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Research shows us that by working with a financial planner that people are happier they’re richer and their journey’s more purposeful because they’ve actually sat down and documented the journey that they’re trying to take and and actually put a target and a goal around what it is that they’re trying to achieve when it comes to financial planning and when it

Comes to looking at all your overall wealth creation strategies there are five essential steps to becoming wealthier they are clarify evaluate plan implement and manage clarify is about collecting that information it’s about goal setting it’s about having a conversation with your advisor once you’ve got that information you clarify that it’s a time to evaluate

It and assess it and analyze it and break it down by breaking it down we’re actually talking about making sure that we’re identifying the opportunities once you’ve identified the opportunities you can then start to plan which is step three and inside planning there’s two areas there’s strategic and there’s tactical now strategic is you know there’s a great saying

In financial planning it’s about tactical is about winning the battle and strategic is about winning the war strategic is about a global story it’s about that big picture plan and the tactical stuff is about how we’re going to go on that journey so we then set up those those different pods and those different ideas about creating that wealth outcome once you’ve

Got your plan it’s then about action so implementation it’s about finding the opportunities inside those investment areas and then delivering or acquiring those if we’re talking about property investing and then finally it is about management and management is about measuring and review it’s that constant movement because as much as we might have set you up with

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A goal and a plan and a road map what’s actually going to happen is there’s going to be some some turns in the road life is going to get in the way things are going to impact your cash flows so by being in a position where you can manage by measuring and reviewing on a regular basis they are the five essential steps that you should be considering when becoming

Wealthier the reason why a lot of people don’t use financial advisors is because they don’t know what the true cost is because it’s used to be hidden you know in the detail well the first thing you should be asking any advisor that you’re talking to is how are they paid you don’t want them giving you advice based on the best interests of them you want to be giving

Advice based on your best interests and the best way to do that is work with a fee-for-service advisor picking the right financial advisor is a critical step in anyone’s wealth creation journey so we’ve produced a special report which is basically the five must ask questions when selecting a financial advisor and that’s available to download off this page or if

You want to come in and have a chat with one of our financial advisors just simply fill out the appointment form on this website and we’ll find a tailored solution for you

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