National Skills Academy for Financial Services: Developing new talent

We become aware for some time that there’s been a gap emerging between the output from the schools and the requirements within business if you’re investing in a country why does it have to be economically stable the academy is about developing a range of financial services programs and courses that reflect what the industry want rather than what traditionally has

Happened is schools and colleges create the courses and programs that they feel they want to deliver information commissioner what’s that on the program through our 16 to 18 year olds were given the knowledge about the financial services about the products and about the industry but that’s only part of it because one of the things that employers are always telling

Us is that young people don’t have the wider skills that make them employable they’re going to make their case first you listen then you come back to your own individual pressure these students are doing a vocational course have been with us for nearly two years and one of the underlying themes to our teaching and learning is to develop their self-confidence

And to use some of their expected business etiquette of presenting yourself listening and importantly the eye contact and the body language learning most of our loans are fixed rate so that i wouldn’t have a major impact on our business we want employers to be really involved in what we’re doing and that’s the key part of it we want employers to be coming in and

Delivering part of the programs working with us to develop the curriculum so that we know that it’s relevant we want young people to have business mentors we want them to go out and have work experience to go on visits and just to see what it’s like to work within the industry as givens and the experience and standing before this is what he’s actually like actually

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Meeting new people and going to their busy seeing what now how they have it worked now if i can just look back at be i said if you buy more the price goes down when i first came and talked to them about 18 months ago there was a great level of enthusiasm there what they’ve now got is that enthusiasm joined with with knowledge and they’re getting a great sense of

What questions to ask to discover more about the subjects and more about what they need to ask of the clients that they’ll be confronted with you know have a certain amount of confidence you’re investing in certain countries the way that our learning is structured at the moment we do two days placement other skills academy in two days play for network and we’re

Learning straightaway and the theory behind the financial services industry at the skills academy and then it feels like you’re putting it in place when you straightaway when you go to work energy is made up of four different departments life insurance you’re getting the qualifications and the experience but you get them in the balance life skills presentation

Skills team building working within a successful business that type of thing helped me more than anything of course we can get involved in shaping the skills that we’re looking for at an early stage but it’s very important that we sit alongside and make it almost demand lead rather than supply push five minutes left to trade there’s a huge advantage for employers

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Been involved in the academy particularly for those that have recruitment issues they’ve identified that they have recruitment problems with back office and administrative and customer service staff the academy offers a solution to that we are constantly reviewing the curriculum and the courses and the programs that we’re offering to make sure is this what you

Want us to do the great thing about the skills academy is that they employable from day one as soon as they join us makeup break it’s incredibly important that we join up with the government with education with the academies with other businesses to ensure that we do get that flow through of the right raw material on which one we can base our business

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