Future construction today North Port Florida no home insurance needed owner financing 10 yr note.

November 2020 virus and hurricane delays 5293 Basket Street North Port ready for concrete or hybrid foam application save thousands buy pre construction bunker homes.

There’s glass sliding towards mrs. walked in the living room now when the vegetation is all cleared up you’ll be able to see the water down and the size or six foot okay okay okay now where is the plan show the entry door for the bedroom yeah there’s a job okay okay and then once you go in there’s two doors double sink shower and this is all closet

Wall work where he’s standing in is an actual closet wall and then there’s another closet here a separate toilet okay okay okay this next move through this wall right here is the wall so we’re that wall this is the laundry room they’ll be washing the dryer washing machine hot water heater no ac wash machine dryer hot water heat hot water heater the

Clothes on the other side and then there’s room here for whatever electrical panel uh-huh this is a corner right here this is the door okay okay so you come through this door here you are now dining one off to the right living room off to the left where these guns are dining room table here to look outside right here’s the boar lester come in in

This bar right here facing that window scope up cabinets outlet there’s another jog in the wall yes no no it’s the only one jog that’s down here this is all straight right in here right here is the door that goes into this bedroom there’s a wall right here there’s a door here or here closet door here into this bathroom which is on the opposite side

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So bathroom laundry room and toilet for this room toilet the window push facing this way all right so the reeds two dogs it’s straight which way is the job right or is it more this way that way oh so jogs in and gets narrow makes the kitchen bigger in the bedroom small well well a nice tight house go in here and then all the cold war has outlets

On it all the way down but i keep raised it up we figured you know you’re gonna fine tune it on us no no you know when you get old two things stairs and bending over and over top overhead is the to drop lights for the kitchen mm-hmm this here is attic access that nipple is will be in the attic that’s how the electrician will get the wire there he

Has no electric for outdoor or women i guess he does have a yeah when the wall on the back end goes up you’ll finish the electrical in the back right keep going

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Future construction today North Port Florida no home insurance needed owner financing 10 yr note. By The real David Pressler