Financial management | business studies | class – 12

Financial management | business studies | class – 12

What’s up class 12 welcome back to the channel my name is resistor allah and ham loom later at the aqua wat sorry videos regarding account business studies and economics so other of the channel / first time i am the giants have it’s alga valley subscribe code eg and please press the pelican the pr push higher notifications milling it the chilean upham high rate boards

Just one month ahead hey fam start with japan or march when i’m at a board saying solo album startup they have business studies could revise cut now or within 15 to 20 days in puri business studies revise curling it or sasha b’hala check nodes when i am here totally a i jus gerena part we are quite big up panel a chapter this konami alma’s financial management so forth

Heat typical left i have a java chapter yep yes our coach meaning in what do you simple chapter ever after on to something it pure clear ho jayega me yeah you see we chapter may be problem idea to our instagram car dealership in instagram username are putting criteria over this case are such it would have a pure charge or both sorry moon sample vapors additional

Extra important poll shows public telegrams are going to be uploaded on the telegram shall be join condom it will also be very useful for you on so start with a hammer i think introductory we knew a to to talk over but oh sheesh category caffeine would clarify oh jane doe bikes or a newspaper coverage i got coffee would clear road area so they were a financial

Management chapter dope i’d say will given ahead panties finance loosely these management part one may ask me management team management product whose common revised revised part vegans a c’mon again but my fat amy food on management of a per diem be makin enigma he financed yanni impacts a coke history kissing managed correct this economy substantial return middle

They were passage or business starting is show that passes it orca thumbing is for that pacific ultimately business guru bunnicula passage to you kiss purposefully a rapist automatically chillin i believe a passage here to whose situation make history can impassive of manage current history arranged connect get enough examine smell alliant kitna current assets

Will align kitten our company has those same great future career economic shareholders for dividend then they the venture orders cookies that is interesting you sorry decision making car now if you don’t know how of a financial management yanni financial management decision-making obi-wan solid decision later pretended to be major of local settlement decision

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For naval a woman in aqua uk by traveling a lot discuss cutting speed definition can occur it refers to efficient acquisition of finance acquire range cosmic history is defensa arranged correct they were a special arranged catechism i was doing saluting here yeah to honors funds japan borrowed funds honors funds chaoticness allah is equity schaffner in korea you

Have been retained an exact knowledge current yamata orders funds borrowed funds cartographic mahotsav a sapporo karam apnaa new ventures issue garre half kneel only a financial institution say was of borrowed money ir para lucy’s efficient utilization of finance eight barbossa arranged obeah abu skookum sturdy it’s a uvula is current ajamu scope examines whether

Like kaha most current assets well aligned history case a pesticide does make you connect in a move to do return i was a child of just read an ayah and profits are they head those cook it do not distribute gray kitten our future killing safe going to be son of the distribute i think whose novels to watch on america you took my loss music that possibilities hanky

I may pass a geezer aquarium a other brazil expansion tonight the pmi building much is creating a machine even a sturdy m-pesa messiah safe do karna padega to a b8 decision to teach isn’t subservient acquisition acquire a second lucifer require hoga and third thing is tonight distributed correct history can see distribute during save korea’s distributor for smooth

Functioning of the company in the universe has explained car they holding too thin decision lasagna and luke chapter now father to discuss karna who schematic put on the topic capital structure to be more the more america comic over a quarter of the time and was both is a man who p.m. johnny owners fights this may have newly cut the meeting shares yeah retain that

Is about another or gustav board finds a bar over now yeah it takes financing is this book about they have low financing decision depends on history gives it are they in trouble is given you be like they should study cats in mexico utilize script come halfway the life john briggs assets well alive misc evolved in a fixed capital yet can look current assets malalai

Miss cavallo working capital road cutter job rose rose come on many users decision kansai investment decision then jobs are a settlement obeah profit saga of how much to distribute in a distributed cognition holders make and how much to save for future it’s not safe running future million so you know the diver was dividend decisions mclubbe key a lava chapter make

Decisions for nahan two decisions whitney a pebble steel teenie antelope i fb i am the enemy investment financing decisions to a llama bathroom key financial decisions yummy fb deepening ha ha gay is a investment financing or dividend applies to be a introductory video a to message a decision or disgust cano who an investment decision i hope a push is easier you

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Mean board 7 of satsang notes bernardo positivity others even answer a new cyrus is a telegram for available in macedon lord curly zero investment decision gannett a bmw discuss cara keep pensive okinawa in west canaan it but arrange money given financing or dividend decision my next video ivanova a beacon he keeps the requisite invest correct yahoo look fixed

Capital miller running yannick it fixed assets melodic chaotic current essex banali canada go it relates to selection of assets in which fines will be in westerns oh forgive us the boat sorry options of men who can be by solid asset back but every four courts who invest it most appropriate option which brings maximum return sms alana saddam low german maximum

Returns a absurd can return a single criteria sufficient agra appropriate technical encourages appropriate iranian bakula who’s killing of me charges dismissed indian abacus the head but before that last point firm can invest its funds in acquiring for exotics as well as current assets already discussed in passage or a formula logically exotics may be on current

Assets may be who school a.m. look capital budgeting decision capital budgeting decision writing a movie a movie look easy avoid books in the clinic up by borromeo sega current assets for no cost and working capital decisions was a basically a factor affecting investment decision you swim major to consider parent who yet capital budgeting decision given birth

Trauma captivating enough examining mexica room the whole situation mark we charge factors considered convenience imagining sub civil affected wadda wadda a cash flow of the project cash flows the projects atomic level keep me company other pc project me invest career to invest kanessa value who use a ruler life’s correcting whose projects acres sufficient cash

Flow are lukianov new project mean measurement garage whose project could shalon achillea could regular basis professor g but lucky other afterward factory land i had two factories levana sufficient nia was care to have new machines that i use my daily basis will change daily basis per repair over up co-workers who regular salaries anybody need to cash flow on a

Module or a sub civilly he analyzed kuru kids happy up invest kuru kuru sufficient cash flow they write the first factor job in hundred cash flow second sio4 ry a return on investment jaha becoming west current whose semi return with nada after minute bank man digger i to von haase is not eternal that yeah many a clan lagos were ranked by the idea mohammed katana

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Rental in kamata two options of a duodenum to be nova analyze goji juice my maximum return are a magnum assignments guru before exam was a project do 15% return era or a project you’re doing diversion turn it on later so obviously dc main mr. jarvis militant sada hey it’s given third is this involved have optical every business brother to harper a greater service

Leaders are returned did nevada risk locate putin ah murdoch to return me later but concept about other yogi is situation mia hotel is to be enough refined angry you be fixed capital main west connect both baraka mountain west good night our kurdish region failed one – of course aramis aramis adams i go to as his situation may they both teenagers could never pass

A high risk a moderate risk or a loser yeah what other risk a moderate can take a 50/50 odds are the vineyard what company or laura’s car will move risk india where they are armed second children but up there you have a high risk high profits within both body profits you have to be acting tough profits profits for ems oh yeah low profits you profits ie smskull

Jump in moderate risk oh problem i got or as having any property me / – yeah please sub say appropriate is real maharajah yeah is there like one investor os have a risk as a moderate last point africa is considered and i’m movin investment criteria about the case of google years ago gap years of owning a volumnia check today it’s a hobby on investment career they

Are technology learning is roads know so catherine laboure available video technologies like cheese could co adopt cut buying it yeah america’s history given tremendous force hair care finance have further fiscal salonika lead – yes i see amiably consider cornea what’s up kiss my other investment criteria in born the way investment decision me hrg then cashflow

Return risk and investment criteria so as video make people i mean i hopefully we knew person died until i get to like joke enough or a preference because i shared anna jealousy a low voice charles gave i remember to be have no optimist liquor raf what sorry videos within the next 15 to 20 days business study purchases co-occurring it or targeted ad or eighty ling

Angry so all the best guys milton ham pocahontas new videos quizzes next part is asked for matsuri sample vapors bizarre thanks a lot guys see you

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Financial management | business studies | class – 12 By Rajat Arora