Get to know the International Finance & Control study programme at Fontys Venlo

Get to know the International Finance & Control study programme at Fontys Venlo and learn more about the content of the study programme, the subjects you will get and find out what kind of professions you can practice after graduating!

I am not your cardinals and i am the program manager of international finance and control i want to shortly tell something about what makes uh studying at fontesville very special we have three focus points so first of all we are a very international business school which is also in the name we have students from approximately 50 different backgrounds you also see

That in flags on the terrain we also have a very international staff and that really prepares students also for working in the international working field getting connections internationally and networking already to get a job afterwards on top of being very international we’re also very personal our lecturers know you as an individual you’re not a number we have

Small classes and you are with the same students also in a group for multiple years and maybe what is most important is the practice orientation so as of the first moment that you start at fontes international business school you work in projects together with the working field and that working field is either located in this region or on a more international

Scale every theoretical course that you get is then immediately implemented in practice so you see okay if i learned this in theory what does that mean for business life and that’s good for your knowledge but also for your skills development networking capabilities and becoming ready to start after your study program my name is micheline i am the second year

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International finance and control english stream i have chosen fontesvello because it has english stream it has life the finance a program which is wider than any other country international finance and control is a very broad oriented economical study program and it really prepares you to work as the sort of financial and risk backbone of a company so it learns

You and prepares you to tell the story behind the numbers make a risk analysis and explain to people what the consequences of certain choices are you get a combination of a couple of courses so for example you get management accounting financial accounting but you also get controlling trainings in power bi to learn how to make dashboards you get skills training so

It’s really combination of all of this and then implemented in projects that we developed together with companies from the region and international companies and it all prepares you really to be the one on the table that advises the management team when it comes to making decisions and is asked for advice it’s really about the fact that we’re good at combining the

Personal approach with preparing you for the real world so involving the real world and the company life as of the start of your educational program and that you really get a good knowledge set so a lot of aspects that we teach you in depth but that you learn how to apply it immediately so that could be in the field of strategic management operational management of

Course also finance and you learn how to apply this in a project you have to be able to be multi-disciplinary so of course you should have an interest when it comes to economical subjects and finance related topics but there’s much more than this what you have to be able to do is be the person that explains the story behind the numbers give advice so you have to

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Be entrepreneurial you have to be innovative you have to be critical analytical and that’s more than just being able to handle numbers well it’s even more important to be able to communicate well with people and get your message across what surprised me most about the program the way that lecturers treat you are willing to help you that was the best and also the

Way of the program that is well informed that the student is really well informed before they start what is always really important for students that are going to start with any educational program is how difficult is it to find a job afterwards and that is something which is really important for us is that we can guarantee that 95 of our students have a fitting job

Within three months after they graduate and we also see that a lot of students find their first job actually during their final internship that they do for school and that’s something that we’re very proud of the chances for a student on the job market are actually very versatile so you see that the focus point of international finance and control is to prepare

You to become a business controller but the field that you can work in is much broader we also see our students ending up in a very broad spectrum they can become a treasurer they become can become a business analyst a data manager a risk analyst they can work in audit in consulting so you really see that they end up on very different places in the working field

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Well some students that are studying international finance and control also choose to continue their study afterwards in a master’s program at fontesvallo we have several options for them so they can choose a mbm master program or an mba master program but also as of this third year a master in finance so that really is a good continuation of the study program that

We already have in-house but there’s also a lot of potential outside of the borders of fontesvendo of course we give students the chance with their bachelor of science actually to study everywhere in europe and the doors are opening so the potential is great you

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