How To Finance Your First New Motorcycle!

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Hi my friends welcome back to the channel hope you guys are doing fantastic so one of the worst things ever that could happen to a motovlogger just happened to me so you see me here riding my roguelite 2009 and i had a fantastic time today and it’s starting to get cold by the way down here in the sunshine state not really that cold i don’t want to complain because

I know some of you guys up nor are getting hammered but starting to get a little chilly but i wanted to go on a ride right i initially planned uh randy to go with me and then essentially something happened kind of funny right here because if you see to my right there is a truck there the guy is kind of giving me a look he’s kind of like asking himself what is he

What is that camera that he has and uh motorcycle bars obviously that’s my 360 you’re gonna see some footage here but he was either looking at my camera or looking at my motorcycle or something like that but again you know i was having a great time and i decided to record some video and i make it home i’m about to edit the video and i figure out that the audio

Doesn’t work and it’s so frustrating it’s really frustrating i don’t mean i don’t know what else to tell tell you guys i’m sure some of you motovloggers out there have dealt with this situation in the past so again the audio is not working but you know what i i decided to kind of come here do a voiceover and kind of share some of the thoughts some of the things

That i wanted to share regarding financing a motorcycle so here’s the thing i wanted to talk about this because a lot of people want to get a bike obviously right and a lot of times you just don’t have the money so you’re going to have to finance a motorcycle and you’re not alone i mean i think it’s like 70 percent or bike owners finance the motorcycle according

To harley or something like that so again it’s not something new it’s not something that people don’t do people finance motorcycles all the time and in fact this bike that i got right here i actually financed this bike i got two bikes i got a 2005 rokin classic as of right now and i got the 2009 roguelite and the roadking is mine paid off you know i got you

Know i could sell it anytime i want to and now i got this bike right here and i actually financed the bike so again here’s the thing i wanted to mention about this before i even get into what i did or how you can do it just remember this guys make sure you can afford it make sure that you can afford whatever payment you’re getting because a lot of times people

Make decisions based on emotions don’t don’t do that don’t make decisions based based on emotions make decisions based on the facts how much money you’re making how much money you’re putting down what can you afford not just that’s a pretty bike because when you make decisions like that and you buy something that you cannot afford then what happened is that you

Gonna have issues paying it you won’t be able to enjoy it it will actually become a curse and something so amazing that it is to ride motorcycles won’t be there you will actually have a curse and it will be very very difficult for you to enjoy yourself right so i wanted to talk about this because you know what i think there is a way to do it that is right and

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Again you know there’s a way out there that may work i’m not saying this is the best way i’m sure there’s other ways out there but again you know be really sure on the motorcycle you want to buy and once you are 100 sure that’s the bike that you want to buy and you do all the research you do everything that you need to do and you’re ready to purchase that bike i

Would strongly talk to your bank first and again i want to put a caviar in this one because sometimes if you go to harley dealers and things like that they may give you something you know they may give you or they’re running an offer i know for a fact at one point they were running baggers for really really uh interest rate very very low and things like that so

Obviously go to the dealer get some information be ready to walk out you’re not buying the bike on the first day so get some information and then come home and go and talk to you to your bank because i’m going to tell you what i come to find out specifically for used bike not really sharing new bikes i have never purchased a new bike but you want to get the best

Deal and in order to get the best deal you need to have either money or you need to have well essential is money on hand and a check does that to you so this is how it worked out you know i went to the bank and i got a check i did all the process everything you know i went there apply uh you know i waited it took about a day they called me back they asked for more

Information i did the whole thing right the whole thing and again i did that before i got to the dealer now i already made the decision that i was going to buy a motorcycle and i knew what i wanted and i knew my budget right it’s not that i don’t like the brand new roguelike it’s just that i didn’t want to you know pay the payment or you know afford that so again

You know i wanted to buy something in this price range ready to make that decision and i went to the bank i knew there were bikes in that price range that i was looking at that you know there were multiple choices and i went to the bank and i got a check now that check was in my case it was all the way to 15 000 now i was not going to spend 15 000 at all you know i

Wanted to spend anything between i don’t know 10 to 11 around there which i did but again you know they gave me a check all the way to 15 000 and they gave me the payment and i believe the payment was about 294 a month for a pay for an amount of fifteen thousand obviously that’s not what i paid i didn’t pay fifteen thousand dollars for this bike not even close so

But again you know that kind of gave me some wiggle room so i went to the dealer and you know i asked for actually did this before getting the check as well i was in communication with those guys because i have bought the motorcycle uh aha the rokin from the same guys and i knew the guy so he gave me you know a pay a payout or you know out the door price but again

If you have your check and you go to a dealer at that moment you can negotiate a little bit better in my opinion you could go there and be like look i want an out the door price and the good thing about this is that you don’t have to tell them that you have a check you don’t have to tell them that you have money you don’t have to tell them that you have a trading


Even if you have a trading guys don’t say anything you don’t have to tell them your percentage and i’m going to tell you they’re going to try they’re going to try to ask you what percent you have they’re going to try to ask you who you apply with they’re going to try to ask you all these questions because they want you to apply through their companies so they can

Make more money in the backside and if you do any research here you will find out that dealers do that kind of stuff right so you don’t tell them anything you walk there you look at the bike that you want and now you’re asking for out the door price you’re asking for you know how much is it going to be with everything license plate registration everything every

Single essentially fee that it is you want to know the price you want to know the price coming out the door and my experience is that sometimes they kind of fight you with that sometimes they don’t even want to tell you you know when i went to buy an rv just a few months ago which i did not got the rv but the guy didn’t even want to tell me he it was difficult i

Spent hours trying to figure out uh you know what was the out the door price and they didn’t want to tell me because they wanted me to apply to the company because they wanted to make more money it’s insane so again you walk there you ask an out the door price right and when you get that out the door price then you can start negotiating and i guess this will be a

Little bit of how to buy a bike i guess maybe i’ll talk about that in a different video but you could start negotiating a better price and you have money the fact that you have a check is so simple because once again you could just easily sign a check put the vin number and let’s go it’s time to pay off right so again i’m gonna tell you i not saying that going to

The bank and applying is not a bad idea i’m not saying that at all it may be a good idea for some people maybe something that you want to do maybe the the harley dealer’s giving you some kind of um i don’t know something extra i remember a dealer close to me here that at one point if you bought a new uh roking or something like that that will put a 131 kit on

It so again you may get some good deals you can walk there ask some questions check the website and things like that definitely do that but what i’m saying is simple you know what sometimes if you go to your bank and you do the paperwork through and and you bring a check with you it may be a very very simple process it may be one of those processes that you’re

Walking you already know how much you’re going to pay a month you already know what you got to do you already know all that stuff and it’s just so simple give them a check and that’s it and that’s what i did i tell you what that’s what i did i actually got my out the door prize i call him up and i say man i’m coming to pick up the bike i got my check and uh you

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Know and i just gonna go there and obviously uh give you the money for it i showed up there it couldn’t have been more than i don’t know 30 40 minutes top i remember i had to go to church i even told the guy hey i’m in a little bit of a rush because my wife actually was going to church i had to go home and take care of the kids and the guy was like oh don’t worry

About it let’s do this fast shut up there i already saw the bike i already test ride the bike i already knew that i wanted the bike all i had to do was sign that check he wrote the vin number in the check and he gave me the motorcycle obviously i had insurance and all that stuff and it was that simple i’m going to tell you guys i i’ve done this multiple uh of

Times with banks i have finance multiple motorcycles and i really think that that is one of the best way because it kind of takes away some of the stress sometimes you go to the dealer and you’re sitting around you stress out now they’re playing the game with you they want to tell you hey you know what if you pay this much maybe we’ll get you qualified this there

Is just so many different games that they are playing you don’t want to play none of those games you don’t want to do none of the stuff you want to show up there and get your motorcycle and the best way to do is to bring cash or bring a check from the bank obviously we all don’t have 10 11 000 to bring with you so you could bring a check from the bank and it’s

Just essentially the same thing all you have to do sign it put the vin number make sure you stay in the limits that the bank will tell you you know that will tell you how much you could spend what is the max sometimes what is the minimum they probably will tell you hey you know what maybe you need a bike that is from this year to that year in my case they tell me

How to buy a bike from a dealer how to be a dealer so again there are some requirements there just like any other bank but again very very simple shut up there with cash i want to buy this motorcycle give me a price you know and walk out so that’s how i finance my motorcycle again is it the best way to do it i don’t know that’s just how i did it if you did it a

Different way let me know down in the comment section below a lot of new guys here trying to buy a motorcycle and trying to get information just remember if you finance a motorcycle motorcycles tend to be a toy tend to be something very very fun something that you will enjoy you will have a blast but if you can’t afford it it’s going to be a curse and you’re going

To have lots of issues so in my opinion make sure you can afford it so you can enjoy yourself i appreciate you guys watching and as always god is in control

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How To Finance Your First New Motorcycle! By Jarhead Six Rides