How To Buy An Owner Financed House

Here is our “How To Buy An Owner Financed House” video. Jesse Ivy explains how to find and purchase an owner financed house. There are many ways to find owner financed sellers that will be open to carrying a contract for the purchase of their home. Many sellers have problems finding buyers especially if the home is old or in need of repair.

Okay jesse ivy back with you again today folks  and today we’re going to talk about how to buy an   owner financed house so if you’re curious on how  to buy an owner financed house listen to what i   have to say as it’s really not as difficult as you  think the first thing you want to do is you want   to put it out there to anybody

That you know that  you are looking for an owner financed house so   why would somebody buy an owner finance house well  maybe your credit isn’t that good maybe you don’t   have a lot of money in the bank or a lot of money  to put down on a house a lot of times it’s credit   issues that come into play but anyway let’s say 

You’re somebody that doesn’t have a lot of money   in the bank maybe you can’t qualify for a loan  you’ve had some credit issues over the past so now   you’re looking for an owner-financed house which a  lot of times are tough to find so what you want to   do is the first thing you want to do is you want  to put put out there that

You are looking for an   owner-financed house you you want to tell your  friends family members that you’re looking for   an owner-financed house you want to also want to  tell anybody any realtor that you know that’s uh   you know has connections or whatever that you are  also looking for an owner finance house in fact  

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I would have a realtor be looking for you an owner  financed house so if something pops up somewhere   hey i know somebody that is looking to buy an   isn’t always around all the time but it is   especially if they’re having trouble selling   their house or maybe it’s an older house needs  some repairs or whatever so let’s

Look at it   how could this work so the first thing i would  suggest for you to do so you can be proactive in   would be put it put a message on facebook.   are looking for an owner financed house. the   ad doesn’t even have to be that big you just just  write up something that basically states you know   i am

Looking for an owner financed house. i have  a low down payment , some credit issues , but i’m   you know i have a good job trustworthy uh you know  i always make my payments and that type of thing   you could even show them your rental history in  case that’s good but if you’re looking for an   owner finance house you want

To put all that good  stuff in and then you also want to use craigslist   craigslist or on facebook marketplace that you   are looking for an owner financed house. a lot  of people will look at this there may even be   “hey that person right there wants to buy a   house. i wonder if they’d be interested in buying 

My house”? you know so you want to make sure that   you put enough information and you you know you  want your all your contact information and your   facebook ad or your craigslist ad you know and  then you want to put things that sellers want   to hear and they’re like you know like i said  before like you have a good job

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Or you have good   rental history. you just don’t have a big down  payment or a lot of stuff up front that you can   an owner financed house somebody that will   decides maybe a seller comes along decides hey   this would work for me so what they could do is  do something like this they could have you buy an  

Owner fight you know they can carry the contract  for you for maybe you know five ten years somebody   might want some good interest on that money so  you never know you might find that an owner that’s   if the interest rate is good enough and then   as you go along as your credit gets better and  stuff you could then go get a

Loan and cash them   out and then you would have a you know a basically  a good interest rate and that type of thing   this the interest rate is usually uh you know   more of a hard money loan so you’re talking about  maybe you know anywhere from six to ten percent   i wouldn’t go any higher than that because that 

Would be ridiculous um but a lot of sellers might   consider this especially if they have a property  that is hard to rent maybe need some repairs   maybe you’re willing to do some sweat equity in  there and get in there and do it um but these are   all you need to do is just put an ad up on   connections out there you

Know even your   facebook put it out there i’m looking for an owner   financed house uh can somebody help me out or  you know if you’re on twitter but same thing put   something out there you know same with you know  snapchat. well that might disappear ?nevermind,   but anyway uh you you might you might want to put 

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Something out there you know um on instagram or   are popular but eventually somebody’s gonna   come along uh some realtor some owner somebody’s  gonna at least email you back or call you up on   telephone and say hey i have this house would  you be interested in it so just don’t give up   get owner financed properties all

The time   then getting their connections out there you   know basically writing a good enough ad where  somebody’s going to come along and go hey wow   i need to call that guy because i’m having trouble  selling my property or maybe i don’t want to deal   with the realtor and pay a commission i could  sell to this guy

Anyway uh be prepared you’ll   have to come in probably with some kind of down  payment but that’s between you and the seller i   hope you enjoyed this video and this is jesse and  we’ll be back again very soon with another video   land network signing off have a great day!

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