Now You Can Buy a House with %5 Down, a New Financing Platform for home buyers in GTA

Now You Can Buy a House with %5 Down, a New Financing Platform for home buyers in GTA

Breaking news for older gta home buyers today we’re introducing a new platform for your next purchase for all residential properties i’m sitting here today with bilal loan from a12 mortgage and we’re introducing this new platform i’m so excited below tell us what’s happening thank you thank you michelle thank you so much for having me on here really appreciate your

Time um so guys this is a game changer we have a fantastic new opportunity new program that’s out there for home buyers that’s going to allow you to put a 20 down payment on your next purchase on your next property in the gta the only thing you need is a five percent down from your own five percent down payment from your own sources and we’ll get you the other

15 to make your down payment twenty percent so you can purchase your next home easily with a lot more options amazing so if somebody has five percent could it be more uh yeah so you could put five percent seven ten twelve as long as the total down payment is twenty percent you’re looking good okay perfect and who is perfect great question michelle so it would

Break down to three main types of uh clients right or or buyers number one would be our self-employed community okay there’s a lot of folks that are self-employed and for tax purposes all of their income is not on their uh taxes right and we all want to save our taxes as much as possible which is absolutely fine having said that our traditional bank is not going

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To approve you uh based on that so you would have to look for alternative financing and then when you go to alternative financing you need 20 down very expensive as well exactly so that’s where this program comes in which is going to allow you to get that 20 down payment and get uh really really good financing solutions for your next purchase for our self-employed

Folks then you’ve got folks that you know maybe in the past have had some challenge credit issues yeah um and again you know when you’re in that situation a bank is not going to approve a mortgage for you you’re going to have to go to an alternative lender when you go there again you need 20 down so that’s where this program is going to come into play the third

And the most important category i want to talking about is first-time home buyers michelle these are folks that you know are getting into the market and we all know what the gta home prices are these days yes um and with this 20 down payment piece it’s going to allow them to lower their mortgage balance and allow them uh because they’re now putting 20 down it’s

Going to allow them to get a 30-year amortization thereby improving their cash flow and reducing their monthly mortgage payments been compared to a 25-year term so it’s a great program for first-time home buyers as well and what is a fee involved or is there any interest involved in order to qualify for this there’s absolutely no interest there’s absolutely no um

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Monthly payments for the down payment assistance that you’re getting on that program so that’s the beauty of it so it would just like any traditional mortgage is this very similar to like a partnership with a lender do you find ex actly exactly so it’s more along you’re not in a partnership with a lender but you’re in partnership with the company that’s going to

Give you that 15 down payment to get you up to 20. so it’s like investing with your big brother great thank you so much um i’m sure a lot of our clients will have tons of questions with regards to this please feel free to reach out to us to find out more about this amazing new program

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Now You Can Buy a House with %5 Down, a New Financing Platform for home buyers in GTA By Michelle Refani