Organizational Change Presentation Campaign Finance Reform

Thank you for joining me for my organizational change presentation let’s share the screen so we can get started oh project my organizational change presentation is going to be about the equity of campaign finance reform for hawaii county government so the current situation in kauai county about for the kauai county campaign finance is that there’s heavy special

Interest influence in our government on our politicians our representatives pacs are present uh can’t there’s candidate financial inequality present and also monopolized advertising space the desired outcome from my proposal will be equality of voter representation candidate financial equality candidate advertising quality and really a government that works for

People over profit some of the perspectives and contexts is that currently there’s a migration of remote tech workers and retiring baby boomers moving to hawaii the impact of that is a demand for housing rising property values and gentrification the current economic transition from agrarian to suburban development from sugar cane to subdividing and building

Residential commercial spaces leads to economic also leads to economic pressure to develop there’s a concentration of land ownership in kauai lots of land trust not lots a few land trusts and so the land trust and the residents tend to have two different opposing agendas residents need affordable housing and the land trusts really only want to build luxury

Mansions for the most profit which also leads to the gentrification we’re seeing also present is a plantation mentality of subservance to the established power structure and really a resistance to change so to propose an initiative there are a few requirements the biggest one is the requirement to get 20 of the registered voters in the last election to sign

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Your initiative so that it can be put on the ballot for that campaign for the next campaign cycle in 2020 45 135 voters were registered to vote which means to get it on the 2022 ballot it would require 9027 registered voters to sign that initiative so that it can be put on the next election cycles voting choices but if there’s a will there’s a way even

Though it might take or it will take almost half the 2020 voter voter turnout uh first for support some of the questions raised is is there enough registered voters frustrated with the status quo to support campaign finance reform and how can this proposal be presented to gain support of the greater community what is our target demographic this really comes down

To what you care about you care about the quality of life your quality of life your kids future the ability to afford living where they grow up do you care about urbanization gentrification urban sprawl that we’re seeing do you value equality and there’s a big question of taxation without representation when we’re talking about special influence strength over

Residential strength residential influence on our political representatives the my proposed solution would be is publicly funded elections meaning the county residents or voters pay pay a certain amount that’s uh equally distributed among the candidates to use for campaigning it’s actually relatively affordable it creates an even playing field for candidates

That creates financial quality for candidates and advertising quality among candidates because everybody has only so much it limits special interest influencing government and it creates equality of voter representation and a quality of power which leads to less bias leadership so what’s our strategy we have to inform voters of these existing inequalities in

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Our government election process we have to present the alternative option of publicly funded elections we have to for inform voters of the benefits of publicly funded elections and to gain community support we must be inclusive by leveraging develop the values that we all share of equality and associate that with publicly funded elections we also have to hit

Close to home to the voters we have to portray relevance of publicly funded elections with residential issues stuff that people have to deal with on a daily basis how are we going to implement this well as i said there was a few requirements uh that have to be present for an initiative to be brought forth and sign and presented on the ballot and turned into

A law for taking away a law first you have to form a five person committee then you have to get funding to complete voter outreach and inform people then you have to obtain my the 9027 valid voter signatures so that you can present the signatures to the kauai county election office it’s not over there then you have to campaign for ballot initiative to win the

Election and i thought you know we really need to return our country to a democracy and i found this quote by abraham lincoln in the gettysburg address says government of the people by the people for the people i know where does it say corporations or special interests i really believe that this quote right here represents perfectly what we’re going after with

This organizational change proposal of campaign finance reform thank you for joining me

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Organizational Change Presentation Campaign Finance Reform By Makoto Lane