How to develop a structured financial plan.

Learn new ways of improving your financial decisions as we delve into some useful self development books.

Hello wonderful people did you miss me i know you did and i missed you i missed you so much apologies goes out to all those that are disappointed last year who were looking to get videos up on my channel which i failed to upload i’m truly sorry and thank you guys out to all those who have stuck with me till this very moment those who have subscribed to my channel

Those who have supported me in every little way i mean in your own way thank you so much for going through this journey with me and i want to welcome all you subscribers those who have not um subscribed yet to i encourage you to do so i welcome those who are nearly subscribing there’s those who are here to subscribe join this wonderful happy family and let’s learn

And have fun together again if you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet kindly do so and don’t forget to tap on the notification bell thank you wonderful people okay good people so we are in the new year 2022 um to signify is double so um we are looking into getting double blessings double up questions of everything yeah now in this 2022 people are saying that

They are money focused yeah money they call for our brain yeah so we are looking forward to do everything in anything possible i mean legally legally yes legally to make money now i saw a commenting video of my thing too i think he went for an interview also the accent his expectations goes fishing everything is money so now 2022 the mantra is we are all money

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Focused we are all looking for avenues i mean digital sources which can make us money now this 2022 i want to help you on this money making journey how do i want to help you if i mispronounce the last name i did not get this right but it’s the first thing that i know iris yeah it’s a nigerian answer and then in this smart money woman book there are so many

Lessons to be taken from it the there’s a series on links on netflix yes aside the book so the series is based on the story to me when i write the series i would rather um take the book than the series because i felt like i learnt a lot from the book rather than the series i mean the book communicated well to me that the series did probably because it was

Because i had read the book so i had much information as compared to the series so what am i going to do for you i’m going to share with you all the principles and lessons that i took from the book maybe you are not such a reader you have a different time in laying your hands in the book and then completing it so i’m going to just give you the nitty gritties i

Mean the basic and important things in the book so that i can also um plan your financial life with it with it’s this new year yes so that is one of the books and then also reach that for that yes you are also going to look at that so what i want you to do is that just um go to the comments section what i want to do is i just want to help us out all here any

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Book of your choice that you think will be beneficial to everybody in our question making genuine money just put us in the comments section i’ll just read it and then come out here and then share the basic and the important lessons in there for us all so that you can make this part a success so the subsequent videos is going to have a lesson from the smart money

Woman book yes so i’m going to just name it and the smart money series i’m just going to put it there like how iris and i i’m just going to share with you how you can structure your finances before in a salary or if you are not a necessary entrepreneur how you can go about it because and the book talks about the different categories of career women yes one is

An entrepreneur one works in um an advertising fan and one is also a lawyer i think there are four friends you know yes so i’m just going to share with you the most important things in the book not to waste your time on top of that i’m just going to go straight to that point here so expect um wonderful videos and educated ones for me this new year and i want

Us to go on this journey together so if you have a book that you wish to read but can’t do the reading just put it in the comment section i will read it and then i’ll come out here to share the important lessons that we all need to take from it yes thank you don’t forget to share this video and invite others

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How to develop a structured financial plan. By Real Talk With Law