IMF Bailout; Haruna Iddrisu: Finance Minister, Vice Pres. have lost credibility and must resign

IMF Bailout; Haruna Iddrisu: Finance Minister, Vice Pres. have lost credibility and must resign

Well so this afternoon government is fighting off claims that president colfado has discarded the ghana beyond aid agenda as negotiations officially open here in the craft for ghana to roll onto the austerity program with the international monetary fund the minority in parliament ahead of the engagement today of the imf delegation alleged that government was seeking

To conceal information on the true state of the ghanaian economy well information minister kojo von kumar has been responding to their claims this more as he spoke earlier on the state broadcaster tvc i didn’t get a sense that the decision was difficult for the president to make the discussion of course will have people with various views and you’ve heard those

Publicly who have said that no that’s not the way to go we can’t wait for the domestic measures to ramp up and then there are those who will make the argument that but while you are waiting for the domestic measures to ramp up people are hurting and you could challenge a full-blown economic challenge if you don’t find a way to get some buffers out there so people

Different advices and different analysts made their case but i didn’t get the sense that the decision was difficult for the president um to make i get the impression that he would have wished that our domestic measures would have reached optimal level by now but we are not there yet and we cannot wait and that decision has to be made and the president went ahead

To make that decision there’s an imf office in town they have access to our data the mission is in town our team the local office the team from the mission will have the opportunity to go through all of that data so we have that happening we have that data which would help inform the conversation there’s a misconception out there that aid is is a no i think

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You should take advantage of it and bring some finance people to do some more education if i if if if i’m running a business and i go and borrow money as working capital for my business and i work and i pay back that is not eight aid especially within the context of what we’ve spoken about is quite clear and if you look at the aid contribution to ghana’s budget

Education and health in times past you get grants you get a grant that says that take this money back that is eight this is not it so very shortly we’ll be taking you to parliament where of course minorities fighting off claims that they frustrated government a reason for which the country is resorting to the austerity measures with the international monetary

Fund we can take a listen to the leadership of the minority side haroon idris actually addressing the press a while ago on the mata now they should stop any attempt to shift blame e-levy remains an unpopular tax instrument and therefore the fact that it passed does not mean it had the support or has the support of the minority we rejected it because it was

Unpopular we shared it with you we rejected it because it’s max of double taxation in many jurisdictions it will not stand constitutional acceptability i cannot see why i take my income tax pay pay and income on my tax and in sending 2 000 of it to my mother on an electronic platform i still have to pay tax on it so our position on it have not changed therefore

The essence of this press briefing they must take full responsibility and focus on expenditure reduction particularly focusing on social intervention while they reduce their opulent expenditure what is of greater concern to the ndc minority is that they arrogantly rejected every reasonable and constructive suggestion from us and from other respected economies

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And guardians on working together to improve the economy what they must learn to live with is that once the ghanaian people voted for a hung parliament it meant that the days of inquisitions are open meanwhile the tamale sounds legislator says the blame for ghana’s poor economic state should be laid squarely at the doorsteps of president kofando who he accused

Of profit legacy that president nana dudankwa and dr mahmoud bahumia should take full responsibility for incompetently managing the economy to suffocating that level which has necessitated their retreats for us to request an agreement with the international military front for the restructuring of our debts as they take full responsibility they should they

Should also take responsibility for their reckless and irresponsible borrowing and unjustified proficulate expenditure which has led us to the journey of retreat i know many of them are behaving like a class six people who tells the mother and father that last year i got f and i marked the ndc and probably john drama and mama f then after three five years they

Get an f and they say that my health is better than your f that’s a childish behavior they are into as if they are right i mean in any civilized democracy where people take responsibility and have a premium and value on credibility dr mahmoud balmia i don’t know whether he has any respect for their word credibility and his value and what you do with including

The honourable minister of finance they would have done what is needed for uh i doubt if they can correct their mess so they better start packing to get out of office well an inspired ranking member on the finance committee of parliament dr queso lattoforsen says ghanaians must brace themselves for tough times under the imfdu i only want to reiterate that the

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People of ghana should expect a very strong imf program unfortunately the government is not articulating that fact they are trying to hide from what is happening by trying to blame ukraine russia war i do not accept it and we cannot accept that as the reason why ghana is in this mess we are in this mess because it is government deliberate policy the government

Has messed us up big time and they should take responsibility for it this is indeed self-inflicted and the people that took us through this mess must immediately take responsibility as the leader said i also want to say that we in the minority will never and can never accept the blame i blame that suggests that we deliberately rejected government policy this imf

Program would differ from all the imf programs that we’ve seen in the past in fact this will be the first time that we will do an imf program with debt restructuring that means a lot that will mean that ghana is going to go through another phase of epic epic to the extent that we are going to look at our debt and restructure it the government should come clean

And tell us what exactly the people of ghana should expect it instead of blaming ukraine and russia sadly they are telling us that the ukraine war has affected ukraine ghana more than ukraine unfortunately today as we speak all our economic indices as compared to ukraine ukraine is better than us even though they are at war yet we sitting here huge kilometers

Away from ukraine is trying to blame ukraine and russia no wonder the russian embassy has been consistent in telling the government to stop what they are doing you

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