Kia Motors Finance and Customer service – Trying to get refund – Pissed Consumer Interview

“My husband overpaid his Kia lease, hoping to buy the car at the end of the lease.He died.Now, I am trying to get the money back from Kia (over $5000). First, they told me they were not going to refund the money until I returned the Kia (even though I offered to continue to make payments — I needed the money for another car and had no intention of buying another Kia). Then, they sent me the check. Three days after depositing the check, they put a stop payment on the check, overdrawing my checking account by more than $3000 (the amount I had designated for a down payment).Now, three weeks later, I do not have the Kia nor do I have the money…”

It’s a long story but yeah starts out with my husband was leasing a kia and he really liked it he wanted to pay off the kia before the lease was over so he overpaid the kia he died a year ago and he had overpaid the kia at that point by more than $6,000 a month after he died i went through some terrible medical things i was not at home he died july temp i was not

At home from august 10th until december 17th when i got home in december it was still a few months before i was able to drive and then i realized i just didn’t like it and that’s when i realized how much he had overpaid the kia by there was still at this point well over $5,000 that he had overpaid i contacted them to see how i could get the money refunded they

Said send a letter to this fax number i did never heard that from them some weeks later i decided to follow up with a phone call now they’re refusing to talk to me first of all because i wasn’t on the lease it took i had to get a copy of the death certificate and took me a while to get up all that straightened out and then i said so when do i get the money back

Well you have to turn the car back first why should i turn the car back because you have no right to this $5,000 because it was overpaid on the lease even at the very minimum the lease was if i kept it without making a payment for the next year they still would’ve owed me $2,000 of course they would not tell me the numbers at this point i knew them because i

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Could log into my husband cow that they would not tell me these numbers finally they told me that they weren’t going to return the money until i got the car back because nothing i could do about it and that was on a friday the very next day saturday was the first saturday in july i got a check in the mail from them i couldn’t believe it after friday them telling

Me i wouldn’t get this check so saturday i get the check i went and put it in the bank also on friday i got after i spent all this time arguing with them i’ve got a phone call back saying call this number call me at this number so we can talk more i just spent an hour talk with them and it totally exhausted because i still have residual medical problems you can

Imagine you don’t spend five months in hospitals without being sick for a long time afterwards i tried calling that nobody answered went to the voicemail this is real typical for them to just go to the voicemail and do nothing about it i waited an hour i called back again went to voicemail again and then saturday when i got the check i go oh they must have been

Calling me to tell me that this check was on the way after all put it in the bag i waited until the fifth of july so it had time to clear in case there was a problem it cleared the bank my bank said i had the money in the account i spent some money okay this $5,000 i wanted to spend a little on myself i put three thousand in my savings account for a down payment

On a new car the next day i go to use my bank card i’m told that the bank card won’t work there’s something wrong i checked with the bank and i was $3,000 overdrawn at this point they and the bank couldn’t even tell me what’s going on finally the next day i found out that it was because kia had put a stop payment on that check without telling me when i finally

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Got home this woman had done it she said oh we weren’t supposed to send you that check out if you had called me back i would have told you that we’re putting up stop payment on it i did try calling you back and she says well i’m sorry we didn’t get hold of you you should have known that we would put a stop payment on it so the next two weeks i had no cash none

I was able to go into my 401k and get enough money to at least get me up to zero i got my disability check and that got me a little above zero but for two weeks i had no cash i was unable to you know buy groceries or anything finally this woman her name was tanya she said well she returned the car on wednesday we will reissue the check we will send it fedex

Overnight you will have it by friday fine so wednesday i took the car back to the nearest kia dealership called her and she says well i don’t know that you’ve returned it back because i can’t talk to the key abuse if i said well i tried calling you from there and you didn’t answer your phone which again is so typical of them and finally she called them honest

And said okay it’s been returned we will get you the money back overnight took ten days i did finally get the money back yesterday but it took ten days during that ten days i called them she had told me there would be another man named george who would be taking care of the check every time i called george just went to the voicemail he never returned my calls

His voicemail says i will return the calls at my earliest convenience so obviously he never had a convenience because for ten days finally i got so mad at them i said i am going to call you every 15 minutes today and for the next three hours i called them every 15 minutes even though nobody talked to me i felt good about jamming up their voicemail you know you

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Get your pleasures where you can finally i got ahold of someone and again so hard to get hold of kea because you have to call their 800 number you have to give all of this information to them every time you call in they will not transfer you to the people who you need to talk to because all they can do is email the people and tell the people to call you it’s just

The way they do there they could not talk directly to anyone in the that have the money in their accounting department because they can only email the accounting department no there’s nobody you can talk to yes you can talk to a supervisor but no the supervisor is not going to do anything you just have to wait till someone calls you back it’s just a terrible way

For them to work finally on friday i called and this is 10 days after i’ve turned the car in i call i said i’ve been waiting to this money i need it in order to buy another car which i will not buy a kia kia has actually screwed me over twice in the past on friday they said well the check hasn’t even been cut yet it won’t be cut until monday so there’s nothing we

Can do about it and that’s what they left me they said they’d call me back when it’s cut and they would give me the fedex number 10 o’clock monday morning the check showed up so i immediately went down to bank of america where key obey and cashed the check i got the checks i got my new car if they choose would i never stop payment on it there’s nothing anybody

Can do about it because i’ve got the money and not through my bank

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