Its the Desert Financial Credit Union and Scottsdale AZ Open!

The Desert Financial Credit Union and Scottsdale AZ Open Pro-AM is kicking off May 11-14! For more information visit

Welcome back to their daily mix today the okay let me make sure i do it alright the desert financial credit union scottsdale arizona open is taking place at talking stick golf club and that’s where we were out earlier and we’re back out there with ryan who’s the tournament director ryan again it’s a mouthful but it’s very worth being a mouthful because desert financial

Credit union is doing a lot in the community and this tournament again is raising money for a good cause isn’t it that’s correct yeah you know desert desert financial does a great job within our community here and in phoenix just last year alone they raised over 11 million dollars for local charities and they’ve they’ve supported us since we started this tournament

Four years ago and they’ve been a great title sponsor and we’re glad to help contribute back to their foundation and and which goes back to phoenix children’s hospital so ok people are probably just tuning in for us for the second half hour let’s remind people that this is a tournament going on but it’s not open to the public right correct unfortunately no spectators

This year but we are getting a lot of action we are doing nine hole and 18 hole scoring on our tournament website doing some live streaming on our social media pages so our websites scottsdale az open comm all of our social media pages twitter instagram we’ll have numerous photos some live streaming out on the golf course to be able to follow some players you’ll be

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Able to follow the leaderboard on our website and hopefully we’ll create some good content so let’s talk about how the players are playing this because you guys this set up they can use cards they are social distantly you usually have a caddy with them but this time they’re kind of using their carts aren’t they well we’re letting them use their carts they are able

To bring a caddy out if there is a caddy either the player and/or caddy is supposed to walk to practice the social distancing guidelines and you know golf’s a great sport it’s an individual sport and you know it’s been great that we’ve been able to you know golf dear in this crisis so i know that you pretty much almost had to turn some of the golfers away cuz a

Lot of the pros were like oh my goodness i want to get back into playing especially a tournament here in arizona and this is great again you got some of the top players that live right here in the valley are playing in this tournament yeah we had curt santa kirk triplett excuse me his son sam triplets up actually playing as well to kevin streelman joel tom n nate

Lashley alex jacob a lot of pga tour winners out here and a lot of next up-and-coming professionals playing out here this week so again this term is 14 years old for this our fourth year this is our fourth year sorry board here i hear it so but let’s talk about four years of doing this at talking stick resort has it been in other places now we’ve been at talking

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Stick every year they’ve been a great partner the the golf course has always been in fabulous shape they have a great staff out here great maintenance crew that takes care of the golf course out here and we just continue to come back every year and and bring in new sponsors and hopefully raise you don’t more money for charity so i’ll say it ryan that is so great i

Know you guys are excited to be out there with the tournament even though you don’t have the spectators as usual but having those pro guys out there enjoying golf at the the talking stick resort which is really cool again remind people of the website where they can go to follow the players absolutely it’s scottsdale az open comm per full full field this week purse

Of $130,000 someone’s walking home with a $20,000 first place check so awesome ryan thank you very much and good luck this week thanks brad

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It’s the Desert Financial Credit Union and Scottsdale AZ Open! By AZTV7