Get Paid To Use Port Finance l Port x Parrot Finance Liquidity Mining

In this video I show you guys the current liquidity mining programme going on right now on Port Finance. Make sure to stick around for a yield farming strategy you can execute using Port and Parrot Finance.

Welcome everyone in today’s video i wanted to talk about the liquidity mining program that port finance is currently doing so poor finance is a lending and borrowing marketplace similar to what you might see with rv or compound on ethereum so you can come to port finance deposit assets earn a deposit apy or you can deposit assets and then borrow against them so

Port finance is running a liquidity mining program right now so essentially what they’re doing they’re giving people port finance tokens just to deposit their assets into port finance so as you can see here on the deposit apy if you deposit usdc on support finance you get 4.78 return a year natively on your usdc and then you’ll get an additional 10.26 percent

Paid out in port finance tokens you have similar numbers for at slana paris stake seoul tether and i think um mercurial finance um is paying out quite a lot because they’re doing liquidity like they’re doing dual liquidity mining incentives with poor finance so if you want to get the most yield possible and you want to still hold your mercurial finance tokens

This is the best place to go right now so another thing that you can do with port finance because of the current liquidity mining program that is going on so you can deposit any collateral you want borrow usdc against it and then supply that usdc back into poor finance where you can get a yield on it so you can get a roughly 15 to 16 deposit apy on the deposited

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Usdc whilst you’re only paying a six percent apy on the borrow interest so essentially you’re getting paid here to borrow money because that nets out to a nine percent apy just borrowing usdc from port finance so port finance and power finance are running dual liquidity mining program so i’m going to show you a quick yield farming strategy using power finance and

Port finance with this shield farming strategy i’m about to show you you take advantage of a few things so you can get staking rewards three different kinds of power finance rewards and also poor finance rewards as well you get to power at finance and then you go to stake and then you want to stake some soul with parrot parrot finance is doing a incentives program

Where they’ll give you parrot tokens for doing certain things and one of those things is staking with them so if you want to stake with parrot finance you can go here i’m just going to stake one soul with them press deposit approve this transaction and in return i’ll get another parrot cell so i’ve already staked a few soul tokens with them but i just wanted to

Show you guys the process so what we want to go ahead and do now is go to mint and i’m going to go ahead and take my parrot cell and then deposit that and then mint piso against it now once i do that i get paid even more parrot incentives because they’re they really want p cell to be used in the ecosystem as well so they’re paying people to mint pisol so i’m

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Going to min as much as i can um i think this is like the collateral ratio like you can have he says here it would never liquidate but you never know in case of like parasol p cell might come off peg and they might come off peg by quite a bit so um like as i said before you don’t want to over leverage yourself doing this particular strategy but now we’re going

To go ahead and press mint so what’s that so what that has done is taken my parasol put it into a vault and i’ve minted parrot steak soul against it which is pisol now i can take my p soul and then go to poor finance and then deposit it so if i deposit my p cell i will get 0.15 natively returned in apy plus 4.61 import finance tokens so i’m going to do this

I’m going to improve that excellent okay so i have a parrot steak soul down here is collateral now here’s the part where we go ahead and start looping the strategy so we want to go to borrow and then we’ll borrow one soul um and then i can then i can borrow one sole press approve so on that borrow i’m paying three point three seven percent apy now that interest

Rate is going to spike over time but that’s what i’m currently paying so i’ve borrowed one so it’s back into my wallet i’m gonna go to power finance go to take another soul and then do the process all over again and that way you have almost doubled up on your rewards that you will be getting now this process can’t be infinitely looped because you can’t mint um

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One for one p cell for parrot soles so as you can see here the classical ratio is 105 percent if i do this i mint approve and then i’m going to go back to poor finance and then deposit that p style again supply power stake song approve and there we go so yeah i hope you enjoyed that little yield farming strategy just a way to double up on the rewards you get

So you get rewards from poor finance and you also double up in your awards from power finance because you’re minting because you’re staking with parrot finance and then you’re minting parrot steak soul as well so quite a few things you’re going on there um if you’re looking to just accumulate lots of poor finance tokens and lots of parrot finance tokens this is

Like the best way you can do it right now none of this is financial advice so if any of you guys get like lose a ton of money like doing this this is on you so thank you for watching hope you enjoyed this video and make sure to subscribe more videos like this one

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Get Paid To Use Port Finance l Port x Parrot Finance Liquidity Mining By Infinite Bid