How To Buy Beta Finance (BETA) On Binance

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Hey guys welcome to this video in this video i will show you step by step hold by beat the finance beta on binance i’m currently using a mobile app of binance but you can either use desktop or mobile app it doesn’t really matter the process is exactly the same when buying beta tokens so when we click the magnifying glass search here and type in beta we can see

That beta has four different pairings usdd busd bnb and bdc so in this tutorial uh i will show you how to buy beta tokens and basically what this pairings means is that when you have any of these currencies you can then trade that currency into beta tokens and the reason we are doing that is because you can’t buy beta tokens straight up with your credit card a

Lot of cryptocurrencies you can still buy them with straight up with your credit card you have to first buy some currency and then trade that into the currency okay so we’re going to use uh bitcoin in this tutorial so yeah that’s what we’re going to do so how do we get bitcoin on in our binance wallet i’m going to show that right now now if you haven’t signed up

On binance you can find the link in description and sign up right now but uh let’s let’s do this so the on the first page you can see buy with euros okay and visa mastercard if you are for example in the united states it will show buy with usd okay it will automatically show the currency that you are using in your country but let’s click that okay and then click

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Beat easy and then you can just type how much you want to buy okay and uh then just continue it’s like buying anything online uh the bitcoin after you have bought it it will show up instantly on your spot wallet right here okay now you can either buy with your credit card or you can deposit okay so when you click deposit and click btc you can deposit bitcoin on

Your uh binance account if you already have for example finance on your coinbase account or coolcoin or b2 or anything like that you can deposit the bitcoin right here to fund your uh finance account now you should have but bitcoin on your account right now so you either bought it with your plaster card like visa card or anything like credit card or you deposited

It okay so the bitcoin will show up right here now to trade that in the beta all we have to do is uh again click the search and type in beta click beta btc and click buy and here are the order book is the order book so the red numbers are sale orders people who are selling beta tokens and the green numbers are buy orders people who are buying beta tokens okay so

We are going to buy from people who are selling right so that’s what we are doing here so the buy from people who are selling simply sell how much you want to buy you can use these uh kind of like um for sincere so for example let’s say that you want to go with hundred percent okay so you just uh uh what it means that it will sell hundred percent of your bitcoins

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And rate that in the beta tokens okay so when you do that when you click buy beta the trade will instantly go through and the beta tokens will show up in your binance uh spot wallet okay so that’s how you do it you first sign up on finance and then you fund your account with uh the unnecessary cryptocurrencies in this case for example bitcoin and then you trade

That bitcoin into uh beta tokens okay so that’s how you do it thank you so much for watching guys and see you next videos remember to smash that like and subscribe and also check out the portfolio in the description see you guys in the next videos

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How To Buy Beta Finance (BETA) On Binance 💰 By Wolf Lopez | Crypto Investing \u0026 Financial Freedom