NATIONAL BUDGET: Finance Ministry present Shs47tn 2022/23 budget

The Ministry of Finance has tabled the final Budget Framework Paper for the Financial Year 2022/2023 to Parliament with estimates of 47 trillion shillings which is hoped to transform the country into a money economy. One trillion shillings has been allocated to the Parish Development Model. The parliamentary budget committee will scrutinise the annual budget estimates. #NTVNews #NTVTonight #NTVWeekendEdition

According to the public finance management act the minister shall on behalf of the president present the proposed annual budget of a financial year to parliament by the 1st of april of the preceding financial year this is what amos rugolo will be the state minister of finance has done today budget for next financial year is guarded by the theme for monetization of

The ugandan economy through commercial agriculture industrialization expanding and programming services and digital transformation and market justice the 47 trillions budget will be partly financed locally through tax collection and borrowing in the budget we have to continue borrowing although we have scaled down in terms of levels of borrowed the additional

Borrowing we are going to see would be in the region of about 1.7 trillion shillings this financier lugolobi told the parliament that the countries hit the debt ceiling but government hoped to service the loans in future now that the final investment decision in the oil sector was signed because we have a charter that governs us which stipulates that we should not

Exceed 54 percent uh sorry 53.1 percent and now the budget we have delivered debt to gdp is now at 53.9 slightly higher than the target but i think at the end of the financial year we should be able to live within those limits the budget will also cater to the science and technology sector one trillion chileans will go towards the parish development model of this

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Budget is to monetize to achieve full monetization of the economy to ensure that nobody is left behind and the implication of that we have to take money to the people not money to consume but for them to invest the ministry of finance says it is not introducing any new taxes in the coming financial year despite tabling a number of tax bills intended to strengthen

Tax administration the tax bills we have presented largely a larger focus on strike on streamlining revenue administration the mps reacted to the budget estimates so in this matter once we find that these taxes that are also causing increase of prices then we shall ask government to to make a review these measures are very good money for parish development model

People are going to get money and he small small businesses improve on their processing and farming then of course scientists are going to smile but also other civil servants must be thought about the budget for financial year 2022-2023 is guided by a theme that stresses monetizing the economy through commercial agriculture industrialization digital transformation

And market access jumakiriya and tv what you must do

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NATIONAL BUDGET: Finance Ministry present Shs47tn 2022/23 budget By NTVUganda