FPA Financial Planning Week Launch 2017

“Live the dream’ campaign video featuring everyday people. The magic ingredients to their success are revealed through their personal stories. Each has their own ideas on what it takes to live the dream, and all agree that planning truly does pay off.

We’ve got a happy family secure job yeah we’re you know we’re kicking golf i am living my dream life dream life change all of the time using the dream is all about working out what sort of life you want and having the financial freedom to be able to do that any dream takes hard work as long as you’re happy you’ve got good balance and you know you enjoy what you do

I think that’s when you’re living your dream whenever i get my eyes on a goal i’d just if it’s something that i really want and i really believe in it i will move heaven and earth to make it work if i had a crystal ball and was looking at charmaine in the future she would be on stage acting or in film and television she would have a family and have a nice home

And you know just be able to provide a nice life for her partner in children i haven’t always believed in myself and i can see the direct correlation between my belief in myself my confidence and my money over time i realized that in order to get where i want it to be i needed to make change i needed to set goals to get to where i am now and have the lifestyle that

I have now required a lot of planning a lot of forethought and a lot of focus i needed help to decide exactly what i wanted in my life and i needed to get the right advice from from different people to fill the gaps in the knowledge that i didn’t have myself i’m trying to take the next step at the moment i’ve got great people to help me out i know what i’m doing

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Like even signing leases talking to accountants having a solicitor i’ve got a great financial advisor which definitely helps last time i just kind of fumbled through it probably made a few bad mistakes having a good kind of crew or good team around you to help you out has made life so much easier i have some new goals at the moment but i haven’t put a plan around

Those yet my current goals are to buy a house and to use my resources including finances help as many animals as i can and to help those people and organizations that rescue and down and look after animals especially the stray ones that’s that no one loves from an early age i’ve told him to get out there and go get a little part-time job and just so that they

Learn that you don’t get anything for free i feel like not being given everything on a plate to me has really helped me getting a job really early earning my own money like me having my own car is it’s like an accomplishment for me he is a great dad yeah he’s given me good advice always supported our whole family the two i would riddler don’t let me cry living

Your dream doesn’t happen by accident it happens by uncovering what you want to achieve and creating an action plan to achieve each of those steps i think everyone can learn from a financial planner i think some people have already are on the right track if they’re open to the conversation they’ll walk away having learned something

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Transcribed from video
FPA Financial Planning Week Launch 2017 By Financial Planning Association of Australia Limited