Full Interview With DJ Cabeen, Accounting & Finance Recruiter

We sat down with agency recruiter DJ Cabeen of Ledgent Staffing in in Los Angeles.

My name is dj could be i am from chattanooga tennessee originally now living in los angeles i am a recruiter for a staffing company on eccentricity called any what county of finance only so we do temporary and direct hire – whether it be a short-term project or whether it’s a permanent placement than a company just for accounting and finance professionals from an

Accounting clerk all the way up to a cfo so i used to be a recruiter for a college so i went to high schools everyday recruit students for the school i thought you know i’ve done a lot in terms of helping teenagers figure out what they want to do with their lives and then i decided you know what i want to take it to the next step i guess and really just kind of

Help people after they’ve graduated find jobs or you know find work and so that’s kind of how i started kind of seeking out recruiting in general and eventually wound up at robber half literally accounting is counting and finance is probably the last thing i ever wanted to know anything about i interviewed actually with robert half for four different teams the one

That seemed to stick because of the manager was a team that was accounting and finance focused and i felt like it would be good for me to learn that side of it overall i’m looking for good you know stable work history i’m looking for people that can write the people that don’t misspell words even things like writing your resume and making sure it’s all in the same

Tense past tense present tense one job you may write in present tense ones you have you may write in past tense and it’s like that doesn’t really that’s not you paying attention to details so you know there’s a lot of things that are little things you can pick up on about a candidate just by looking at the way they format as opposed to just what’s written on the

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Resumes for me i think it really depends on who my client is job titles that we are constantly recruiting for indeed candidates or would-be accounts payable it’s just blowing up right now staff accountants constantly that we need the payroll or high demand right now as well those three senior accountants are getting a little more in demand as well so i’d say we’d

Probably have at least three or four accounts payable positions every week we’re working on at all levels again it’s really all about what our clients want it’s not very often that we find someone who’s like a cpa or comes from a big four that’s unemployed but if i do find those people those people are gold and that’s they are they have a job in no time helpful

Advice for candidates i would say you know don’t put all your eggs in one basket network like crazy i like to call it the the void where you go through a applicant tracking system to apply for a job on a website that’s like it’s like just you know putting a message in a bottle and hoping someone finds it recruiter internally or hr person internally you may not

Have the time to even go through the stack of resumes for a job for three weeks or three months or six months i have friends that apply for those jobs and they hear from people six months later that’s like six months down the line i got a job you know three months ago i think you’re a little late and i think staffing companies are a great resource whether you’re

Working or you’re not working especially if you’re not working if you need something quick and fast they’re probably the best way to do that get out and meet people regardless of what you do and who you are if you’re socially awkward or if you’re not you know meeting people and knowing people i think this day and age and especially in los angeles it’s gonna be the

Quickest way for you to get a job that you like and it definitely requires putting yourself out there and being a little vulnerable with people which is not always the easiest thing you can do that and you can build relationships that you know that’s probably the quickest way to do it but you know there’s a ton of resources i mean you can go to youtube and beef up

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On your excel skills or you can learn how to write a better resume just utilize free resources and there’s a ton of tons of stuff you know the college that you went to those those career center’s have job boards that you can go look at for alumni i use linkedin constantly yeah catching me on linkedin is a very good way to get me especially being on my email address

But i post my jobs that i’m working on constantly i like to post articles i like to share articles i’m very active on linkedin it’s a great way to catch me and my email address is usually up there for people to find if they are looking at my activity i use twitter as well i have a twitter handle for i work business development i’ve been reaching out to put a lot

Of companies them on twitter these days it hasn’t worked haven’t gotten anything out of it yet but you never know so i love the nineties on night on sirius xm’s and do it all the time and martin mcgrath from sugar ray got a show so he has a show now so i was listening to it one time driving out to palm springs he was just playing some great music from the 90s and

So i tweeted later i was you know tweeted at him you know awesome show where he’s like loved it tweeted me back he like replied back to me and just went back and forth for a little bit on you know concerts and when he was gonna be a town almost kind of stuff and i was like that’s crazy like how accessible people are these days so ah interview tips for accountants

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Yeah make sure you show your personality even if you don’t have one i think it’s very important to make sure that you have the ability to show people who you are because i think in this day and age it’s not always necessarily about your skills but it’s also about you know culture and how you’re going to fit in with the company don’t be afraid to talk about what

Your interests are not necessarily something you want to put on your resume that i love skiing or something like that i think lots of recruiters might disagree with me but i think if you can get an interview then you know obviously it’s it’s great to talk about what makes you tick connecting with people on a more personal human level is probably better than just

Talking about your experience and making it all about that doing your research on the company doing your research on the person you might be interviewing with if you can find that person on linkedin you know find out a little bit more about what makes them tick because then you’re going to go into the interview smarter and more prepared for what they might have

To ask and maybe be able to make a better connection with that person if there’s a hiring manager or if they’re even just you know someone who can be an influencer to the hiring managers you know coming prepared with your resumes looking good and trying to figure out how to dress for the company you don’t want to walk into a startup with a full suit don’t want to

Walk into a bank with you know a t-shirt and jeans take a shower look good shave be fresh just those things make a big difference my name is dj cabina again you can find me on linkedin and i’m also on twitter ads deep beam underscore legend happy nothing are we done

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