How I Screen For Dividend Stocks Using M1 Finance and Seeking Alpha

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So today i want to share with you how i personally screen for stocks using m1 finance and seeking alpha m1 finance is is very poor in their research and information about about stocks so you really need to have another source to look at valuations and reports and and dividend as you know etc etc so here today i’m going to focus on because i’m mainly focused on

Myself personally in dividend stocks so we’re gonna look at a couple of them but i’m going to show you how to you can screen in m1 finance for a preliminary list so we’ll go to the research tab go to stocks and over here you can filter your your selection so i like to look for stuff that’s you know fair valued so i’d go to five minimum p/e 15 maximum let’s say i

Want to look for a dividend yield of five percent minimum seven percent maximum and that will filter in it shows you have 74 total stocks so you look right on top is a tnt with almost a six percent dividend yield p/e ratio of 14 point six and the other stock i want to key in on if it came into this screen just going to be wow i didn’t even come into this screen

But it’s gonna be kraft heinz i’m kind of surprised let’s see why didn’t it oh this is why it does not have a p/e ratio when it when a stock has no p/e ratio that means they’re essentially losing money but it does have a six point two seven percent dividend yield but if this is all you focus on like for instance at&t you go to there at six percent dividend

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Yield fourteen point six pe fairly valued i’d say you look at their five-year performance and it’s pretty much flat so you know but they paid consistent dividends and consistent rising dividends but to look at it a little more deeper i like to go over to seeking alpha and so my preliminary screen is finding ones with fair pease and high dividend yields that are

Major companies so once i find those i’m just going to contrast two ways of of looking at stocks so you can look at 18 t and on seeking alpha it shows instead of the at&t 14.6 p/e what i like about seeking office most of the time they’ll show you pe and right here forward what that means is it’s it’s showing you the p/e based on next year’s estimates so if

You look at at&t today you’re paying fourteen point six times price to earnings but next year if they meet their estimates you’re paying nine point six times your price to earnings so that means that the earnings are in a growth path mainly what i also like about this and is you can look at dividends and you can look at what the dividend yield is a six percent

What they pay out per share annually their payout ratio which is how much they pay out of their earnings to shareholders and their growth rate so now this growth rate it’s not 2% you’re not going to get a 2% increase on your dividend yield you’re going to get a 2% increase this is their average 2 percent increase on their payout not the yield so if they were to

Increase their payout next year by 2% let’s take a look at what it would be to owe four times two point one three percent so you get another four cents or another penny on top of the 51 cents and if you look in the dividend history you can see how they’ve tracked that pretty pretty pretty well and they’ve grown that dividend since 1996 just keeps on going it goes

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Up slightly it’s been going up a penny for a long long time and so are they gonna stop that i doubt it will they increase it from there i doubt that too but at least you have the stability of the growth now to contrast this let’s look over at a company like kraft heinz and a lot of people think oh that’s a defensive stock like at&t in a sense but they’ve been

In a tailwind well i shouldn’t say tailwind they’ve been in a headwind in their earnings for at least a year but if you look at their dividends like you’ll come over here to dividends and it looks like at first glance like it’s very similar whoops what did i do there we go okay it’s very similar to at&t they have a similar payout ratio they have a 4% growth

Rate and it looks like you know it might be a good value but this is deceiving because if you look here to give it a history and you go to all it looks like they grew it pretty well for the first couple years and then just this past year they cut it or this year they cut it so this could be deceiving from somebody looking and not looking a little deeper if you

Look at the five-year chart of kraft heinz it’s just been abysmal now you could you know beyond that screening for dividends and valuations and pe you can look at news here and you can see any news that have come out like for instance look kraft heinz earning per share beats by 17 cents beats on revenue that why the heck did it go down well there’s other things

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That like guidance forward guidance they might have dropped they might have written off things look minus three percent after organic sales decline so on the surface it might look good might have a good dividend yield this one even has a good forward p/e i mean kraft heinz could be a good contrarian play but i don’t i don’t i don’t trust it i like the stability a

Little bit better in at&t so that’s my that’s how i look for dividend stocks preliminary and you know of course you should go deeper into into reading some of their filings and things like that – to be sure that’s what you want to do but that’s how i do it it’s pretty simple and one finance you know i wish they’d have a little bit more research a little more

Information on the stocks that you’re that you’re buying i think that’s kind of a disservice to new investors because you could just come in here and just go oh click click click click create a pie and you’re off to the races and you have no idea what you’re investing in so that’s all i got for today if you like please share comment love to hear comments thank

You for subscribing i’d love to be putting out more m1 videos in the future yeah thanks for watching have a good day bye

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