In House Financing Process Payment System — The Next Generation

Hi there and thanks for taking a second to review how paid junction can improve the way your dealership processes payments from your customers as a dealership it does in house financing you take payments in various ways sometimes you’re swiping cards sometimes you’re manually entering in the credit card information and address information for your customers that

Are calling to make a payment to you over the telephone with pay junction we have provided dealerships that do in-house financing with a much faster and convenient way of taking payment from your customers as opposed to using the standard terminals that require you to manually enter in credit card information and expiration dates and addresses with pay junction we

Provide you the ability to process completely paperless lee through our virtual terminal a virtual terminal is simply a system that you access from your existing computer all you need is an active internet connection and an account with pay junction will provide to you a swiper so that you can swipe cards and even an electronic signature capture pad so that you

Can capture electronic signatures on your face-to-face transactions both of these devices are provided free to your dealership and plug right into the usb port on your computer it’s really easy to use our system simply click the merchants login button on the top right hand corner of our website and log into your account using a secure login and password now once

Logged into the system you can stay logged in all day long and process your credit card transactions in order to process a transaction simply click the process a credit card button located on the left-hand side of the home page this will allow you to either manually enter in the credit card information or swipe the customers credit card if we’re swiping the card

We simply need to enter in the invoice number or account number or customer id number if applicable the amount that we’d like to charge and swipe the transaction the swipe will automatically upload the rest of the data into the system if we’re manually entering in the credit card information we simply populate the appropriate fields and click the process button

Located at the bottom right corner within a half a second the transaction will come back approved and that’s that if we want to we can now print or email our customer receipt using this convenient receipt box located on the left hand side of the approval page we simply click process a credit card to run the next action and we’re ready to go again now what makes

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This system so ideal for a dealership that does in-house financing is the fact that we can make the recharging of your customers so much simpler and safer than the current method of using a standard machine c with a standard terminal you’re manually entering in the credit card data expiration dates and addresses each and every time that you recharge your customers

Card with pay junction at any time you can search your past transaction and recharge cards on file so for instance if this customer called to make their next payment all i would need to do is simply enter in their name and recall any and all past transactions for that customer by simply scrolling over the word details to the left of the transaction i can instantly

Recharge the credit card that they used on this previous transaction you’ll notice that i do not have to enter in any credit card data addresses zip codes etc i can simply change the amount if applicable click the process button and run an instant transaction on this card conveniently allowing you to recharge your cards on file will speed up the process of taking

Payments from your customers and eliminate any risk of having to store full credit card data on your customers at your dealership in addition to running one-time instant transactions we do offer recurring billing where you can set the card up on an automatic recurring billing cycle this will allow you to set that card up on an automatic payment plan say you want

To build a customer every one month on the 15th and 30th of the month while our system allows you to select those dates select a start date and then a number of transactions that you’d like to run on that card by simply clicking the process button you can set this card up on an automatic billing cycle and our system will auto charge this card at midnight on those

Specific dates now i’d like to just reiterate how simple this is in our system you have the ability to type in the name of a customer an invoice account or customer id number even an amount of money and instantly recall any past transactions this not only allows you to recall the evidence and records of these sales but it also allows you to instantly acts that’s

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The credit-card information that we securely store so that you can securely recharge that card on file with a click of a button now if you’re impressed with this system so far here’s something that i think will take it over the top on your website we can put a convenient make a payment button here’s an example of a real live dealership using our services and using

Us for this online make a payment option within a matter of 10 minutes we can get your web developer to drop this make a payment button on your website this will allow your customers to make a convenient online payment to you by entering in the amount that they’d like to pay it will take them to a page where they can verify their payment and check out this will

Allow them to enter in the appropriate information we view notes if they’d like put in their invoice number or a contract id number or customer id number and finish off this payment at the moment that this transaction is approved it’ll send an email receipt to the customer thanking them for their payment it’ll also send a notification to your dealership alerting

You via email to this online transaction now all the transactions that take place through your website will report back into the virtual terminal so you would be able to search for those transactions by name invoice number or customer id number etc just as if you took that payment over the computer yourself in the office last but certainly not least i want to

Show you how you can see a beautiful snapshot of your daily sales that you take at your dealership through this system by clicking on the batches and history tab up at the top of the page you have the ability to review your daily reports of all your credit card sales right here online at any time your current unsettled batches today’s activity these are today’s

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Transactions your previous settled batches would be yesterday’s transactions and every day before that by clicking the view batch button underneath your credit card report you can see the individual transactions that made up that day sales this will allow you to make sure at the end of the day that you’re properly reconciling the payments that you’ve taken in on

Credit cards with the accounts that those payments were made for so you’ll never have any discrepancies between what you took in payments and what’s been posted to your customers accounts now if you’ve been following along as closely as i hope you have you’ve undoubtedly noticed the process a check button located under the process a credit card button well that’s

Because we allow you to process a check just as easily as we allow you to process a credit card by entering into routing an account number you can turn any check into an electronic transaction or run debits from checking accounts our system will securely encrypt and store checking account information just like a credit card so you can set up automatic recurring

Billing or recharge checking accounts with a click of a button by processing checks through our system you will receive your funds on those checks 2 to 3 days sooner than you would taking checks to the actual bank in fact all of your batches are deposited the very next morning so everything you process in credit cards and everything you process in checks will be

Deposited the very next morning into your business checking account as i’m sure you will agree the pay junction solution will streamline the way you process payments from your customers and eliminate any liability that you currently have storing that full unencrypted card data with our guarantee to lower the rates from your existing provider the only real question

Is why wouldn’t you do it please get in contact with the sales agent they delivered you this video so we can set up a time to give a live presentation and perform a free rate analysis to show just how much money you’ll save using our solution thank you for your time bye bye

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In House Financing Process Payment System — The Next Generation By A Garcia