Graduate Testimonial: Kurtis Patterson, EEMEA Finance Manager

We’ve interviewed Kurtis on the rooftop lounge of the Headquarters of British American Tobacco in London, where he works as an EEMEA Finance Manager. Kurtis shares his memories of being a Brunel Business School student and talks about his path to becoming a young executive in this FTSE 100 company.

Hi my name is curtis patterson i’m a proud brunel alumni i graduated in 2009 with a bse management and accounting business degree i studied a four-year course which involved me doing one year sandwich course on my third year the placement offices at bruno university were first to none that helped me out from my cv down to actually put me in contact with my placement

During that one year i worked for a chartered accountancy firm in west london and i learned hands-on experience as a junior doing auditing doing tax returns working with management and working with consultants as well it was the best 12 months of my life if i think about the subjects and the courses that was in my four-year course then for me the one subject that

Has to stand out possibly two actually first one had to be the tax taxation was an optional course and i was really intrigued into tax after completing my placement year so i selected taxation for my last year and that was great because we covered anything from corporate tax to vat to personal tax returns to actually how do you go about in tax planning and abroad

And how do you go to tax planning in the uk and that was phenomenal and i guess my second subject was my dissertation that was amazing because i actually got to put all of my three or four years together all in one place and actually research it challenge it look at our hypotheses and see exactly how can we push and develop as not only as an individual but as a as

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A country and as a as a business school so that was my second and final one so what did i do after the whole four-year course well i was very very fortunate to get myself onto a graduate program and that was a project management graduate program working for network role in london and that was a one-year scheme and that involved me doing numerous placements from

Working in waterloo station as a station manager to spending a week on the on the trains to work and actually in finance as well which is where i ended up kind of delving into after that i started my sema and i recently qualified as a acma cgma chartered management accountant and chartered global management accountant and then after that i then went along and

Then flew away to university uh to do some further studying so i would say it’s very important guys to keep investing into your career because i invested myself into my sema and invested myself at harvard university in boston and only been back for a couple of months now being 2013 in september i’ve landed a fantastic job at british american tobacco and i would

Say the last three to four years of my career post university has been phenomenal it was down to dedication hard work and continues continuous drive and passion as well so whether you guys are at school during your lectures at home put in the hard work because if you don’t put in the hard work you can’t expect to get results and i’ve focused for good four years

Of my course i left with a great degree with a 2-1 and a first for my dissertation keep working hard keep going hard and you’ll get there guys take you

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Graduate Testimonial: Kurtis Patterson, EEMEA Finance Manager By Brunel Business School