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What’s up guys welcome back to the channel thanks for tuning in today in this video well actually i’m gonna ride on this tractor check this out let’s go all right well i can only ride on this tractor so much because i got a laptop and i stink at this is granary finance well as you guys can see here it’s a decentralized user driven borrowing and lending liquidity

Market inspired by of it okay well actually guys we’re gonna break down a couple of things some speculations that i have we’re going to talk about the team some potential tokenomics and what this team has involved so let’s go ahead and get into the white paper if you guys haven’t used ave guys finance or blizz or even trader joe if you guys want to understand how

This works is basically you deposit a token and you’re able to borrow against it there are a lot of people with some harmony tokens with ethereum with some bitcoin and several other coins that may be listed on the granary and they can either lend them out and borrow some stables against them or they can borrow other digital assets so basically it allows you to

Partake in d5 without actually having to sell your bags and it’s leveraging your bags as collateral so you can borrow against and use in d5 now what are the tokenomics what is the use case for using granary well right now there is not enough info on it but i did pull out some information and i am doing some speculation on it every first part about the tokenomics i

Want to mention is that the grain token will entitle you to 50 of the revenue generated by borrowing and lending so say for example you lend out a token and it’s paying you five percent and then you borrow a token and you pay seven percent that means that two percent spread is what you are earning well actually fifty percent of it so you’d be earning one percent

So if there’s a million dollars in there well you earn one percent of the million dollars now you don’t get the full one percent um that actually is spread out to all of the token stakers so like if you’re staking your token you earn a percentage of it and yes as people are farming the token is going to be released and it will be diluting the shareholders but that

Is just something to keep in mind now i have a speculation that there will be an early withdrawal penalty similar to how geist was and it’s not set in stone so until we get more details on the exact tokenomics this is a bit of speculation now they did just have an ama i did record the ama but dummy me was recording it and i was trying to go on my phone listen

To it and my computer was recording and it got trashed like it did not record fully but tosh atta boy make sure you guys give him a follow uh check out his youtube channel as well but he got the full recording up when his video goes up i’ll make sure to leave that link in the description so you guys can listen to that full ama had a bunch of alpha in there so

Back to the tokenomics again there is more info to come soon but there are a lot of hints on this being like geist ave with better tokenomics so here is a quick screenshot i wanted to show you guys so as you can see it says geist overall is actually a pretty good protocol and i agree but there are two main issues first is the lp staking for early adopters i agree

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With this big time because basically when you’re the pool 2 you are just asking to get dumped on and you’re going to receive a lot of impermanent loss and you’re not going to be a happy camper and second were the high gas fees due to poor data types and i remember when phantom congestion occurred i mean it was like four or five phantom just to make a deposit in a

Withdrawal onto granary now i’m not saying it’s going to be the same issue on harmony or if it’ll cause massive congestion but time will tell we’ll see what happens but they are explaining that they are already going to update the solidity coding and they got a couple of brilliant minds working on this one of them one of my favorites is biebus he is actually behind

Bitemasons and over at phantom but not only are these guys just checking the bat code and making sure everything’s on the up and up they’re also slitter solidity developers and they also have their own project called reaper farm highly recommend you guys check that one out as well not financial advice so some more speculations that i do have on the protocol this

Was already confirmed is that there will be air drops for using the protocol early so if you are farming playing on the protocol lending borrowing etc you will get airdropped the token early also what was mentioned they will offer more competitive rates another thing they will have game five features so you guys know me in game fi i’m a gamer i love this type of

Junk it’s not just like what the snap let me go and deposit these tokens no i assume it’s going to be more like game fi and it’s going to be more like a farming theme so you deposit seeds into or with soil into a pot and you farm and earn and yield so i think that would be kind of interesting of course they already mentioned it’s not going to be full out game fi

Something like hey you get an nft you send them questing type of thing no it’s not going to happen like that so like i had already mentioned they are going to make more gas optimized contracts and they are hinting at making better tokenomic models than geist or ave for better long-term token sustainability so i’m very bullish on that this is more so for people who

Have not used ave or have not used things like compound or even guys finance and whatnot but basically all you would do is you deposit into a protocol you deposit your tokens and it will allow you to borrow a certain amount so say for example i have some ethereum and i deposit in there and the ethereum i have is worth one thousand dollars if the protocol says i

Can borrow at eighty percent of my collateral that means i can borrow eight hundred dollars max now you don’t want to borrow the max because they’re a chance there’s a chance of price fluctuations in ethereum and you can get liquidated and you can lose all your ethereum but it’s okay you still have the coins or whatever tokens that you borrowed on the other side now

There is a another factor to keep in mind when you do deposit you are going to get these g tokens now these g tokens i assume that other developers out there on harmony 1 will figure out how to leverage the g token to borrow against it or even use it as a lp token in their protocols that way you can use a interest bearing asset aka the token you’re lending that’s

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Turning it into a g token and using it for other d5 projects and protocols now the minimum or maximum amount there is no minimum or maximum just keep in mind there are gas fees if you’re depositing a penny well come on bro the gas fees are really just gonna eat your lunch and it’s not worth it if you want to withdrawal make sure you repay your loan and then you can

Withdraw if you haven’t repaid that loan make sure you’re at a healthy factor so you don’t withdraw to where you get liquidated the contract won’t allow you to liquidate yourself anyways but just in case try not to put that health factor at risk now can you select certain assets you want to borrow against yes there is a little toggle or i assume there will be one

And that will allow you to say yeah bro let’s go ahead and turn that on and or never we’re all good now i want to talk about some of the team members all right so let’s go and break down the lineup first we got flute well this guy is a people’s person this guy literally knows everyone everyone in the harmony one community and a bunch of people in d5 now pyth dude

He’s alpha to the let’s go power so don’t sleep on him beavis well he’s not listed on here but you can basically call him fort knox he is performing the audits for the protocol he is giving a audit with their bike mason’s team and i think this is uber bullish because beavis is one of those guys who really really really cares about what he audits what he codes and

What he looks over i give a shout out to him make sure you guys give him a follow look and see what he’s doing check out his protocol on reaper farm and then you got well the webster’s and i guess you can say calenday of crypto which is going to be like your sweet cheeks and josiah and then of course you got phantom menace and the crow these guys are basically the

Wicks of crypto they make junk happen and then you got loser king and this guy just called him salvador dali but the reason why i really really like this granary project is you have a mix of really well-known devs and really well-known people inside harmony one ecosystems as well as other ecosystems working on this project now i go to say that because when you’re

Investing in something or playing with something or using something in defy you want to invest in people not ponzi’s now that doesn’t only go for the community that also goes for the team you can have a killer community but if your team is poo poo well then the whole thing is going to be poo poo because the community is going to be gathering around like yeah we

Throw poo poo at each other no you don’t want that you want a good team you want a good community and that is where you create fire sauce period now i go to say all that but i want to give you guys these two examples of what i think granary finance will do for the harmony one ecosystem let me give you the first example guys finance when it came over to phantom

What happened it literally stole all well almost all the tbl over on avalanche i mean it was like that it was quick fast and easy just keeping that in mind what do you think granary finance may do to the harmony one ecosystem not financial advice remember you have to make some thesis make calculated bets and then make your decisions from there second what happened

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To avalanche when joe came out you know trader joe i mean a lot of people were like ave is coming this is going to be awesome well what did the joe token do it literally went from like five cents to three dollars and sixty cents or even four dollars at a at a high point i mean just think about the token crunch on that and no one was really talking about joe at the

Time joe was like one of those uh with crypto fish a pretty cool guy um joe was one of those uh tokens in communities that no one was really talking about everyone was betting on pangolin and everyone was just like nadra that’s gonna be poo poo now it’s the same thing i see with granary there is rumors and news that ave is coming to harmony one and well i wonder

What would have happened to you if you just waited on ave on avalanche and you missed out on jill what happened to ave on avalanche well as soon as it launched everyone was like dude these yields are kind of doo-doo and what did they do they left so just something to keep in mind now i want to end this video with this take a look at the community and team make

Your decisions accordingly invest in people not ponzi’s period no questions asked now geist and blizz i know they opened up they pumped and maybe like three days later they were dumping like nuts and ham but they opened with a billion dollars in tvl and they climbed rapidly after that now that means big wallets big whales are going to be dumping all the time i

Have a feeling this project should be way more organic and grow slower and should have less walls or whales to begin with now this is just my opinion as always time will tell now one other thing i want to mention as well that there are cross chain networking opportunities beavis is over on phantom and i believe he will be able to plug in and let people know about

Phantom and i’m sure he will have the networks for doing so they also meant to mention going on other chains as well as always time will tell now let me go and leave you guys with a wisdom one-liner you guys want to jump in the discord there’s a link in the description below it is the patreon link the patreon link make sure you sign up for the vip tier that will

Give you discord access and i offer a lot more exclusive content on discord than i do on youtube and there’s a lot more alpha there and you can also get into projects a lot earlier than i even show on youtube fire chats are 21 versus 29 the wicked put up a bold front but the upright give thought to their ways make sure you guys think about what you guys do you guys

Can make that decision once and you have the consequences after that i mean i know sometimes people make decisions like should i drink water sometimes you’ll have bigger decisions don’t do it you know what i’m talking about guys can also catch me on tweeters it’s at rental home fast like literally at rent a home fast

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