How To Get APPROVED For A 0,000 Personal Loan With ONE MAIN FINANCIAL | For Bad Credit

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Puzzle drinks production youtube what’s up it’s your boy who is king sean and we back again with another classic today we’re going to be talking about a company one main financial now one main financial been around about 100 years i’ve been around a long time um at one point one main financial used to be owned by citibank um they got into some issues they end

Up selling it to two corporations that came together but off the back um to get a proof of this card i call these kind of loans the graveyard loans that’s my personal opinion please don’t judge me for it that’s just my opinion people been requesting for it so i’m gonna do a review on this video to get approved for this loan you need at least people a 620 credit

Score get your pen get your paper because we about to go talk about this all right people today we talking about one main financial now off the back i just want to let you know i understand everybody doesn’t have um good credit excellent credit so i do videos for all people people might be in the rebuilding stage some people might have horrible credit i do videos

For everybody this video like i told you at the beginning is for people that got a 620 or more so if you have um bad to okay credit this is for you um it ranged from 1500 to 20 000 and it could be a personal loan or a auto loan and right here as you see right here check your offer this won’t affect your credit score so you know people will be worrying if you’re

Applying for these loans if you’re applying for these credit cards you’re like man i don’t want to get in i don’t want to get denied on top of that get an inquiry you don’t have to worry about that because if you’re accepted if you’re not um you’re good to go you’re not it’s not going to affect your credit score let’s go right down here um what is a personal

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Loan anyway personal loans are installment loans with fixed interest rates that you can use for a variety of reasons if approved you’ll borrow a set amount of money and pay it off with monthly payments over a scheduled period of time personal loan can offer an alternative to credit cards by giving you a predictable and fixed repayment plan they can even be a tool

To rebuild if you make your payments on time again people if you in the face of rebuilding or building your credit this might be a loan for you let’s scroll down we’re going to get right to it common use for a personal loan as you know um like any other loans you know debt consolidation life events wedding loans medical loans funeral loans emergency loans moving

Loans anything um recreation if you want to take a vacation you’re trying to fly out you’re trying to do something um you can use this loan for that all the loans if you trying to refinance it um if you’re trying to purchase it this is the one um home improvements you could do it with this loan now off the back how it works once we have some financial employment

And personal information you’ll get a quick response on your loan request so you don’t got to worry about sitting around waiting for three five days you will get a instant um answer but for everything um connect with a loan specialist you know right here breaks down upon approval will discuss your options and verify things like identity income expenses and any

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Needed collateral on the phone online or at the branch and again people on one main financial i tell you you’ve been around a long time they actually got branches you this guy have to go to google um put up your location and i’ll show the nearest one to you you know some of these fintech companies they don’t have locations where you could go into the branch but one

Financial you can you could go down and you could sit with a customer service and you could go over all this with them right here step three sign and get your money after you review and accept your loan you’ll sign loan documents and receive the money easy and people once you are approved and after you sign those papers you will receive your money in 24 hours you

Cannot beat that this is easy and this is simple now let’s get to this point right here the rate say you’re approved now what so if you’re in the range of 1500 to 20 000 our rates and terms is from 18 to 35.99 you know to me that is horrible that is a nightmare but the long term 24 months 36 months 48 or 60 months um off the back you should least do my opinion

From my dad you should do at least three years and under um you got a better rate of getting approved for a high amount um i did this just curious see what they were approving for they actually approved me for the max of the 20 000 and my rate was 21.99 now 21.99 is a nightmare for me you know i’m in a stage of i have excellent credit you know if they said um five

Percent uh maybe four percent somewhere six percent even six percent um you know we could work with that but you know when you’re talking about 15 16 20 um even up to 35.99 to me that is a nightmare but if you need money quick um let’s say you just got a new job you need a car real quick this would be good to get this loan and start making them payments back and

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Start rebuilding your credit or just building your credit building that history you need that history history is very important people when it comes to credit so um my overall opinion you know you could go right here and check your offer um you can find your branch right here my overall opinion of this um for somebody that’s in that 620 credit score and above

Go ahead and apply but all i’m gonna tell you make sure it’s worthwhile you’re doing it for a good reason like i said you know you might have got a job you need a car immediately or you have a business idea and you need money cash now if you get a quick ten thousand fifteen thousand you can start an online you know store we’re not gonna get into that is a million

Things you could do with twenty thousand dollars i could come up with a million ideas when it comes to uh creating passive money if i was able to get five ten fifteen twenty thousand today so if you have one main financial in the past leaving a comment let me know um if you do apply after you see my video let me know on what you think and i appreciate you again

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