bureaus they actually check for you to actually get approved for this loan also if you want to see

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To get as much funding for your business as possible i have a webinar here that you can watch to learn more about business credit and business funding how to get money for your business even if you are a startup go ahead and check this out after the video link will be in the description and in the pinned comments okay so you can get approved for this particular

Personal loan if you are a pin fed credit union member if you are not a member of pin fed you want to definitely go ahead and apply they may pull your credit it may be a soft pool in order for you to get approved for their membership now when it comes to this particular personal loan they are checking experian and it is going to be a soft pull it will not be a

Hard pull so you don’t have to risk getting a hard inquiry on your credit report because if you do have too many hard inquiries on your credit report you can be denied for loans lines of credit and things like that if you have too many hard inquiries even if you have a high credit score banks will deny you and financial institutions will deny you if you have way

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Too much inquiries because it makes you look like you’re desperate to get funding or desperate to get credit so this particular loan starts off at a 4.99 apr now you can use this loan for debt consolidation home improvement transportation medical and dental expenses as well as life events like if you need to pay for a wedding so on and so forth so their terms

Do go up to 60 months the loan goes up to fifty thousand dollars you can pay this off early there is no origination fee there is no hidden fees and a big thing is you can also get this loan without having to show proof of income they go off of stated income so you can go ahead and apply for this loan and also be able to not show proof of income they will be

Checking experian and they’ll be doing a soft pull so you really don’t have anything to risk if you feel like you can qualify for this loan so once you do that you can select from pre-approved offers you will not have to wait very long to get the the loan if you are approved you should be able to receive a direct deposit of the funds within 48 hours so now when it

Comes to your credit score i would recommend that you have at least a 650 now anything under a 700 credit score usually is considered from fair to bad credit now also keep in mind just because you have a 650 does not mean that you will get approved so say for instance you have between a 650 and a 689 credit score and you’re looking to get 50 000 this is pretty

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Much showing you what your payments and your estimated annual apr would be so if you stretch this out to 60 months you’ll be looking at at least an eleven hundred dollar per month payments on a fifty thousand dollar loan so that’s something to keep in mind if you are under a seven hundred credit score this is what your payments could look like now again this

Is an estimate it is not guaranteed that you will get this type of payment range and this type of annual apr you can kind of play around with this calculator to get an estimate so if you had between a 690 and a 759 you could possibly lower the payments would be possibly a hundred dollars per month less and that’s what the fifty thousand dollar loan as well as a

Payment term of 60 months and then if you have over a 760 up to an 850 this is an estimate of what your payments would look like so again you can check your rate without affecting your score they will do a soft pull also these personal loans are unsecured you do not have to submit any type of collateral or anything for these personal loans they have stated that

In the faqs right here so you don’t need to put up any type of collateral like your house or your car to secure the loan there are no application fees and in order to apply for this loan you do not have to actually be a member to apply but you will need to become a member if you are approved for the loan and you want to accept the loan and from my understanding

Anyone can actually apply and become a member of pin fed credit union so all you have to do was would be to go to join now and you can join within three easy steps so it says right here that anyone can become a member is open to everyone so in order to become a member all you need to do is have five dollars for an initial deposit for your savings account you can

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Open up a checking account if you want to but you at least need to have a savings account with them it is worth actually signing up with them because they’re one of the top actually i think they may be the second largest credit union in the united states they also have a lot of benefits that they offer they have great loan products and stuff like that so it is

Worth going ahead and signing up with them and here is some of the discounts that they offer if you were to get a car through them they offer gap insurance mechanical breakdown protection they have a car buying service you get discounts with different insurance companies auto insurance companies you get car rental discounts when it comes to your finances you get

Discounts on different software like h r block software or actually they’re in office tax prep and then the turbo tax software you get a discount with that as well so they have a lot of different discounts that they offer through their membership so if you found this video valuable make sure that you like this video subscribe to this channel hit the bell i kind

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Financial Literacy | $50,000 PENFED Personal Loan in 48 Hrs! Bad Credit OK NO PROOF OF INCOME! By CEO Deshayla