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How to save money on groceries hi it’s luigi and welcome to catapult capitalism your guide in making smart financial moves for your future if you enjoy watching our videos feel free to like subscribe and hit that notification bell so you get updated whenever we upload a new video in today’s video we’ll share with you some tips and tricks on how to save money on

Groceries so if you want to learn a thing or two stay tuned according to the most recent purchasing statistics available from location intelligence firm esri americans spend an average of 5 174 dollars per year or nearly 431 dollars per month on groceries wow this expense is only increasing due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic food basics such as beef and

Eggs have risen at the quickest rate in over a decade since the outbreak began of course how much you spend on groceries is determined by where you shop what you purchase and the number of people in your home but no matter how much you spend there are easy steps you can take to save money such as utilizing the proper form of payment or clipping coupons each time

You do this the savings might build up and help offset the higher cost of goods if you know what you’re doing you can save a ton of money the next time you go grocery shopping here are some tips and tricks that you can apply the next time you go on a grocery run buy in bulk but always check for unit prices purchasing food and home items in bulk is one of the most

Popular thrifty tactics purchasing big amounts of a certain item such as diapers in bulk may save you a significant amount of money purchasing in bulk is usually less expensive than per unit if you buy something in bulk you nearly always save money on each usage of that item this may seem like a little difference per usage perhaps only a few cents but if you use

The item regularly those pennies add up quickly if you save 10 cents on something you use every day you’ll save 36.50 every year but be wary of over using your stocks when you have a huge supply of anything you are prone to over using it for example if you have a lot of paper towels in the cabinet it appears to be less of a problem to overuse those paper towels

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It’s easy to misuse body wash when you have a large jug in the shower if you have a huge jar of spaghetti sauce you might find yourself using so much within a short period of time in other words you might end up complacent just because you have many stocks of something just be careful about it anyway it’s good to buy in bulk if your budget allows it but always

Check for the unit prices so as to make sure that you are really getting the best out of your money to get the price of a single unit of an item in a bulk product divide the product’s price by the total quantity of units in that bulk product you can then use that value for comparison to if you don’t buy in bulk consider how much you’ll save by purchasing in bulk

Meal prep to make a grocery shopping list if you plan your weekly meal ahead of time you should be able to buy everything for the week in one trip meal planning allows you to save money since you’ll know what you’ll be preparing ahead of time and you’ll have your grocery list ready to go you’ll be planning meals around products and your list will be based on these

Meals following the list will help you avoid overpaying on groceries it’ll also help you avoid buying food items you don’t need some of which might even go bad and be thrown away as a result of not following a list or buying too much you end up only buying what you need when you plan your meals when you go to the grocery store without a list you may quickly find

Yourself buying goods that are unnecessary even if you have a list it might be difficult to stick to it if you bring your children and or shop on an empty stomach make a list and stick to it the next time you go food shopping to avoid accidentally increasing your expenditure also you might want to consider eating beforehand or leaving the kids at home to minimize

Impulse purchases sign up for the loyalty program most grocery stores have a free to join loyalty program signing up entitles you to members only discounts that are deducted instantly at the checkout no need to clip coupons now this might not always be effective but it might help if you go to that grocery store regularly or often clip coupons after you’ve joined

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Your preferred grocery store’s loyalty club enhance your savings by clipping coupons for additional discounts look for the weekly circular in the mail and comb through the pages for discounts that interest you save any coupons for your next grocery run there are also digital coupons that are just as simple to use download your preferred grocery stores mobile app

Then find the section where you can use digital coupons the use of digital coupons may vary from store to store but the bottom line is you might be able to save money just like regular coupons join a wholesale club costco and other wholesale clubs can help you save money by purchasing in bulk joining a wholesale club might be beneficial if you have a big family

But keep in mind that buying in bulk isn’t for everyone because you’ll have to pay more money up front even though you’ll be able to save in the long run buy items on sale supermarkets are always offering specials that can help you save money on everything from milk and eggs to treats like ice cream and cookies consider purchasing products on sale whenever feasible

Especially if the regular price is excessive sale products are frequently placed prominently around the store such as at the main entrance and the ends of isles avoid pre-packaged items while buying pre-cut vegetables and pre-shredded cheese might save you time in the kitchen supermarkets sometimes charge a premium for the convenience to save money choose complete

Commodities such as fresh or frozen vegetables and block cheese instead compare prices between stores consider shopping at many food stores and comparing costs if you live near several you can find out which retailer provides the things you need at the best price and also look at their sales to maximize discounts you may wish to shop at two places if it isn’t too

Much of a problem bring your own bag if you bring reusable shopping bags to the store you can sometimes obtain a discount on your purchase total whole foods market for example will offer you a 10 cent discount for every bag you bring while you’re out shopping do some math you’ll avoid unpleasant shocks at the checkout counter if you maintain a continuous account

Of how much money is in your basket use your phone’s calculator to keep track of all the vegetables fruits and other staples you’re placing in your cart this may cause you to pause and consider do i really need that five dollar sparkling water that isn’t on sale always keep a tab of your pantry look through your cupboard or refrigerator and see what sorts of meals

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You can make using the components you currently have who says you have to buy additional food when you have perfectly excellent chicken thighs at the back of your freezer plus a few unopened cans of black beans and salsa on your shelves you may still need to buy a few items but using the food you already have at home will save you a lot of money know when to shop

When it comes to finding a good deal time is everything many experts believe that shopping for groceries on wednesdays is less expensive this is because grocery retailers refill their shelves in the middle of the week and mark down what didn’t sell the previous week however because they are in the process of adjusting the discounts they may still offer you the

Price drops from last week’s sale if going on a wednesday is not an option try to avoid weekends more people equals fewer deals the time of day also has an impact on discounts early birds get first dibs on the bargain racks if you’re a late riser shopping immediately before closing time when the deli and bakery counters are scrambling to sell off their remaining

Stock is another wonderful method to earn large savings start freezing and storing meals now do you need to figure out how to save money on food quickly there are several freezer meal recipes available online check them out you could try setting aside a saturday to prepare a large number of freezer dinners and reap the rewards later you will not only save money

But you will also save time and you won’t have to eat the same meal every day for fear of spoiling your supplies that is unbeatable and that’s it for today’s video if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like subscribe and hit that notification icon so you can be notified whenever we upload new videos thank you so much for tuning in to catapult capitalism and we’ll see you later

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