How to Buy your First Car from a Dealer: Finance Method

How to Finance your First Used Car from a Dealership. Don’t finance or buy your First Car until you watch this. It will stop you from getting ripped off and put in debt. I feel a lot of people don’t understand how Crazy financing a used car is in a financial sense. The smart way to buy a Used Car from a dealership is by paying Cash upfront. If you’re a first time car buyer, or are planning to buy your first car any time soon, this video will help you out the most!

What up youtube it’s me rashad 360 way process rashad to be exact but let’s not go into all of that recently i went to a dealership and i bought this car that i’m sitting on right now i want to talk to y’all about the process of financing the car and all that’s good stuff cuz financing is stupid don’t finance your car it’s ignorant alright so i just want to talk to

Y’all about i want to tell you about my story i’m gonna tell y’all my experience and what i went through okay my last car which was my first car you got totaled you got totaled they said you look like a crush soda can alright they said look like smashed potatoes that’s what they said in the freaking comments of the blog that i put it in but anyways this is me that’s

Neither here or there that’s neither there or here whatever to have this dingo the first car i bought i bought it i bought it straight out you know i bought it from a private dealer or whatever a private person or whatever and i bought the car hold out half the title this car right here see i didn’t actually have all the money at the moment but i was i was going

To have the money and so i ended up financing the vehicle for a while but i knew i was going to have the money within the next month so this is what i’ma talk to you about financing the car and just buying a car from a dealership period alright but i’m talking to y’all about why it’s stupid to fricking finance a car never financial vehicle you guys only buy it if

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You have the money to pay for a flat out and you probably wonder like you just freakin said you financed the car so why would i listen to you look my situation was very unique i had to get to school and things like that you know so and i knew i was gonna have the money you may you may think the same thing but i knew i was gonna have the lump sum like previously i

Thought i could just um buy it you know i’d like i’ll pay $500 a month or whatever whatever whatever and i’ll pay it off like that but no don’t do it like that because every month you’ll pay interest on the finance alone and oh let me just talk to y’all about that when i go into my house because we’re gonna continue this video make sure you watch this whole video

To make sure you understand all right let me tell you why you should not finance a car i’m gonna tell you guys like dave ramsey told me if you have to financier card you can’t afford it all right now i know what you thinking right now you told us you financed that car blah blah blah blah all right look but my situation was very unique all right i knew i was gonna

Be able to pay for the whole vehicle within the very next month i had the money the money was won its weight but i wanted the vehicle now because i’m gonna be honest with y’all um they got me all right they freaking got me they had me under the impression that was gonna get sold before i got the money and iii had a really good feeling that it probably would have

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Been sold let me use myself as an example to help you i understand how stupid it is to finance a car and if i would have been dumb enough to be suckered in to the terms that they would have i would have been confined to if i would have not had the money to pay for the whole entire vehicle within the next month let’s just say you got a down payment a river you

Live for a specific car you test drive that car odds are and you need a car odds are you going to enter by car odds are that you’re going to freaking buy the car and they’re going to try and suck you into the the worst turns that they could possibly sucker you into all right the cells are not their job let’s get into this now okay right here is the breakdown of

The whole finance situation 21.5 4% interest charge on the amount that i borrowed which was come on finance 5,000 $34.05 all right so if i was going to be the sucker that they want to meet to be paying this every month and for three years all right they’re going to give me a car what he called a car payments of one hundred and ninety two dollars a month for three

Years that’s stupid and i would enter the pan 1904 dollars 59 cent interest over that three years stupid dumb right i know when you finance a car you have to pay for full coverage comprehensive insurance because you don’t own that vehicle and they have interest in that vehicle if you don’t maintain full coverage on the vehicle they will and they can purchase full

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Insurance for the vehicle because you did not pay your insurance and that amount that they paid for the insurance you will have to pay that amount back and guess what they don’t davon spend any money for free you gonna have to pay interest on that and see so that’s just even more money added to how much you’re paying if you don’t have enough money to pay look at

Two fifty seven two hundred and fifty seven dollars a month plus the car nope mmm it get real juicy real quick all right don’t even try it like they they try and finance you but they try an f you they try an f you that’s what i feel like they try and do so just think about that think about you can barely pay your car note plus you got to pay full coverage insurance

Every month don’t do it to yourself of this video i hope i hope cha hope i touch on something i hope try learning something don’t borrow money don’t go to the dealership and borrow money no only buy a car if you could pay for the car all i want a video called how to graduate college without debt come without getting in debt coming soon community college versus

The university i’m gonna have a video like that coming soon so make sure you subscribe if you got questions to me in the comments that’s it for right now y’all this lets rashad hit the like button for me subscribe yeah do i that good stuff i’m about to get out of here do what i get stuff for me i’m right here y’all i’m gonna go to the time line yeah i can’t get

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