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Welcome back real vacantland.com this is luke smith i got another property for you this one is in florida i’m calling it florida land 120 a month owner finance and this is a this is a street view picture of properties like back in here this isn’t exactly the property the countryside looks like this these different trails i’ll show you these different trails

Look like they run over to the property so there’s a road here there’s a power line there’s another road over over here that swings back into the property but it’s got these kinds of pine trees and it’s got this kind of sand going on this looks like the environment that you’d have so you could drive in here with an rv i’m not sure if it’s rv friendly at legal

Legal wise but it looks like you could totally drive in here with rv and no one’s going to bother you because it’s kind of backwoods florida right so let’s take a look at this let’s jump into the website and see i’m not your legal advisor on whether it’s legal or not just saying you know practically you could here’s the owner of the property is peter his phone

Number is on here 310-562-1744 so he’s offered owner financing on this thing feel free to call him and and talk to him about it i was just talking to him on the phone i think it was yesterday um about these properties i’m just thanks peter for coming up with some more florida properties we’ve got so many people asking me for florida properties and we’ve been

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Selling out of florida properties and i made videos about the last couple and different ones that have come up and they’re just gone people just get mad at me because i make a video about the property and they they think it’s gone before i made the video or something but you just got to take off with the ones that look good so here’s the id number nice long id

Number this is putnam county florida this is a tenth of an acre and he’s offering on terms so he’s got this on the website it’s pretty new i’ve only had like 100 people look at it so far i’m just i’m getting the maps i’m gonna get some better maps on here so that actually show the lot lines but here’s the uh if we go over to google this way it shows the lot line

So i think the street viewer like right in here looking back over here that picture i was just showing we’re looking back over here but if you went up this street and went over there you could see the property but the street view doesn’t go that way um i’ll uh i’ll pop it up in another window here so um which one is it college and twin lakes so college and twin

Lakes so it’s this property here so if we take the street view guy uh he doesn’t get all the way there so he gets close but he doesn’t get all the way there so it’s it’s right over here and we’re right over here so it’s like that next little turn up and over a little bit would be the property there’s even telecommunications box over here so you probably get some

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Internet hooked up it looks like people have been driving all over this area having fun off-roading and stuff and there’s the road going that way palm street and there’s road going that way roads all over this just looks like classic country florida maybe you could find a turkey running around or a black bear or something but uh just these pine trees grow all

Over the place in this part this region of florida um so a little lake down the street trout lake you might be able to go catch dinner over there i don’t know about the access but it looks like there’s some private homes on the lake but a bunch of unbuilt properties you could probably wiggle your way through to get there there’s a bunch of lakes in the area the

Slate this area is just lakes lakes and lakes small lakes scattered all over it’s classic florida right so as we zoom out some more we got gainesville the property’s over here somewhere gainesville is over here so property gainesville gainesville is not very far away and go get you know groceries and stuff and then some more little towns here and there but as you

Zoom out some more you can see some bigger towns we’ve got uh orlando just just down here and then we’ve got jacksonville up there and um tallahassee over that way somewhere so we’re kind of in between them and we’ve got uh daytona beach daytona beach right behind my head here too so daytona beach here property um right up here so we’re not too far from daytona

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Beach i think it’s like maybe an hour’s drive hour and a half you could shoot from the property straight out to the beach you’d be at like flagger beach or palm coast or somewhere in there st augustine little just south of st augustine okay so let’s get out of that let’s go back to the property so we’re on the property got the buy it now set up on this one so

You can go do it and do it with with terms taxes or cash you can choose one or the other um taxes like 15 a year tax on this thing that’s nice and cheap and florida doesn’t charge income tax too so really low property tax no income tax is my kind of place good weather um yeah 120 down 120 a month for 60 months that’s what he’s asking on this 7 200 bucks um how

It works he walks you through he’s got pictures of the area and uh video of how to do it and there you go some more florida land guys you could put an rv on that thing or a mobile home or manufactured home or build a home there’s lots of things you could do with it i’m sure your imagination can go from there thanks for listening thanks for watching this is luke

Smith real vacantland.com bringing you some more land see you the next one bye

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