Johnnies Bite: Finance Minister Press Briefing | Govt Expenditure Cuts

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You know papa what used to fun charcoal right you’ve seen it right when you find it right ability you government’s charcoal it’s bad let me take this opportunity because i haven’t seen you for quite some time you are doing very good job for the mother gunner remain undaunted this is our society right i need to take me and you do it that’s why i always watch

Donna’s bite the yellow was just everyday thank you very much and i was devoid of insults but straight to the point factual and fearless people like johnny can give you no no you don’t get great hair you’ll get great i’m innocent and that’s what i’m saying that the pressure done the pressure they can give you don’t get green and go get so your best bet is not to

Have head roman the lord is my light and my salvation whom shall i fear and ye though i walk through the valley of the shadow of that i will fear no evil for thou art with me thyroid that i stop they comfort me you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil my cup overflows and surely goodness and messy shall follow me

All the days of my life and i will dwell in the house of the lord forever and ever amen assalamu alaikum welcome to johnny’s bite it’s the 24th day of march it’s the day the lord has made and i’m starting on a biblical and religious note because we know that today is the day set aside for the finance minister mr keno foreign as you can see behind me to address all

Of us as a sequel to the cabinet meeting that was held and all the issues that are going on were promised that the finance minister is going to address us and it says that it will happen because this will happen at the ministry of or finance right so the finance ministry will be telling us what will be happening and give us all the fine details but this morning

I want to encourage you and start a certain sense of public advocacy and and public responsibility and knowing that you have rights but you also have responsibilities if you’re a taxpayer and you pay income tax in this country you perhaps may have realized that your income tax if you’re a christian is bigger than your tight have you realized that your income tax

In this country perhaps might be bigger than your tights your tax is supposed to be ten percent but the total deductions that are made from your taxes or from whatever you earn is more than ten percent so the question is if you are a christian and you are able to ask god impress him and press him every day and hold his left and right legs together and and ask him

To give you everything you’re looking for then you should be able to ask the government that’s taking more than 10 percent of your salary to do what they got to do for you true or false true so now this morning you have one of these it’s called a phone smartphone whether it’s an apple whether it’s an android phone whether it’s techno whatever brand you’re using

You have a phone you also have a social media handle don’t you have facebook you have instagram you have twitter you have whatsapp you have tick tock you have all those things you know also that most of our public officials mr kendra faryata the finance minister and the finance ministry they have social media handles when they did the kinky party they put it up

There so you should be able to write something this morning for example there’s going to be a press briefing but at least this morning you could actually put up a question or two and ask them how far you should be able to ask them how far but you expect mainline media every morning every day every afternoon every evening to be the one asking the questions so

You finish paying your tax and then you go and sleep that’s not how to be responsible to manage help the government manage their face because they say you have to help us so it’s not just about throwing money at the government or at public officials but you must be looking at what the monies will be used for so this morning whoever is going to manage it if it’s

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Mister could you upon chroma’s information ministry that is going to supervise this press briefing or if it’s the finance ministry that’s going to supervise the press briefing or whoever it is i say tweet at them the president has a twitter handle the vice president has a twitter handle most of our ministers of state have social media handles most government

Officials have them and you can always trace them because when it’s election time they use those platforms to campaign to tell you things they have done and usually now the cliche has become that oh i had opportunity to meet so so and so people uh during the yesterday i was privileged to have that they write those things these days and see if there’s a format

Or a certain template so their platforms are there i want to task you this morning because johnny’s bite is the people’s bite i want to tax you this morning specifically to also type a question you have a question about fuel price increases you have a question about cost of living you have a question about your salary you have a question about rent you have a

Question about standard of living you have a question about security you have a question about generally about the economy you have a question about the exchange rate you have the question about the whereabouts of dr baumian you have a question about everything this morning i’m encouraging you tweet at them text them hashtag is johnny’s bite or you can just target

Your own bite whatever way you want to do it but you must be able to ask a question make good use of the phone because i tell you what touchwood if an accident breaks here and we are all here with our phones some of you actually video it and post it before it gets onto mainline media correct yes so if you’re able to do that why aren’t you able to ask the credit

Card questions because some of the people i meet in private so you walk to an e3 somebody meets you and they bounce an idea of you and you’re thinking wow this guy is sharp this lady is sharp why haven’t they said this why haven’t they put this on i think they are what’s up status are you afraid they say yes they are afraid i said what are you afraid of they say

I said don’t sing don’t say hey don’t say oh ask the questions because when you those of your family members who live outside when they pay taxes they demand for the public good they demand that their water flows the demand that their life stays on they demand that their roots are good i mean it doesn’t actually make meaning and a lot of sense if you’re paying

Property rates every single year property rate the assembly comes for it every single year and the road leading to your house is bad and you are quiet you are not taking a video a photo to post it you’re quiet it doesn’t make sense that every single year you pay business operation permit and yet the road in front of your your your shop or your office is bad it

Doesn’t make sense so you keep paying and you keep complaining in private put it out there publicly because i tell you what the people in authority and the people in power are holding power in trust for you the people that is why when it gets to elections they come and beg you to go and vote for them they come and campaign to you and tell your man of things to

Entice you to convince you to go and vote for them so now you have voted for people in power there are civil servants who are working on your behalf and earning salaries paid from your taxes you have a voice use it join your voice with mine and let’s ask the questions so this morning that’s the first issue i wanted to talk about but there’s also something that

Caught my attention yesterday and yesterday the chairman of the council of state was at the presidency they gave assurance that law we’re going to cut our what you call it our allowances they don’t end salaries they end allowances we’re going to cut allowances people pull up that um uh what do you call it they the word documents are sent to you 20 allowance

Cut by the 31 members of the council of state for the 10 months it will for example translate into this not not this one okay let me find it here i’ll find this here okay so the council of states earns a certain amount of money let’s say roughly roughly on the average if they are doing a 10-month cut 20 percent cut by the 31 members of the council of state it

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Would translate into a certain amount a savings of our 1.6 million ghana cities and this is so because paid the profit yeah in terms of report the chair takes a monthly allowance of about 28 000 while the members take about 26 000 plus so every month the chairman of the council of state takes about 28 000 then every member of the council of states so you have

A former igp a former cds representatives from all others other places they take twenty eight thousand and twenty six thousand if they are to lose a certain amount of that money and i’ll find it here and share with you if you had to lose a certain amount of that money you would actually understand that per the uh the professor’s projections the chairman is

Taking twenty eight thousand four hundred and fifty five twenty eight thousand four hundred and fifty five and then they are cutting twenty percent off that will translate into five thousand six hundred and ninety one so the chairman is taking 28 455. translate that it will be 5691 so the monthly cut will be 56 910 that’s 10 months cumulatively okay and then

For 10 months they will get 59 956 000 sorry 910 that’s for the chairman alone that’s huge money now the members are taking twenty six thousand two hundred and sixty six there are thirty of them now if all thirty of them decide that they are going to do a twenty percent cut then you get five thousand two hundred and fifty three point two five 5253.2 that’s what

We are going to get from that projection now the question we want to ask this morning is this the vice president the president as we speak right now takes forty seven thousand two hundred and seventy seven forty seven thousand two hundred and seventy seven cities the vice president takes thirty nine thousand three hundred and ninety seven the cabinet minister

Who is an mp takes 39 397 and then the cabinet minister who is not an mp takes 32 832 and then the minister of state who is also an mp takes 30 644 ghana cities a minister of states who is not an mp takes 30 206 and then original minister mp a regional minister mp um who would take thirty thousand six hundred and forty four and that original minister who is

Not an mp will take twenty nine thousand seven hundred and sixty eight budgeting then a deputy minister who is an mp we take 28 760 ghana cities a deputy regional minister well we don’t have any at the moment but if we had they would have taken 28 760. if we had a deputy minister i was not an mp we have 27 579 and then a deputy regional minister who is not an

Mp would also take 27 579 the chairman of the council of sydney told you what they take and then the members of the council have said that’s what they take so if for example they are losing five percent of what it is that they are taking then you will understand that they are saving five thousand seven thousand all let’s bring that into the utah conversation

Because the university teachers association were asking for a setting pay rise or what is due them members within what we call article 71 holders including mcs and dc’s including chiefs and other statesmen had been pressing on you tag to get back into the classroom so i showed you what they end and if they lose five what the 20 percent of it how much it will

Come to i’ve showed you that now central administration you go to let’s say you invest your ghana legal the vice chancellor of the republic of the university doesn’t take anything but the pro vice chancellor who is always present like a director of english whatever it is they take seven thousand the vast answer takes nine thousand sorry nine thousand two hundred

Ninety five point two four the pro vice chancellor takes seven thousand five hundred and seventy for presently now this 7575.62 is equal to perhaps the 20 that any of the people i’ve mentioned up there it could match up because i told you the chairman of the council of state can afford to lose five thousand like he promised so now if these individuals the

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Intellectual community for example negotiations are ongoing but if they are taking seven thousand professor so they’re taking seven thousand six thousand five thousand this is what they are taking home imagine if we also said we are pressing utak to say oh cut off twenty percent of your salaries for us mind you what the council of state takes is an allowance and

They take it on a monthly basis and they don’t meet every day of the of a week they don’t meet every day in the month they have selected days sometimes three times a year sometimes four times a year sometimes five times a year now if they have those meetings they are supposed to be advising the president and by the law the president is not obliged to take the

Advice so let’s say the council of state members of state is my cameraman he advises me that johnny don’t wear a blue shirt wear a red shirt i said okay i’ve heard you but i won’t listen tomorrow i wear my blue shirt that’s how it works they can advise the president and the president can decide to take the advice or not and with that situation i showed you how

Much they get i’ve showed you how much ministers get i’ve showed you how much mps get translate it to utah for example if they decide to cut their salaries by twenty percent too and that’s why they they the situation is not equal so now the key question is this if we are asking narco people to superhap say sacrifice a letter cut 20 or 5 percent how much of their

Money will be left if we’re asking national service people to cut a bit of their salaries how much will be left if we’re asking the ordinary public servant who just got a four to seven percent pay raise we say cut 20 percent how much will be left so it means that the political class are in a certain special place and i’m not saying it’s wrong to be a politician

But they are in a very special place now the banger question i want to ask this morning is this we have been told that we are doing a 20 30 pay cut but nobody in government has been able to tell us that if we cut this 20 percent and 30 percent we are going to like private sector and all of our citizens contributed to build gunners first infectious disease center

In a very short while under senior hussein and his good friends the government has not told us that when we cut the amount of money we are going to put it here and in this number of days or months this is the result you are going to see you see the plot so you’re cutting 20 30 but you’re not telling us what you’re going to use it for so we are not able to monitor

Evaluate like the ministry of monetary evaluation in the past had the business to do so this is my question to government this morning on behalf of all the young people of this country and other old people who also support johnny’s bite i’m asking the 20 at 30 when you cut it what will you use it for and how do we monitor what you’re going to use it for are you

Going to use it to build hospitals are you going to use it to build chip compounds are you going to use it to support napko beneficiaries are you going to use it to support national service people so it is enough enough to come and say we are cutting 20 30 show us what you want to use the thing for and give us a timeline and let us be able to monitor and evaluate

And see whether indeed you cut it and may we not come back to take a back pay for it because we sacrificed now when we are in that street after all when you finish your service and you take all these monies they also prepare something for them and they call it s gratia so for every four years when a minister is leaving they take pension and then they go and

Reapply and come and work again how many times does a human being take patient so you are any more and you are pressing the ordinary citizen to pay more how good morning

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