How To Use Financial Calculator Functions | Learn Financial Calculation With FREE Calculator App

How To Use Financial Calculator Functions | Learn Financial Calculation With FREE Calculator App

Start here at the bottom left and this is the on button obviously to turn the calculator on and off the f and g keys are what they call prefix buttons and they are used to switch to the corresponding colors that are on the various keys many of the keys have two or three different functions and you use the f and g key to access those next we have the storage key

The calculator comes with 10 storage boxes zero through nine and if you have a calculation and a result that you may want to access later on as you are working through a problem you can hit the store key and then the number to which box you want to store that result in so let’s say you have a number that you want to remember later you just store it in that box

And then you use the recall key and then again hit the one to access that number and it’ll bring that up back up on your screen the enter key you’ll use quite a bit because this calculator uses reverse polish notation which like i’ve said before once you start using rpn you’ll never go back but the enter key is what you use to separate the inputs before you do

Your arithmetic function so imagine you want to say 2 plus 3 you would go 2 enter 3 and then add and we’ll get into the rpn practice shortly obviously here we have on the right the arithmetic functions up here in the top center we have the change sign button so if you need to make a number from negative to positive or positive to negative you just hit the change

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Sign you do that and then over here we have the financial functions and these functions you’ll be very familiar with obviously amortization interest rate present value payments and future value you’ll use these quite a bit and then here we have the clear buttons and in order to clear the entire registry you would hit fclear if you wanted to just clear your last

Input you would just hit the clear button let’s say you have memory numbers memorized in your storage boxes and you don’t want to clear those out but you want to clear what you have up here in the financial functions then you would hit f and clear the financial functions there so you have options you can clear just your last digit you can clear just the financial

Functions you can clear everything those are pretty much what you’ll use in real estate finance obviously like i’ve said before this calculator is extremely powerful and you can do all sorts of other things bonds various other high-level financial functions we don’t really get into those much in real estate so i’m not going to cover them in this that would be a

Full course in and of itself but that’s the initial tour of the calculator now let me walk you through how each one of those works individually you

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How To Use Financial Calculator Functions | Learn Financial Calculation With FREE Calculator App By Trevor Calton