H2O Finance is a leveraged yield farm on the Binance Smart Chain, currently their USDT-BUSD stable pair is at a crazy 400% APR. Not paid promotion.

Good day everybody jack diegen here today we’ll be looking at a new leveraged yield farm on the binance smart chain called h2o finance or water finance but h2o that’s the name we have a total value locked of 5.1 million it is ascertic audited as we can see here we have a certic report okay so what is a leveraged yield farm this stems back to the alpaca days if

You’ve used alpaca then it’s similar and then there’s rabbit as well so this is more closer to rabbit than alpaca but it’s all the similar concept you as a user you can deposit your usdt to be borrowed by other people and when you deposit you earn a yield on your usdt busd bmb btcb eth or the native token h2o now so we have vaults this is where you would put in

Your own money to be borrowed okay so you can put it in here and you will be earning a annual return of 61.5 on your stables which is crazy i mean if you look at the returns here okay we have a staking apr of one one eight point three one well six point nine nine on the lending and then there’s a hundred and eleven percent on staking so what’s staking when you

Put your money okay say i put in usdt okay once i put in 100 usdt into this pool okay we will be getting a another token called husdt okay h2 sdt is basically your receipt it’s your receipt to the platform saying when you have ac usct in your wallet it means that you have the same amount of usdt in the system so asu is once you get your h usdt or h tokens you

Can stake it into the staking pool which will which will reward you in the h2o token okay the h2o token has a vesting schedule which means that it is locked for 210 days it will be released every day so vesting starts once you harvest and you go into the claim page which we will go into in a minute to see how you would able to withdraw your h2o over time the

Reason they have this mechanism in here is to stop the coin token price from dumping most if you don’t have vesting you’ll have whales coming in and they will farm bazillion of the token and they will just sell okay because h2o token is a native token it’s not it’s not nearly as valuable as any of these tokens here right that’s this is staking is where you would

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Stake your husdt or your h other tokens and make h2o now pulls pools are single tokens where you can stake and earn h2o right so say you got cake you can deposit in here and you can make h2o straight off the bat okay you have a 624 percent which is just insane but however the reason they’ll be able to have this apr is because the h2o is locked behind a 210 day

Vesting period okay so whatever you make you can only they will only release a certain amount to you each day you wouldn’t be able to sell everything you would get your full amount after 210 days farm this is where your leveraged farm is there’s two ways to make money on this platform one okay you can put your money inside the vault and make a stable return of

How many apr it’s here okay and then you stake your receipt which is your h tokens into the staking pool and then you make h2o after you make h2o when you claim you can stake it into the pool and make cake okay that’s basically the first level of ways that you can make money now with farm this is where it gets really interesting you can put in usdt and you can

Borrow on your usdt so there’s a nine times borrowing on your usd team okay so if you click nine times farm say i have 100 usdt okay what does that mean i could borrow nine times that so i can borrow up to 800 all right making my entire portfolio a 900 portfolio so that’s why your total apy will increase by a lot because you’re making your money based on a 900

Investment rather than 100 you might think okay nine times is way too high is just crazy risk it sounds that way but remember we’re borrowing against two stable coins okay so you’re borrowing on usdt and busd however the risk will come if sometimes when the stable coins fluctuate and they go off peg for like a second or something it will liquidate you okay but

In most cases it’s pretty stable all right so do like a 5 5x 5x or 7x just give yourself some leeway i mean 9x is just degen imagine you had just a thousand dollars you can borrow at 8 000. so you’ll make your position into 9 000 instead of 1000 okay and where does this money come from this money comes from people who have staked into the vault so it’s a cycle

Where some people they just want to do risk-free they just don’t want the risk they don’t want to borrow they want to lend their money to other people okay so whales can come in and put their money huge amount of money in here okay it’s lit it’s basically riskless because you’re putting in usdt and you’re earning you’re making h2o right so this is the farming

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Section you have other farms like b and b busd obviously you wouldn’t with bmb which is a volatile pair okay it only provides up to three times the maximum leverage that means you can borrow three times your investment however who want to do three times because it’s volatile right so this is just dejan play but you have that option you also have eth and bnb

Okay this is three times as well now you also have btcb usd usdt h2o btc bmb okay obviously the best ones are the usdtnb usd because both are stable pair and you have a crazy amount of apr remember this doesn’t only comes from your farm you have most of it will come into your will come in through your h2o rewards so your h2o will be given to you and then you can

Unlock that in 210 days but it will be released to you on a daily basis they will be adding more pools as time go on but this project only launched two days ago so incredibly early incredibly new not financial advice is it safe we don’t know that just yet because it’s early but so far looking great you have your portfolio this is what your positions will show up

As and what’s interesting is you have referral all right so you can refer people to come in here you can have four layers below you a certain proportion of the owner’s mining revenue will equally distribute to the superior and the undistributed part without the superior will be destroyed all right if you can try my referral link down below on the video this is

Not a paid promotion by the way this came to me from a friend and i’m always interested in leveraged yield farms because if they’re both stable pair they can make you a lot of money because it’s stable all right in this day of bear market we’re nearly in a better market fear is very high in the market right now so we always welcome stable pair farms so usd tb

Usd 300 apr on a nine time leverage all right so this is your claim page i’ve put some money before i tried it out on the day when it when it was launched just to see how everything worked but i will be adding more position to this because it’s a stable pair now investing schedule is 210 days it will release some token to you every single day okay so don’t get

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Afraid if your tokens don’t get to immediately because it’s vested why vest it to stop in insane amount of downward pressure if you have a whale this will stop the whale from destroying the token price so we have token price here the website is there’s still some bugs on the website like the fonts and stuff but in terms of contract and everything they work fine

Okay let’s take a look at their socials this is their twitter h2o finance h2o official twitter account of h2o finance for those best defy services right 28.1 k followers not too bad pretty updated twitter this is their documentation i strongly recommend you read through this especially on step by step how to deposit how to withdraw and also do really take a close

Look at leveraged yield farming okay this is basically how this project works you have to understand how the leverage works how the apr works trading fee rewards and borrowing interest like before you go into this make sure you read through every single page of this okay it would it would be very helpful and it will probably stop you from getting liquidated even

On a stable pair never go into this thinking stable pairs cannot be liquidated yes they can be so watch your risk so this is the contract for their token it’s verified brilliant work in here you can find information on different addresses burn addresses gov addresses operator owner and things like that so thumbs up to dev for providing us with a verified contract

All in all i think this is a solid project again not financial advice in any way but to me it’s a stable pair leveraged yield farm when you have somewhere where you want would like to park your stable tokens for something this could be the place for you obviously be careful with leverage when you have high leverage on a two on both stable pairs your liquidation

Chance is quite low because both coins are one but there are instances when you have a temporary of peg of either tokens and you could be liquidated but apart from that the risk is minimal okay so this is h2o finance let me know what you think i have a referral link down below use that give it a try let me know in the comments please like and subscribe thank you very much

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