How To Use Yahoo Finance (IDC)

How to use yahoo finance by Malcolm, Lucas, and Sebastian

Hey malcolm what are you doing hello my phone that’s not productive you’re not making any money that way what do you mean well you could be spending your time when you having finance rather than doing that what’s yahoo finance well me and sebastian are gonna teach you right now here it is yahoo finance is a convenient website that helps you help & man in stocks

You can even look up your favorite sock what’s your favourite stott mo motus is my favorite my toast let’s search in the convenient search bar located at top left corner my toast unfortunately there are no results for murder are you sure is mitesh malcolm ah they even called advil actually oh i don’t know how you can mix that up but it’s ok let’s see my favorite

Apple so now we’ve looked at mama we can see all this related stock information about nothing would you like to save the stock and some time ok sure so you can look it up it’s of course it’s free it’s yahoo finance all right so let’s go and see how to make this so malcolm you’re a new user right i am a new user but you don’t have a yahoo account no i don’t okay well

Conveniently i have a google finance again oh typically does a google account but yeah with google accounts you can even log in on yahoo finance there you go it’s so convenient you’re even logged in on your google account or facebook hbu we need to have a yahoo account all right so now we want to add this stock to our portfolio so you see this valuable a portfolio

Button right here sorry just gonna click on that buddy we’re going to select a portfolio to entity so let’s create a new portfolio now we’re going to come up with a convenient name for portfolio how about this demeter’s less then my test what a great name malcolm will never forget that all right now so let’s add some stocks food so we want to add apple right yeah

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Mr. bach apple right here what it can be in sir stop it has all the stocks and look it’s right there click that and add symbol look it’s now in our portfolio so we’re just going to add it to our stock before and it’s like save i wonder is there any way malcolm can add two accounts out once so you create a new portfolio right here so what to this new profile you’ll

Be cold well let’s do one from mr. t how do we call it diet coke incorporated all right since mr. tarantino likes diet cokes so much let’s search coke wow coca-cola right there add symbol now we’re just going to see this from foil mr. t diet cokes there you go too bad coke is down today mr. t need to buy more diet cokes maybe this weekend also here you can add more

Stocks to your portfolio you don’t even have to add at the home screen you can add it from here alright so let’s say we want to add perhaps nike just click the nike symbol right there and look it’s a drop or foil and here you can view performance real-time views of the socks other fundamentals of the socks and even a detailed graph and malcolm do you like news i

Love this do you really welcome i do ok well yahoo has a news tab right here rather than looking up news on your ipad you can look up news on yahoo finance’s website and this news is not useless news like korean love songs this is news about stock some of what are you gonna do with this news tab i’m gonna find the correlation then how the news affects your stocks you


Mean wow that’s so great thank you sister teeth it’s so convenient at all those financial news is in one tab i wonder what else is on yahoo find it here is a personal finance tub so here you can find stuff that’ll help you with retirement and other related things such as your career anything else that really relates to your personal life what about if malcolm wants

To go to university next year can this help him i possibly could well so there’s a saving at spinning section which will help you with all your saving and spending needs so i’m welcome to manage all these funds and keep track of all diet cokes he invests in what else can malcolm do on this where you can also look at real estate rsps retirement welcome to have any

Plans for grad i was seeing about going to korea with this kid wow why does someone go on vacation with him i don’t know anyways jobs- can even help that yes there’s a very convenient invest in tub so here you can look at your currency converter so morgan can convert always canadian currency to different dogs to pee on his like mom where do you think you’re going

For vacation to korea i am going to switch dad because now that i have this currency converter i can go anywhere i want so let’s say you wants to go to us for example we just select the united states dollar we can enter any amount of money let’s say malcolm brings 3,000 and look it was magically converted he’s also other things that you can view an investing time

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This includes the four main exchanges the currency exchange the barn exchange the quantity exchange and also stock markets well let’s look at the currency for foreign exchange market so here you have all the different currencies you can view them to make good investing decision also give you all the markets this includes tsx all stocks and tsx the nasdaq new york

Stock exchange you mean some other less common ones are these all the stocks compiled in one i believe they are we can look at the bond wall is to them particularly point out bond price that gives you a bunch of different usually things to both considering bonds are special tippafoos execute wow yahoo finance is such a great website easy to access from the internet

Huh cheap at malcolm doesn’t have an easier way to access it or does he welcome do you have an iphone i do wow look i happen to have it right here and look right here is the stocks app this thongs app is run by yahoo the same ones who run this website awesome and you can even sign in and be your stocks list from there with news and all the stock data before malcolm

Had yahoo finance his life was really bored just got snapped drowning his mom i wonder when his life is like now wall street open that day diet coke stock prices went through the roof luckily malcolm wasn’t told that with his yahoo finance well malcolm in my profit thank mr. d for humming up and rest and dying coach thank you yahoo finance

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