Obama NOT Committed to Campaign Finance Reform

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Of course a huge majority of this country is against citizens united that allows unlimited corporate spending in our elections we think that it leads to corruption and by we i mean the american people here in fact let me give you a pole right off the bat here eighty-one percent in a greenberg quinlan rosner poll agreed that there is quote too much big money spent on

Political campaigns and elections today and reasonable limits should be placed on campaign contributions and spending so in politics it doesn’t get more of an overwhelming majority than that eighty-one percent open-and-shut case now of course the republicans in their entirety almost i should say in their entirety are in favor of citizens united and love the corporate

Cash love the unlimited money because it mainly flows to them now there are some principle republicans you have to give them a ton of credit you know who one of them is john mccain now there’s a million things i disagree with john mccain on and i think he is a warmonger of the first degree in the first order having said that on campaign finance he has been excellent

He of course was one of the co-sponsors of mccain feingold i tried to limit the amount of money pouring into politics and it actually had a lot of positive effects until it was struck down by citizens united and john mccain has continued on the path for campaign finance reform and he has unsolicited sent in a petition to the supreme court and filed a brief with them

Opposing citizens united and in fact 22 other state attorney general’s including some republicans have also filed a brief saying that hey you know when montana’s court said citizens united doesn’t apply here because we have a hundred year law against corrupt practices and we are going to uphold that law here and not allow corporations to give money in montana cos

In the past when we did that they just wanted up bribing all of our politicians well the supreme court is going to hear that case so you’ve got 22 bipartisan attorney general’s state attorney general’s in favor of that you got john mccain in favor of that and then of course president obama’s administration has filed a brief as well right oh wait i’m getting word

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Here that they have not filed a brief of course it’s only eighty-one percent of the country and by the way your former republican opponent which would have made for a great talking point and a great press conference gotta give credit here to monos mogul sq who wrote about this in huffington post and he makes a great point my god imagine the press conference the two

Former rivals from the 2008 campaign flanked by 22 bipartisan state attorney general’s all coming out and saying we agree with eighty-one percent of the country we’ve got to overturn citizens united we’ve got to uphold that ruling in montana and go even further because the state attorney general’s just talked about montana john mccain went further and said no you

Got overturn citizens united recently retired justice stevens made a great point he said wait a minute now under the current ruling to the supreme court foreigners are not allowed to contribute to our campaigns but who owns the corporations who knows inkay a lot of cases it’s foreigners there’s foreigners that are shareholders oftentimes significant shareholders and

Companies but we don’t track that so there’s a enormous logical inconsistency here and as justice stevens and john mccain point out since citizens united we have seen an avalanche of money if not leading to corruption itself which is certainly has certainly leading to the appearance of corruption because as mile sports at eighty-one percent of the country thinks

That our politicians are lewis too much by money if that’s not the appearance of corruption i don’t know what is no one can say that that’s not the appearance of corruption so the supreme court was wrong and they need to see that on a factual basis they were wrong and overturned that decision now you don’t need all of them to come to the light you just need one of

Them justice kennedy thought know that it will not lead to corruption or the appearance of corruption if he’s presented with evidence that it did then perhaps he could be swayed you know what might be helpful the president of the united states of america but apparently he doesn’t give a damn about this issue oh he says something in the state of the union message in

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2010 big whoop dee doo what have you done about it you haven’t done anything about it now it’s one thing to take the unlimited super pac money yourself which president obama is doing but i get it if you say hey listen i’m not going to do unilateral disarmament that’s an argument i could really get behind i i i never want to do unilateral disarmament if president

Obama said yes i am taking on limited super pac money but i will fight to make this a top priority in my election and if i win a real action by god we’re gonna go as hard as we possibly can with this bipartisan coalition there’s another bipartisan bill that’s an amendment on this yarmouth jones yarmouth is a democrat from kentucky choses a republican from north

Carolina they have joined together and said hey you know what we need to make sure we get money out of politics president obama are you going to do anything and as i said here i blame myself for being naive enough every morning to wake up and hope that he’s ever going to do the right thing or that he’s a progressive in any way shape or form and every day when i

Read the day’s news i get disappointed all over again what am i going to get it through my thick skull president obama is not a progressive he’s not one of us he doesn’t give a damn he takes unlimited money and most often times does the bidding of his donors he’s part of this system he’s not going to overturn the system this system made him president of the united

States of america this system eventually today but then it is or he’s already enormously wealthy but eventually will make him insanely wealthy why would you overturn the apple cart that got him all the things that he needs well look to john mccain’s credit he is doing that even though he’s wealthy and connected and powerful etc but apparently some people have

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Some principles and others have no principles at all now let me take it one step further after i read this i felt for a second there hey you know what maybe i should have voted for john mccain that’s how bad it got now do i know i know that john mccain will try to continue iraq he would have stayed in afghanistan years but you know what president obama’s gonna

Say enough i sent through his two terms how much longer can he stay in afghanistan right what he done would he have done more deportations not likely john mccain actually was in the beginning co-sponsored a reasonable immigration reform bill did he switch on that yes did he become more draconian right-wing yes can you knee almost on all the issues john mccain is

Wrong and right wing right could he have been more right wing than obama on about a third of these issues no you literally couldn’t be more right wing but that’s not the point the point is campaign finance reform is the only issue that matters because if you don’t win on that you’re gonna have so-called democratic presidents like president obama who aren’t i mean

The old definition of democrat the new definition of democrat is looser sellout corrupt politician right know what you’re certain you’re never gonna get a progressive president under i can if you don’t do campaign finance so if we came was a hundred percent wrong and everything else and he actually did something and somehow got citizens united overturned or pushed

For a constitutional amendment or whatever it might be then we might have been better off with mccain i know obama bots go nuts lose your mind take the quote put it out of context oh my god jackson’s maybe regain would have it better oh my god he’s not a democrat i hate him i hate him i hate him have at it hoss go go go tell your get rudy shadow from the rooftops

Go tell you and your uncle oh my god you got a democrat goddamn right i’m not what this guy’s useless

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