IIeX NA 2015: How Facial Coding Helped a Financial Services Company Select the Best Animatic

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So we are all that stands between you and dinner yeah i’ll better keep it short yeah because we’re running a little behind you don’t catch up 545 have you guys been here since this morning anybody in here this morning for that one it was hacking innovation insights with rolf is rough in the room can’t see he said something i really didn’t like um i’ll say it nokia

Nuron he’s not here no even if he was he said the worst time of the day to do anything important you won’t try to get your parole proved right now end of the day so but he said some things that i really did like one was he was talking about just the amazing advancements in technology with research he talked about how we can get insights now through mobile you know

It’s almost ubiquitous both sensory and just immediate feedback and just the importance of being able to take different technologies and combine them to get to the truth and to get the best insights and that’s exactly what we’re talking about today i was like wow he’s set it up we’re closing the day here it’s pretty good so we’re not selling anything will tell

A story real quick of how we combine technology from a few different sources to best answer answer the question at hand the clicker is here so if it’s such a great time to be in research with all these amazing technologies why why does my face look like that anybody have a little girl who kind of growls when they get mad okay and mine used to do that and that’s

Kind of how when you go to a conference like this you get so inspired because you hear all of these amazing techniques like oh my gosh we can do that we can do that we can do that and then sometimes a business case presents itself and all you want to do is combine little pieces of this with a little piece of that and this is the story we’re going to tell today so

We’re going to start by going a little bit backwards in time so we’ve been talking about the latest in technology at least in the future and what it’s going to look like but i think it’s important to kind of step back and think about what is it that we get what’s the what’s the dry and the drive is to understand what’s going on with people when things happen and

What their motions are and what their behaviors are and i love this image is actually from a movie does anybody recommend recognize this movie you know yeah charlie got it so this is movie called kitchen stories it came out like maybe 10 years ago a small skiing in avian film and it was about this guy in post wards in navia who is the guy who in the high chair he

Goes up to these rural area and his job is to study this guy in the foreground in order so they can make better kitchen products and most of the movie is the guy sitting in the high chair watching the guy in the foreground and waiting for him to do something it was not a hit in the box office i might not be totally surprised last in about 20 minutes but what i

Love about this picture is it really describes that if from the beginning the intent with qualitative research and understanding people was that try to be that fly on the wall to see what’s happening when it’s happening and understand why is happening so that you can then build it into decision making and so we fast forward and ball has evolved now so but i think

That impulse that impulse to be there what you here with mobile and communities and in the moment research is still it is the descendant of that same drive it’s of saying and i think that’s some really important drive i think it’s important to separate what are the underlying drivers versus the technology technology is still serving those same drives because we’re

Still serving the same goals understand people answer business questions and so that has evolved and now i would say we’re in the age of algorithms where algorithms i think if you looked at you know majority of presentations today there are algorithms that are behind all of that technology whether it’s the facial coding or eye tracking or all the things that we

Talked about there being driven by algorithms that are doing the math and because we have the processing power in the computer power we’re starting to be able to use this stuff and make real dense and some things that we just didn’t have the ability to do before so that’s all well and good and it gives us this way to do measurements that we couldn’t do before in

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On a scale that we couldn’t do before we could do things very manually such as you know facial coding but we couldn’t do it at scale or as a big enough scale where it made as much impact as h good or should so a lot of times when new stuff rolls in it tries to do it or position at the expense of what’s already been there so so something you know that phrase this

Changes everything which is a cliche in itself now because as soon as i hear that i know nothing’s aged at all because it’s been so overused but that there’s this sort of hype that says okay forget the old and embrace the new even though the new still needs some time to prove itself and so there’s a little bit of what we call mudslinging sometimes and so this is

Really you know two very professional researchers having a very thoughtful discussion about differing methods and they’re settling in the way that is appropriate to our our great profession but it’s not really a either or too thin this is about hey we’ve got a sandbox that we’re all playing it we’ve got a mission that we’re all fulfilling or on behalf of our clients

With their internal or external and really our job is to get the answers so that people can make decisions so in order to do that it’s more about leveraging the best of what’s available and making those things work together and understanding what their strengths and what their challenges are and that’s what this talk is really about is like taking new taking the old

And then finding what works in one and how they support each other and really i think produces a pretty surprising result so and that’s what this study is about how we leveraged three different organizations focus vision with revelation efectiva for the facial coding and elevated insights and that’s where all turn it back over to debbie thank you and it was such

A pleasure to have that was a picture of rana in the sandbox to she’s not here today and steve and they just work together so well so seamlessly just so willing to partner and bring the best of their technologies together to help address a business situation we were facing so what we were facing we were trying to help one of our clients who was trying to develop

Almost a pr type ad campaign they had four different animatics and play their target was male pretty manly male and they really wanted to drive emotion so the ad agency wanted to see that motion being driven but we’re thinking you put a bunch of tough guys in a room and you want to watch them cry you know in a circle around the table i don’t know that that’s

Going to work but then they also really wanted to understand a lot of the other piece pieces like is this ownable could any brand do this and what’s the main message you know and they also wanted to kind of create social media buzz so there were a few different goals they had animatics that were you know now in the maddox to me they look pretty close to finished

Film they look pretty good they were all in play and they wanted to decide which one should they go with and how should they best optimize the animatics they wanted the emotional read they really did but they needed some of the rational pieces to they wanted to check main message communication if certain elements were really coming through if they would take that

Next action step you know because a lot of it was a to go to a website and take action based on it so you know we were playing around with pros and cons of all these messages and it was right after a conference like this and we’re always doing you know viewing webinars and trying to stay up on the new techniques so we knew that you could get a lot of this through

Webcams you know where with facial coding is evolved to the point where consumers can view ads in their home while the webcam is recording their facial expressions and you’re able to see when they’re changing their expression so we wanted that and we liked the idea of them evaluating it in their home so there wouldn’t be group think and they would let their guard

Down and they might show emotions but at the same time the ad agencies pushback was but we need that first that first reaction you don’t want to just watch this thing and then go to a platform and then type their thoughts what if that was 10 minutes later i won’t hear the emotion right after they watched the at and see what’s going on so we kind of talked to ff

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Teva and we talked to revelation now focus vision about you know focus vision in our mind was the best platform for this client to get the rational reactions captured they could even replay the ad within focus vision and do that but we also wanted that first viewing with the immediate feedback of the emotive analytics so that we would know exactly where to probe

Because those of you who are qualitative consultants know well even even with open ends of the conservation of comments there’s only so much they’re going to say and we really wanted to laser focus our questioning to the most impactful you know two or three things to talk about before we moved on so what we did was we recruited 50 respondents who were net i don’t

Think i included that slide nationally dispersed we set up specific times that we were going to chat with them on the phone had their webcams link you know we kind of walked him through the process doesn’t a lot of times people need help with technology but to link their phones we have been or length their computers in the webcam with a site we had to set down

Their phone so that they could fully focus on the ad they watch the ad and as they were watching the ad you can kind of see in the bottom picture the green one where the curve is going our moderators just threw the phone through the phone were able to see exactly where the curve was laying out through the ad and no hay about 17 seconds and what was going on there

Talk to you know what was happening here and then they had a real-time live conversation hearing understanding and recording the emotion in their voice then they went to the platform afterwards and gave that more rational main message specific like specific dislikes are they going to take any action could any brand do it that kind of stuff so what did we find we

Were so excited we thought you know hey we are really on to something here this is holistic it’s not just one piece of the puzzle i we felt like we were getting a really nice 360 view these guys really did love their bar down at home we were hearing tears through the phone you know or what it often ended up being with silence you know because they were composing

Themselves while waiting to respond to a question so the facial coding and that immediate you know graph that we were able to see really gave us these specific points we knew we wanted to ask about but the fusion you know like what they told us on the phone and what we communicated through the platform gave us all of the y kind of answers that we were seeking and

I’ll just add here somebody told me once you should always explain these aren’t real people these are obviously stock photo models because we would never put our respondents in a presentation like this so there was a clear emotional rollercoaster that the ad was taking people on you know you can see like this the pink line here was this guy’s one guys rohit was up

And down and up and down and you know and just asking him what was going on you know we saw this and he said i saw my life played out on screen essentially i was reliving my life and it’s really cool to understand some of those peaks and valleys you know if we hadn’t fused the methods we could have misinterpreted the results and we could have missed some really

Important insights one was if you pause for a moment and just pretend you were in a room elevator i don’t know a rumor you didn’t want people to see you and you were getting all choked up you know what would you do with your face to not cry you know we found a lot of people were making a face you know it almost it was registering almost like a dislike you were

Cursing their lips and if we’d only looked at the emotive charts and where it was you know scoring relative to other ads we would have thought dislike but we knew they didn’t dislike it because we were hearing their voice and we thought your feedback we knew that it was very moving to him the other thing that we noticed is there was a place it towards the end of

The act one of one of the animatics where concentration really surged and you might think wow good job you know currently grabbing their attention here but that happened to be the exact moment in time in that particular animatic where there was an element introduced that they were like you know wtf you know what’s that doing here you know they didn’t understand the

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Linkage there was a total lack of understanding and that caused him to draw him closer to try to understand it so it wasn’t necessarily great you know that concentration wasn’t great and so having again the different technologies together enabled us to get to that sometimes you know as researchers we’re always trying to get our clients to look at the big picture

You know and not hone in on a couple of people’s reactions but occasionally when a company is really trying to do something nice you know like a pr kind of thing they really don’t want to take any one off and there was one irate viewer he thought that that ad was the worst thing he took offense he was mad he was spewing on revelation we’re like oh my gosh somehow

We he really got this message wrong what did we do you know so we were able to go back and play the tape you know play the webcam viewing of this gentleman and he turns out he had dropped his phone he was like crawling under the desk grabbing his phone like the picture trying to get it he wasn’t watching the ad at all so knowing that and being able to say okay you

Know i know that’s not what you want to hear but know that he didn’t really see the ad and there’s a reason for it so all in all brand they selected the one branded much better than the others selected selected it and where they were able to optimize it because one thing that was surprising was within the animatics how polarizing they were so we were able to go

In and tweak those polarizing elements so that it was not only the strongest but that the dislike among a few folks was addressed and i think it got well over a million views on facebook twenty five thousand shares so they were really pleased with the result overall so kind of my takeaway from all of it is funny i’ve been in research longer than i care to admit

But when i started everybody had this little poster and their cubes and you guys are pricing at the fast good cheap it too and we thought we were so clever but um that’s not really true anymore i really don’t think it is i think with the technology and the way it’s changing and all these options you know i think we just need to keep our eyes and ears open to what

Combination of things would best address the objective at hand and and also to really remember the importance with big data and all these amazing things we’re learning about today with analytics how important that human element still is to be sure you’re always layering in that human element of understanding so we don’t misinterpret some of the insights i’ll turn

It over to you so it was a great experience at net it’s one of those stories that i did i tell all the time it’s about the the facial coding that picked up that this was a really negative reaction to an ad and then the the person reported yeah i was so worked up i was really mad this ad was working on me and that’s how you know so if you just took facial coding

He took the new technology you would come to one answer that might be inaccurate and if you layer the two then you get the full story this is working and this is how it is working in wine and i think that’s the power of what we are all experiencing at this conference today so thank you very much for happy to take whatever questions we have time for questions for

Our speakers we got the next 30 minutes for questions so it was a collaboration who initiated the collaboration to make this happen elevated insights did a lot of us at this conference here our providers of custom qual solutions to help our clients meet their needs and so the more we can go to conferences and see what’s available the better package of solutions

We can bring our customers what is the complexity challenging or was it thing new for the first time and you’re integrating different systems like haley answer that sir the front she was amazing yeah but yeah like you said it’s always challenging but i think each time it gets easier seriously here

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