Husband Financed a ,000 Ring

Husband Financed a $4,000 Ring

Cindy is with us in houston texas hi cindy how are you good how about you better than i deserve what’s up well me and my husband are currently working baby the baby steps one baby step number two and i’m sorry i’m under the weather okay we recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary yay yay and with that he went out and purchased me this beautiful wedding

Anniversary ring and put it on credit and it’s $4,000 additional and i’m torn between keeping it i’m returning it i understand how his brain works i thought you said the two of you were working on a plan to get out of that i thought we were too yes i’m more concerned about the fact that he’s not on this plan than i am the ring i agree because i mean next week he’s

Going to finance power tools and then he’s gonna come on with a new mass boat three weeks from now there you go there you go let’s finance that $6,000 john deere lawn mower you might be a redneck if you have payments on your riding mower you know i mean seriously see the breakdown yes the breakdown is we can’t get out of a hole while we’re digging out the bottom

So i’m a lot more concerned about his lack of grasp that this was the family goal that i am whether or not you keep this ring mm-hmm personally i take it back i mean i’ve been married 35 years and it’s just you know it’d be nice to have a nice ring and you can get you another ring i mean there’s just stupid rings everywhere i mean it’s not a big thing it’s not

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Like it’s your wedding ring or something it was a an anniversary gift that you all couldn’t afford exactly and hey i mean sweet but dumb you know right yes so but i think the thing is here yeah i’m probably taking it back but more importantly i want to take his brain and screw it back in a little bit better you and the two of y’all decide are we really doing this

Or not because otherwise you’re never gonna get there because apparently he’s not on the same page you’re on that’s big thing i mean 90% of this question is around that ten percents on whether to keep the ring or not see and so this ring is not gonna make or break your get out of debt plan one way or the other but this behavior will and this lack of being on the

Same page will so you know let’s just talk this through and make sure we’re on the same page and then you guys decide together what to do with the ring and i don’t know i it just represents dumb and so i’m not ever gonna really be able to enjoy it if i’m you because it’s just in violation of where you thought your whole family was heading it’s like just kind of

You know you guys are just too old to do that kind of stuff so i mean that’s the 20 year old stuff right there hey guys thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video click the subscribe button to get the latest content and check out these other great clips from the show

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