How to Owner-Financed a Deal with Real Estate Agent

How will you use an owner-financed strategy with a real estate agent?

Emily has a great question how do i use the owner to finance a deal that’s listed with an agent oh that’s interesting that’s a great one emily uh so using an agent is a great thing and the property is already listed with an agent so simply making an offer through that agent offering owner financing is the way to do it however emily my suggestion to you is

Definitely to talk with the agent find out and emily what i’ve found is that really this is more of a strategy that works when the property has been on the market for a while so depending on the the um uptake of houses in your inventory in your local market that you might be focused on just know this that if the property’s been on the market for 60 to 90

Days that’s a little bit shop worn so to speak and as a result if there haven’t been offers or those offers have fallen through then the flexibility of the seller is much more so we’re looking for properties that have been on the market typically in order to make those owner finance offers it’s just that agents are not encouraging that one thing you’ve got

To do is talk with the agent and say listen we have a program it’s called the path to home ownership and if you are one of our certified affordable housing providers emily then you would be able to offer this program now what happens is when you go in and when you talk with the agent you ask to speak directly with the seller and you say now let’s say that

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The the agent’s name is marianne and said marianne here’s what we do we are local certified affordable housing providers and what we do is offer a program it’s called the path to home ownership where we help deserving families regardless of credit or financial background to end up with home ownership how does that sound and they say that sounds great and say

Okay here’s what we do we come and make a presentation to your seller if your seller loves it then we’re actually going to put it under contract that day and you’re going to get your full commission if they don’t love it you’re going to get credit for the fact that you brought a ready willing and able buyer to the to the table how does that sound great and

Then emily the strongest and best way is to create a face-to-face meeting with that seller and to make a presentation and in fact i’ve got mine right over here and this is you know so when we go to that seller we actually make a full-blown presentation who we are what we do how we operate how we can help how we’re different than other people we talk about

Our award-winning program and the fact that we’ve been certified in this program we talk about our mission statement we talk about what they’re going to learn in the presentation and all the different challenges that they’re faced with as a typical seller and how we absolutely eliminate all those challenges because we’re going to make them an offer right now

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And then we go through the numbers with them and they actually participate in coming up with the offer price and we’ve got a whole process that we teach you in fact we’re going to be doing that at millionaire jumpstart so that’s another reason to come to millionaire jumpstart because i’m going to be going through this presentation process so that you can know

Exactly how we fill out that cost to sell worksheet with the help of the seller so when we come up with these numbers together it often makes a whole lot of sense to the seller that number one they saw how the number was arrived at and number two because their home is going to be used to help a deserving family end up with home ownership now that is a message

That really resonates with a whole lot of sellers they love it and in fact the agents do too and the agents bring you lots of other people who can’t qualify for loans so it’s a it’s a win-win for everybody involved that was a great question um emily you

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How to Owner-Financed a Deal with Real Estate Agent By Street Smart Real Estate Investing With Lou Brown