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Hello everyone let’s welcome again into the intro series so in this series uh we will try to cover one of the well-known company that is a fidelity so the fidelity is basically dealing into the real estate and the mortgage industry so motor is basically when we are taking the loan to maintain home or purchase the loan land or other type of things into the real

Estate so that come under that category so that companies also register into the stock so their stock performance is also very good and it’s a good reputation in the market also so here in this uh session we will cover like uh one of the profile with the dotnet plus angular like how many how many type of question they are asking and what is their level to ask the

Question to prepare into the future or the current stage so let’s welcome again start with the agenda like the in the agenda we will try to cover the asp.net c sharp mvc and sql server in the asp.net you know that some of the application legacy application is always been to the company which are very long run into the past so there they asked me about the asp.net

With the first question is a page life cycle so i not remember the page lifecycle but whatever the things i remember i will explain i explained him and after that user control and what is the user control and how you can get the value of the user control uh elements inside element after that c sharp in the c sharp started with the shield class so need to explain

The shield class here after that how can multiple class inheritance so the multiple class we know that we don’t have the the like we can’t be in head the multiple class there only the concrete class can inherit only the single concrete class at a time other one is the multiple interface inheritance so yes we can do it in the multiple inheritance because that is

The beauty of the inheritance or the interface inheritance the other one is the operator overloading so there is a this one is a one of the type of the polymorphism so there they ask the in in-depth question also like if we have the different different written type also then what is the difference here so the operator overloading is never dependent on the return

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Types so that is the explanation for this question mvc side like they started with the transfer the data from view to the controller so the view to the control like whenever we are posting any of the forms and sending on of the data so i explained in that way and there i use the model so that through the help of model i’m passing this thing and you know that we

Have the model binding uh concept so there i already created the video on top of on this topic so please take a look there also so there i explain like how to map this uh data from view to the controller into the model so this will help you other one is the controller to the view so we know that from the controller to the view also we are sending some data so there

We have the two things which we are using the first is the view data and the view back so by this we are sending the data from controller to the view the other one is the controller to controller so in the controller to controller we are using the temp data but further question here is the temp data and having the two more sub type that is a peak and keep so what

Is the difference and how we are doing the things into the peak and keep so if you are read the value so how and how to preserve the things so many questions are there so please read out this peak and keep also because that is the most important question on to this controller to control a data transfer the other one is how to check the property value is null so

There you you take example like you have the one model you are sending from the view to the controller side you can submit the form or you can come with the ajax call there’s a there’s no any dependency or there’s a know any of the like you can use any of the approach and there if you are getting some null value so how you check this one so although we have the

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Null check there so but uh before that we can also check like when we are sending the data maybe some of the the ajax side if we are calling so maybe the json conversion is not completely done maybe the property mismatch is there if property mismatch is there so model binder can’t be do anything so it will be replaced with the null value and all and for this this

Concept i already explained into the one video please take a look there the other one is a put like yeah so here i just put the magical model binder concept there by this we can get this why the value is null and for this one we can explain these things other one is the document type and the content type so whenever we are going for the eject school through the

Javascript and also we are using this uh document type and the content type so the document type like this type of document which we are posting or getting like is a xml json or html or any other format content type is like we are basically we want the response in which content in the html form json form xml form so that is the purpose of this content type the

Other one is the sql server so in the sql server they asked me about the temp data and the tam variable table so there i explained like the first is the creation style is totally different for both the things the other one the scope so temp data is if we are creating inside the store broke and the store proc is executed successfully the scope is still there because

We need to explicitly drop this one but in time variable we no need to do this one and as per my understanding time variable table is taking the less memory as compared to the temp data and there is many more difference also please consider that based on your knowledge the other one is the how to get the auto increment column value that is the also the frequently

Asked question because sometimes we know that auto increment we always putting the identity column and all so for this one you need to tell like scope identity that is the inbuilt method into the escrow server that will return the last insert value or the identity column value the other one is a 1db query to write to get the name of the student with total number

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For example we have the names list of the student student table and subject and the marks and the student have the student id as a primary key subject have the subject id as a primary key and that’s this two primary kiwi it will become the foreign key into the mark and the mark have the mark id as a primary key and this mark have the 100 for this one for example if

Similarly this student or have the more value like more value here like 100 215 or something so at the end you need to show the count for each of the student in the order format like whose value is more or whose marks is more so he will come on to the top and after the second third fourth and all so for this one i written the query similar to this one so we are

Used here as a group by i already told into the one of the video like group by is or having this these two keyword resolve over most of the interview question because everyone are interested to check like how if efficiently you are using the group by close into the sql query so there i if you see here i’m using s dot name comma sum of m dot marks and there i’m

Just you making the join for the all the three table like join with the student with the marks and with the relation on and after that subject and group by s dot name because we want group in the name format order by sum like whose value is more so order by the sum of m dot marks in the this decreasing order so this is the query i written for this one so thank

You so much thank you for listening this one let’s meet in another video soon bye

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